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  • All The Love I Could Handle image

    All The Love I Could Handle

    Ruby Rose Collins

    Far too often, portraits of our pioneers are mythic depictions of heroes, devoid of the complexity that makes them human. This film, told from pioneer filmmaker Kathleen Collins' perspective, tells a layered story of the intimate sacrifices we all make in order to achieve our dreams.

  • Princess image


    Princess Short Film

    A reclusive 33-year-old must confront her assaulter at a festival, triggering a cascade of violent hallucinations. The film delves into the silent struggle of eldest children, burdened by the expectation of perfection as they silently bear trauma to shield their families.

  • What We Carry image

    What We Carry

    Karl-Mary Akre

    Not all love is built to last. In "What We Carry," an immigrant couple from the Ivory Coast faces this bitter truth as their relationship unravels under the pressures of supernatural forces in America.

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