A Grievance With Gravity

Austin, Texas | Film Short

Sci-Fi, Romance

Kelli Horan

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In order to stay tethered to the Earth, Zoe wears bricks and blocks to weigh her down. Why? Gravity doesn't affect her. While she tries her best to live a normal life, she constantly feels like an outcast. Then, she decides to open herself up to the world and celebrate her different-ness!

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Mission Statement

This is a story about empowering people who feel held down by their different-ness. It's about celebrating who we are and find others who do the same. The film is written, directed, produced, and stars women in a story that will resonate with everyone.

The Story


Most of us think of floating away as a form of freedom. It's a metaphor. But how would you react in everyday life if you literally could not keep yourself tethered to the Earth. The anxiety, constant need for control, and loneliness would be all-consuming.


A Grievance With Gravity follows Zoe as she adjusts to her new life without the effect of gravity. Dating, work, and family all evolve.


This is a story that on the surface is a sweet and empowering sci-fi film. But bubbling underneath, it is an analogy for a feeling many of us have experienced. This film encourages us to be resilient, honest, and celebrate our uniqueness.



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  CREW: $2350

  CAST: $900


  CATERING: $500



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $500

We need key wardrobe and props to help with the art direction of the film.


Costs $600

We have a specific aesthetic for the film, and the locations are super important to make it work!


Costs $900

We have a fantastic cast that we'd like to pay for the 3 days of shooting for the film.


Costs $2,350

Our crew is small but mighty! Help us pay for a DP, AD, and Sound to make the film happen.


Costs $500

Fuel the art! Help us feed our cast and crew as they work hard to create this film.

About This Team

Writer/Director – Kelli Horan

Kelli has written, directed, and produced feature and short films that have been featured in festivals such as SXSW, Other Worlds Austin, Arizona International Film Festival, and more.


Producer – Elena Weinberg

Elena is co-owner/CEO of TurtleDove Films based in Los Angeles, CA. Her credits include the webseries #ATown and the feature film A Room Full of Nothing, which recently premiered at the Austin Film Festival.


Producer – Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a producer for film and theatre in Austin, TX. Recent films she worked on Hardish Bodies and A Room Full of Nothing premiered at Austin Film Festival.


Director of Photography – Travis Ward

Travis the the owner of Another Meadow Productions in Austin, TX. He's worked on a variety of independent shorts, features, and corporate videos.


Editor – Phillip Lybrand

Phillip is the owner of Greenless Studios. He's edited short and feature films, including Summer League, The Trolls, and Maybe Shower.


Zoe – Kelsey Thomas

Kelsey is an actress based in Magnolia, TX. She was in the first feature Kelli wrote, Summer League, as well as the recent feature film Maybe Shower.


Chris – Carlos O'Leary

Carlos is an actor in Austin, TX. He's appeared in films such as The Trolls, Maybe Shower, and Hindsight as well as hosted popular events with the Alamo Drafthouse.


Sara – Miciah Auden

Miciah is an Austin based actress who appeared in films such as Rock Candy and Professional Relationship.


Randy – Ricky Starks

Ricky is a Texas based actor and professional wrestler who most recently appeared in NWA Power.

Current Team