5 Faces Of Hell

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Horror, Thriller

Jennifer Cooper

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5 Faces Of Hell is the first feature produced, written, directed and shot by married couple Evan A. Baker and Jennifer Cooper. It is their MFA thesis film created out of a love for the horror genre and a desire to couch provocative social statements in bloody storytelling.

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Mission Statement

Women were responsible for the majority of the producing, writing, cinematography and editing of this film, as well as a substantial portion of the directing. Our team consists of people of different ages and race.

The Story

Evan and Jenn felt that a feature length anthology made up of segments that could also stand alone as shorts would allow them to use a range of skills to tell a variety of stories.



Evan had several hand puppets that he and his mother had created years ago and he had always wanted to shoot something with them, so they agreed that the wrap around for the anthology would be a profane puppet show.



In 5 Faces Of Hell 5 people attend this puppet show and by the end are so offended that they go backstage to complain. There they are greeted by self-aware puppets who tell each of them their fates. The five segments make up those stories. 


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About This Team

5 Faces Of Hell is made up of five different segments which were shot as five separate shorts, as well as a wrap-around story, which was its own separate shoot. That meant crewing up for six shoots, over a span of nine months.

Our cast and crew included a mix of old friends and long-time collaborators, fellow students at Mount Saint Mary’s University, and some fresh blood – people we’d never worked with before, all of whom we are now eager to work with again!
The first segment, "Charlotte On The Rebound" is a noir thriller starring Juli Cuccia, Aidan Rees and Darren Kelley. It was written by Jenn E. Cooper (who also shot and edited it) and directed by Evan A. Baker. We’d worked with Darren before on numerous projects, usually playing a pretty nice guy, so Jenn developed this story specifically to give him a chance to show off his dark side. As Jenn was polishing the script, Aidan was cast in a project Evan was directing for a class, and Evan and Jenn quickly agreed that she’d be perfect for this piece. Juli, who has the lead role in the segment, was not someone we’d ever worked with before, but when she came in to audition it felt like the character Jenn had written was standing in the room with us. That someone as sweet and gentle as Juli can portray a woman as spiteful as Charlotte is a true testament to her skills as an actor.

It was also for this segment that we brought aboard our sound mixer, Jessie Flores, who proved invaluable on set, thanks to his experience not only in sound, but in all areas of production. We made sure to bring Jessie back for every LA area shoot; he was a fundamental part of this team.
The second segment, "Rappaccini's Formula" was written by both Justin Bloch and Evan A. Baker. It was directed by Evan, shot by Jenn and is being edited by both Jennifer and Evan. It was on the set for "Rappaccini's Formula" that we met makeup artist, Celine Hoppe, who continued to work with us for the wrap around segments. 
The third segment, "Conversations With Emily," was a sincere labor of love. We shot that one up in Portland, Oregon, during the middle of an ice storm that knocked out power for hours. We lost nearly a whole days' worth of shooting, but our team took it like champs. 
"Conversations" was written, directed and edited by Jenn E. Cooper and shot by Evan A. Baker. Alison Clifford took the reigns as our assistant director as well as a producer role for that segment. Andrea Juneau was our script supervisor extradordinaire. She was on the ball and always at least one step ahead of all of us. She contributed a great deal to that shoot being bearable. Both are residents of Portland.
There were a handful of other local Portlanders who helped out on set, such as Erin Toft, who did beautiful makeup for this segment. 
The fourth segment, "Don't Demonize Daniel!" was written and directed by Justin Bloch, while Evan A. Baker worked his magic as director of photography. It is being edited by Justin Bloch and our good friend, Dylan Hart. Taylor Evans was brought on board to do her special effects makeup magic and we're very happy with her work.
The fifth and final segment, "Lisa The Vampire," was written by both Jenn E. Cooper and Evan A. Baker, was directed by Evan and shot by Jennifer. It is being edited by Evan. We probably had the biggest crew on "Lisa," including many of our fellow students, such as Jessica Medina as assistant director, Beatriz Vigil as production manager, Tierney Burris as script supervisor and Lucky Atkare and Nakorn Chaisri as grips. 
The wrap arounds were written by Brooks Smith, Jenn E. Cooper and Evan A. Baker. Both Jenn and Evan co-directed it and Jenn was director of photography. We brought back Jessica Medina as assitant director and Beatriz Vigil as production manager. 

Current Team