Hey, I'm Tito!

Guthrie, Texas

I come from a small ranch in West Texas. I've been living there my whole life. I love being at home because it is peaceful and quiet there. I love spending time with my family because they are the best people that I know. They have been helping me throughout my life and they helped me become who I am.

I went to a small school in the small town of Guthrie. It's a really good school because it has a friendly environment. This is the place where I became interested in film production. I started making videos in 2013. My first video is a cover of a Maroon 5 song. My teacher shot it on video and asked me if I could edit it. I didn't know how to edit videos at the time, so he taught me to edit the video using iMovie. I thought it was so cool making videos. Since then, I started making vlogs about myself. I made other kinds of videos such as a promo, a PSA, a how-to, and a stop-motion video. I had a lot of fun making them. I learned how to make a basic script using Microsoft Word, I learned how to organize everything, I know how to shoot, and I know how to edit. The process is really exciting from start to finish. I want to keep making videos for the rest of my life. I want to tell stories about myself and express my personality. I love to entertain the audience because I want to make them happy and I want to make myself happy at the same time. I believe this is the right thing to do to accomplish that. In 2015, I graduated high school as a valedictorian. I worked so hard to become a valedictorian which was my goal since I was in 6th grade. I am still proud that I accomplished the goal.

Later, I went to South Plains College where I made more videos. I felt that I've been improving myself at the time. I made a few more vlogs like "South Plains College with Tito Contreras". This is my favorite vlog because I worked so hard shooting in a lot of places and inviting my friends to be in the video. I had an awesome time. As a result, my vlog is so good that my advisors wanted to show it to incoming students who are interested in attending South Plains College. Also, the employees at the Health and Wellness Center loved it so much that they wanted me to work there as a work-study. This led me to make a PSA for them called "SPC Consent", which was the most mature video that I've made at the time. Besides these videos, I made news packages for class. These videos are better than the other videos that I've made in high school. I love South Plains College because the campus is small and I made a lot of friends there. In 2017, I graduated with an associate's degree.

Finally, I transferred to the University of North Texas which is where I go to college now. I am majoring in Media Arts pursuing a bachelor's degree. This is the place where my film-making skills get serious. The first film that I've made for class is a one-minute experimental film called "Remembrance". This is also one of my first times that I've worked with a crew instead of by myself. I was a director, writer, and editor, and my partner was a producer, cinematographer, and editor. I think this is a cool film because I have not made anything like this before. This is the first video which its cinematography looks professional. Most recently, I made my first documentary for class called "College Life". Right now, this is the best film that I have made so far. I was a director, writer, cinematographer, and editor, and my partner was a producer. It was pretty difficult coming up with a topic, conducting interviews, and editing the video. However, it was all worth it. I really love the film.

Right now, I'm in the process of making my first short film called "Censored". This is the first time that I'm going to make a narrative film. And this is also the first time that I'm working with a large crew. This is a completely new experience for me. Since this is my first time doing this, I know for sure that there will be a lot of new things to learn along the way. I'm really excited for that because I love to learn. I want to know how filmmakers are involved in a production. I hope that I can be able to shoot the film and complete the production. It would be the most rewarding experience that I have in my life.


In the future, I hope that I'll work in someone else's short films, and I'll graduate with a bachelor's degree. My ultimate goal is to work in the film industry in Los Angeles. I am interested in becoming a successful filmmaker. I want to keep making films for the rest of my life because this is something that I love to do.

My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting


Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Drama

An introverted psychology grad student is disrupted by a psychic puppet insisting on teaching her about intuition and human connection.


This project got the green light!


Denton, Texas Film Short
Comedy, Drama

Everything is f***ed up. Everything is cleaned up.


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Chompy & The Girls

Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Comedy, Sci-Fi

A depressed woman meets her father for first time & their encounter goes from awkward to alarming when they witness a man swallow a girl.


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Dorris, 85

New York City, New York Film Short

An elderly woman, Dorris, celebrates her husband’s eighty-fifth birthday without him.


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Animal Instincts

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Series
Comedy, Fantasy

After struggling through several arguments, a moon goddess and a werewolf visit Theodore Krumpkin for couples counseling.


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CNT Productions

Los Angeles, California Series
Comedy, Film-related Business

CNT flips the script on stereotypes one story at a time.


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Dallas, Texas Series
Comedy, Drama

A conflicted young professional wakes up on his 30th birthday in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. Perplexed at how he went to sleep one d


This project got the green light!

Alien Guy Tim

Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Documentary

An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but faces many obstacles along the way.


This project got the green light!

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