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Outgaze Film Festival

October 21 - November 7, 2020

New Orleans, LA

Outgaze Film Festival celebrates filmmakers producing films with feminist themes, content and production methods that promote the sexual and reproductive freedom of individuals, respond to current and ongoing social injustices, or shed light on humanitarian efforts. It seeks to open and elevate the perspectives of feminist vision, dialogue and cinematic experience.

part of visions in the dark | Iran 105 min Experimental, Drama Directed by Suzan Iravanian

One day Fooziye, a middle-aged woman, discovers that crude oil is coming out of her body. This unusual yet empowering phenomenon awakens the hope of a better future in her. On the other hand, it triggers uncertainty and paranoia in the lives of the people around her.

Please Note: This film is available to view only in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Scheherazade’s Diary
part of rituals of reclamation | Lebanon 80 min Documentary Directed by Zeina Daccache

The female inmates of Lebanon’s Baabda Prison mine the depths of personal experience and confront patriarchy as they prepare and present the first theatre performance staged inside an Arab women’s prison. Filmed throughout the 2012 drama therapy project by director/therapist Zeina Daccache, this gripping tragicomic documentary features the women inmates who, through their unprecedented theatre initiative, challenge societies that oppress women.

36 Hours
part of our bodies, our shadows | Louisiana 77 min Documentary Directed by Adam Sekuler

An unusual combination of disorientation and euphoria occurs in the hours leading up to the birth of expectant mother Angelle’s first child. Weaving immersive verite filmmaking and expressionistically captured movement sequences this tender document of quiet love, celebrates the natural processes of life and the labor in existence. 36 Hours is an intimate visceral journey through one of our most universal experiences: the process of birth.

visions in the dark
23 min

Two films that unveil the mystery, humor, pain and pleasure of human desire.

Transgressing the esoteric and the erotic, the films in this series trace pleasure through memory and the imagination while interweaving geo-political conversations with embodied narratives and magical realism.

The feature film Leakage is part of this block.

rituals of reclamation
112 min

From femicides and the Ni Una Menos, movement in Mexico, to reflection on violence toward and celebration of Black life in America, to Kachin and Rohingya refugees fleeing war in Myanmar and the resilience of female inmates of Baabda prison in Lebanon, this collection of films expose urgent violations of human rights while revealing the transformative potential for transcending oppression through ritual and performance, ceremony and pop culture.

The feature film Scheherazade’s Diary is part of this block.

our bodies, our shadows
80 min

How are we haunted? How is our labor a reconstruction and reckoning with the past? How does embodied memory dialogue with self-doubt, self-preservation and self-care?

Pain and privilege are paired side by side in cycles of resilience with a vulnerable honesty in this series of hyper realistic films that offer a snapshot of embodied communal conversations between female identifying - past, present and future.

The feature film 36 Hours is part of this block.

Online Panel: Vision and the Body in Queer Feminist Cinema
Saturday, Oct 24, 2020
2:30pm - 3:30pm

Join Celebrity Guest Filmmaker Marianna Palka as she speaks with Suzan Iravanian (Dir. Leakage), Lucia Honey (Dir. The Bottom: A Noise Opera) and Outgaze Programmers about the themes of the Outgaze Film Festival and the visions in the dark film block. This geopolitical conversation will examine desire, embodiment, the erotic and the esoteric and how the filmmakers weave these topics with political (and literal) landscapes/geographies as well as the queer/feminist imagination in cinema.

All event times are Central Time.

Online Panel: Reclamation and Resilience
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020
7:00pm - 8:00pm

A panel on the role reclamation & resilience plays in situations of violence towards female & female-identifying bodies. With Sarah Mosely, Senior Technical Advisor, Women's Protection & Empowerment at International Rescue Committee & Jesse Nieblas, Director of Education & Prevention at Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault. Panel looks at Jeanne Hallacy’s film on survivors of rape in refugee camps in Bangladesh in Mother, Daughter, Sister & rise of femicides & subsequent movement Ni Una Menos in Mexico referenced in Patricia Montoya’s film When La Rumorosa Quiets.

All event times are Central Time.

Filmmaker Q&A with Zeina Daccache of Catharsis Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy
Friday, Nov 6, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Meet Zeina Daccache filmmaker and Executive Director of Catharsis, the first Drama Therapy Center in Lebanon and the Arab Region. Looking at Zeina’s work with female inmates at Baabda Prison in Lebanon, and her documentary, Scheherazade’s Diary, we’ll discuss how drama offers marginalized populations tools for self-advocacy and affects change. Drawing correlations between the current crisis in Lebanon, with the role art therapy plays in collective healing in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina.

All event times are Central Time.

Online Panel: Self Preservation Self Care as a Political Act
Friday, Nov 6, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Many conversations focus on lack of access for female, BIPOC, and LGBTQ filmmakers in the male-dominated film industry. We reframe: how do we self care and self preserve? Collectively, personally. From the subjects of their films, to personal experiences making non-male centered cinema, how does care become a kind of political activism? And how as a community can we foster ways to embed care into the paradigm of how we uphold and support one another to bring new visions and voices to cinema?

All event times are Central Time.



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