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Bexley, Ohio

Aphra was offered her dream job in August, so she has decided to take that teaching job and sign off as our TSR Blog Coordinator. It didnt take me long to know exactly who would be the perfect choice, and I am so excited to announce that she has agreed to take this post. So, since I have very little wit and raw creativity to inspire you with personally, I knew that I would need someone super-special to take Aphras place here at the helm. However, well still be able to enjoy Aphras gorgeous layouts and cards in our monthly Idea Gallery, where she will be designing with our Doubleshot Kit. She has been inspiring us here on the blog with her awesome tutorials and in our Idea Gallery with her Doubleshot layouts and cards for some time now. Well, for years now one of our very talented designers has been creating double-paged layouts to fill up a complete Month-in-Review Album! Melanie, from now on, will be doing the layouts, and you are sure to see layouts with bunches of pictures, journaling, a title with the month and date, and it is completed with TSR kits! I just knew I had to repeat the leaf effect on one of my layouts this month. Two grey board large circles and one small. There are two things worth noting at the outset about the small cap premiums. Mostly! Because Im super excited and a little bit giddy about being able to bring you the things you love on the blog as well as some fun new stuff. There are hyperacute T-waves in leads V1-V6, as well as in leads II, III, aVF. It also has some good information for collectors who are just getting started. I will be the first to admit that it feels good to make a relatively rare diagnosis based on interpreting squiggly lines on a piece of paper. At first glance, it kinda makes me a bit hungry for cheese, but I sure do LOVE the sneaky-peaky it gives! I would love to know what you think? Did you know we do this? You already know her and love her. While trolling the web, I fell in LOVE with this layout by Patricia Roebuck at the American Crafts blog. They need a lot of support and help and most of all love and care. I have a daughter with a condition that baffles doctors, and capturing some of her seizures on film might help them figure out how to help her. To make the word Fall have a little more presence, I cut it out of two different colors and then offset it a bit. A lot of people find it easier to have a conversation and then react to a model presented to them than be tasked with having to figure everything out themselves. He then confirmed his suspicion by checking the patient himself to see where the V1, V2 electrodes had been placed - and followed this up by repeat ECG that revealed the patients true ECG. Stop in and see what were up to. Using the oxidative free radical scavenger resveratrol, Sisel hopes to stop cellular DNA damage ensuring proper DNA duplication. Some people are using Simple Stories. Each of these people who offer us books online is a part of the collecting community, and each is important. Many people hold onto items because of emotional ties to the past when life seemed simpler. Tammy here. I want to start by extending a huge Thank You to Aphra for taking care of keeping us all inspired and motivated on the blog for the past several months. I want it to be in the kitchen, but I am also thinking about possibly burying it outside, in a secret location, sort of like a time capsule that they put on the moon. We want you to make this blog a regular part of your scrappy life - need some inspiration, a kick in the mojo, or maybe just a giggle? Tomorrow well kick off the September Sketch Challenge and announce some winners. For my first card, I used the sketch from MMEs blog so it came together quickly! Heres what I came up with. My kit came with a yellow felt border strip and I wasnt quite sure how to use it. I used this felt strip on both cards.

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