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Program #1: InFocus: Latinx & Hispanic Cinema Shorts I - Figments, Fictions and Fantasies Poster

A collection of films that play on narratives, both real and surreal, that we create for ourselves and the things that we choose to believe when confronted with uncertainty. Stories told in this block include a couple facing the choice of spending eternity together, a boy finding his own moral compass, a man using his childhood imagination to cope with a grim reality, a woman on a quest to regain her ability to dream, a college student orchestrating a fiction about his life for his visiting mother, a pair of trapeze artists whose trust is critically tested, and a young girl who escapes deportation by becoming a mermaid.

Suggested screening time: September 26th at 12:15pm PT
Live Filmmaker Q&A: September 26th at 2:00pm PT

Program #3: InFocus: Latinx & Hispanic Cinema Shorts II - Generational Echoes Poster

A selection of narrative and documentary films centered on the relationships between generations and the meaningful effects that they have on one another. The program includes the story of a man visiting his deceased father’s partner, a time traveling woman grappling with her younger and older selves, a group of millennials delving into the history of the El Mozote massacre, one woman’s portrait of her father, parents facing the risks of traveling undocumented to see their daughter after an accident, a prehistoric family drama, and a young boy’s relationship with a grandfather whose reality is starting to slip away from him.

Suggested screening time: September 26th at 6:15pm PT
Live Filmmaker Q&A: September 26th at 8:00pm PT

Fandango at the Wall Poster

FANDANGO AT THE WALL follows New York City maestro Arturo O’Farrill, Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra founder, to Veracruz, Mexico where he meets up with the masters of a 300-year-old folk music tradition called son jarocho and then joins them for a historical music festival called “Fandango Fronterizo” that takes place simultaneously on both sides of the United States-Mexico border transforming the wall from an object that divides to one that unites.

Suggested screening time: September 26th at 3:15pm PT
Live Filmmaker Q&A: September 26th at 5:00pm PT



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