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Movies, books, music — stories have the power to shape our imaginations, our understanding of one another, and how we envision our futures. Whether you’ve made a dozen movies or you’re creating something for the very first time, Seed&Spark can help your work make an impact. We believe that even the wildest projects succeed when you understand your audience and why your project matters to them. That’s one reason why Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaigns have the highest success rate of any platform! Our suite of resources for creators — education, crowdfunding, and community — support and amplify your voice, no matter where you are in your journey.

For creators

What is creative sustainability?

Creative sustainability is about more than funding a single project, or even a career — it’s about shaping every step of your creative journey. It’s strategizing your projects so that they will support you — even financially. It’s the deep impact that occurs when the right audiences hear your story. It’s the independence that comes with a strong community of peers, partners, and mentors. And it’s the power of owning your data and determining your own strategies. Creative sustainability is about making work on your own terms.

Get educated

Creators never stop learning. From crowdfunding to pitching your project, to audience building and distribution, Seed&Spark is dedicated to making your ongoing education easy — and always free. Take our online crowdfunding class any time. Read up on creative sustainability essentials on our blog. Or best of all, join one of our upcoming workshops and events to learn from industry experts and fellow filmmakers!

Build your audience

You can’t move the culture if no one hears your story! Your audience wants to join you on your journey. Knowing who they are and how to reach them is essential to a sustainable creative career.

Your audience is excited for each new book or movie, they celebrate your wins and maybe they even fund your new projects. But the connection between creator and audience isn’t a transaction: it’s a relationship. That’s why Seed&Spark is designed to help you connect with your supporters directly (no dark algorithms in your way) throughout the lifecycle of your project and for the duration of your career.

Find your funding

Seed&Spark is the industry-leading crowdfunding platform for storytellers. We have the highest campaign success rate in the world (82%!) and we charge zero platform fee to creators. Our crowdfunding experts give free, personalized feedback on every single Seed&Spark project. Why? Because we’re committed to working on your projects as hard as you are! We believe that with the right support, funding can (and should!) be accessible to everyone. Set your campaign up for success with these tips .

Make it

Now comes the most exciting part: making the thing! And you’re not alone. Seed&Spark is a community of thousands of creators who’ve navigated the journey you’re embarking on. So you might just ask for advice and end up finding a lifelong collaborator!

To sweeten the pot, filmmakers crowdfunding on Seed&Spark can also earn thousands of dollars worth of perks and services to make your creative process more fruitful with our Creator Rewards.

Keep going

The creative journey doesn’t start or end with one project. It’s a way of life! Your ideas, your words, and your stories can shift perspectives and move our culture forward. And Seed&Spark is always here to help you make a better world with your creativity.



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