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The majority of golf carts driven today use a 6-volt golf cart battery, and that is why the majority of online searches for golf cart batteries have a tendency to take you straight to 6v options. Obviously, as any golf cart proprietor acquainted with having a 6-volt battery understands there are reasons why people would like to find another option. Not just can 6-volt golf cart batteries tend to run out of juice pretty quickly, but they can also be lackluster in regards to power and other performance needs.

To help make surfing the world of batteries a little easier, we've compiled a quick guide for anybody looking to make their batteries last longer -- or who just need another option to the standard 6-volt golf cart battery.

The Finest Golf Cart Battery Options


Typically, the kind of battery you want for the golf cart depends on the sort of cart you push. The reason so many people utilize 6-volt batteries in their carts is that almost all standard carts call to get a 6-volt golf cart battery. If your cart does not utilize a 6-volt golf cart battery, then another two standard options are an 8-volt or a 12-volt golf cart battery. Even though you're able to make certain alterations to your cart to accommodate a different type of battery, many owners will stick with the model recommendations to get rid of the excess price and prospective issues down the road.

Along with 8, 6, and 12-volt golf cart batteries, in addition, there are deep cycle batteriesthat can be utilized in electrical golf carts and give several types of fees to make sure you have renewable energy you can count on.

But your options don't just end there...

There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the ideal golf cart battery to suit your requirements. Knowing which battery is best for you depends a good deal on your present cart, your finances, and what you really use (or want to use) your cart for. There will also be, of course, some less-than-optimal alternatives for your golf cart battery. In a pinch, you may be tempted to use a marine battery, but while it will probably do the job for a short time period, it is going to shorten the amount of time it is possible to go with no charge and potentially hurt other elements in your cart in the long run. No matter how many times your neighbor tells you to utilize a normal car battery in your golf cart, don't -- out of all the golf cart battery choices on the market, a car battery is among the worst, especially when it comes to longevity.

Your golf cart is not a boat or a car -- so don't treat it like one.

Besides the conventional battery options mentioned above (6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf cart batteries), our three favorite golf cart battery choices are:

- Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

- 36 Volt Batteries

- 48 Volt Batteries

This is why we love them -- and some people do not...

Pros and Cons

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. Lithium golf cart batteries are famous for their longevity, which is just one of the reasons they are getting more popular in general. Lithium golf cart batteries can continue through 5,000 charging cycles. That is more than twenty times the longevity of a standard 6-volt golf cart battery or 12-volt golf cart battery. Caring for a lithium golf cart battery, however, can be more difficult than it seems, and a failure to properly maintain them can nullify all of the advantages they give.

36 Volt Batteries. Among the more affordable battery options for the golf cart, 36v batteries are best for carts used in conventional configurations -- such as cruising around on the golf course or driving slowly on sidewalks that are smooth. 36-volt batteries are not, however, perfect for offroading, even though you can change them so they work with carts created to go faster. https://www.jbbatterygermany.com, sourcing a reasonable lithium ion battery manufacturer at JB if you are interested.

48 Volt Batteries. Most golf cart owners that choose to use a 48-volt battery do this for off-road purposes. Standard battery options such as 6-volt golf cart batteries or 12-volt golf cart batteries may contest the efficiency and capacity of a 48-volt. They are, however, more costly to buy. But, by updating your cart to a 48-volt system, you also increase the value of your own golf cart if and when you decide to sell it.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacture JB Battery among of the best leading suppliers in china. JB Battery operates a 30,000 sq foot warehouse and two battery assembling lines in Huizhou city, China. Their development and research teams are working tirelessly to provide customers with cutting edge storage alternatives for all sorts of applications. Their main aims are to bring new technology and materials to market quickly.


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