14 Stories in a Bathroom

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Casey O'Brien

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Goal: $10,000 for production

In a world left of reality, the lives of a telepath, a 7-year coma survivor, a heartbroken witch, and many others intersect as they make emotional realizations about themselves and their love lives. And it all takes place in the one room they're most vulnerable - the bathroom.

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Mission Statement

This movie seeks to create a safe haven for anyone who has ever cried alone in the bathroom. The cast is diverse, because seeking emotional refuge in the bathroom is a universal experience. 14 Stories in a Bathroom is meant to unite and inspire through that shared, lonely journey.

The Story

14 Stories in a Bathroom is an anthology film set in a slightly fantastical world. The vignettes are all connected to one character, Calvin. He has recently awoken from a 7-year coma to a world he does not know. His wife has remarried, his career has left him behind, and he doesn't recognize any of the songs on the radio. Once a successful scientist, he’s forced to take a job as a bathroom attendant while living in a rented-out bathroom. 

As the title mentions, there are 14 stories that take place across various bathrooms. Here are some of the other vignettes occur in the film

Although anthology films can often feel disconnected and not wholly satisfying as an overall narrative, these stories are woven together to create an emotionally fulfilling story.

I have already produced one of the vignettes that will be features in the final feature. This short film is called The Smallest Girl in the World. You can watch the film HERE. See the trailer below:

Here are a few films that are tonally and thematically similar to 14 Stories in a Bathroom.

Here are few more comps for the real cinephiles

Project Status:

We are planning to shoot 14 Stories in a Bathroom in November of 2024. The $10,000 we are raising is the bare minimum amount needed to shoot the film. If we succeed at getting that amount, we can then move towards the following stretch goals.

Stretch Goals:

$15,000 - Post-Production. This will cover the costs of editing, coloring, and sound-mastering the final film.

$25,000 - Cast and Crew payment. Everyone working on this project is working well below their usual rates. The more we raise, the more we can pay our cast and crew.

The Smallest Girl in the World

Director's Statement:

I always cry in the bathroom. It’s a refuge. It’s the room that allows people to tap into their innermost desires without fear. How many times has someone had the best idea in the shower? Or realized they need to break up with their boyfriend while staring at themselves in the bathroom mirror? It’s a room for self-realization. It's a powerful room.

It’s easy to fantasize in the bathroom. That is why there are so many fantastical elements in my film. The world we create in our heads sits outside of reality. And the movie reflects that world.

14 Stories in a Bathroom is a movie about being alone together. This film lives in a world where the bathroom is a safe place for everyone. These are dark times for marginalized populations. And I want this movie to be how bathrooms should be; safe for people to feel vulnerable.

I am asking for your support, to help me produce and direct this feature-length romantic-fantastical-comedy. Your support will help me bring a very personal story to the screen, something I've been planning for over five years. This film is the next natural step in my career. Your support will help me solidify my vision as it was originally intended. Thank you so much!

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About This Team

Casey O’Brien is a Minneapolis-based filmmaker who makes funny movies about sad people. His short films and web series have played at multiple festivals, including HollyWeb Festival and LA’s Nonplussed Fest. Check out more of his work at caseyleeobrien.com.

Shan Liljestrand is a Hawai’i-raised and Los Angeles-based Director of Photography. He has worked on commercials for major international brands and several feature films that have played Tribeca Film Festival, Sitges, Dances with Films, and others. His latest feature will be released by Lionsgate Entertainment. He values human-focused narratives and strong visuals that are of service to the story. When Casey sent him the script for 14 Stories in a Bathroom he was at first perplexed, then captivated, and ultimately moved at its ability to make beauty out of the humble bathroom.

Lucé Tomlin-Brenner is a comedian and filmmaker who hails from Elyria, Ohio, and resides in Los Angeles. Her award-winning horror-comedy, Messed Up, finished its festival run in 2020. Her award-winning killer girlboss featurette, Surprise! is currently on the festival circuit. In 2021 she launched Too Much Productions, a queer feminist horror-comedy collective for DIY filmmakers with audacious visions. She's also the star of the short film The Smallest Girl in the World, which will be featured in 14 Stories in a Bathroom.

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