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Once a quiet neighborhood separated by only a few hundred yards, Gaza and Sderot is now the battlefield of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is the inspiring story of unlikely friends across enemy lines trying to end the bloodshed and violence destroying their neighborhood. Help us tell it.

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Mission Statement

Our lead character is a woman, it is produced and directed by a team of black, Arab and Jewish filmmakers. Some of the crew have never met, reflecting political divide in the war zone.

The Story

We believe films can change perceptions and the world.  A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is one of such films.


A BRIDGE OVER BLOODis a documentary about unlikely friendships between “enemies” across the world’s longest war zone.

Gaza and Sderot was once a peaceful neighborhood where people of two nations and faiths interacted freely. But, after the first intifada, it became the battle zone of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Today, a wall divides them. They are united in grief, a mutual hatred, deaths and a river of blood.

Now, a small group of people on both sides of the wall are ignoring tradition, defying their governments and absorbing the anger of families and the wrath of neighbors to forge friendships. They cannot meet physically but their numbers keep growing. They’ve been attacked, arrested and exiled because of their friendships.
But, nothing would stop these friends who believe it is people like them who hold the key to peace, a chance at a better life and a return to normalcy in their neighborhood.
A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is their inspiring story.

Most people automatically think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or the West Bank when they think of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. But it is in Gaza and Sderot that thousands of people have been killed and many more injured in the last decade. Gaza wears the scars of the wars but the gloom of fear and the unknown hangs over Sderot. 

As Gaza and Sderot stand on the verge of explosion, this is a great time to shine a light on the positive side of the neighborhood.

A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is not just another documentary. It’s a window into the peculiar lives lived in these neighboring towns. It’s about friends on either side of the wall fighting for a chance to live - for them and their children. Sderot lives under a cloud of fear. Gazans describe their town as a prison and hell.
The film counters the propaganda that all Gazans are terrorists or that everyone in Sderot wants Gaza wiped out. These are people on both sides, coming together despite their sufferings, to find a better way forward.

What gave me access was that I was neither Jew nor Arab and my persistence. My journalism experience of working on four continents helped in balancing two different crews on both sides of the border who have never met and unlikely to ever meet. Nothing was going to stop us, not even when I busted my knee from a fall during a missile attack in Sderot or when the "effrontery" of our sound recorder taking two minutes longer with his tea ultimately saved us from being at the site of a bomb blast in Gaza.

This is an inspiring story in the midst of despair, promise on an island of gloom. This is a story that will warm the iciest heart. I never understood the importance of a hug or kiss for a child on the way to school or park until we started filming A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD. You take it for granted that you will see them in a few hours. In this neighborhood, there is no such guaranty. Every goodbye may be the last.

A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is a film about hope. This documentary shows the heart of men and women working hard to keep their friendship alive, keeping the candle of hope out for peace in their beleaguered neighborhood.





Blessed with the wit of a Brit and the doggedness of a woman who bore and raised five children while helping her husband build a farm a few yards from the wall. On most days, she’s either hosting groups from around the world, on the phone with friends in Gaza or driving sick Palestinian patients from Gaza to hospitals in Israel. 



Dogged, determined and careful in measured doses, she brings the reality of life in Gaza to Israelis in Sderot and people around the world. She is one of the very few Gazans who are allowed to cross into Israel once or twice a year when she accompanies a relative on hospital visits.



Ahmed is the youngest character but may be the most resilient. While most people in Gaza are scared to admit they know anyone on the other side of the wall, Ahmed actively conducts seminars and events that promote and celebrate his friendship with Israelis across the wall.



Eric is the founder of OTHER VOICE. His friendship with a Palastinian in Gaza gave birth to the group and to the friendships on either side of the wall. In defiance of Israeli government’s directives, he has played host to friends from Gaza on numerous occasions. His work and initiatives extends far beyond the wall.



Marwan shows the strength of the human spirit and the limitless capacity to love even the “enemy". He mentors a group of children, teaching them love and understanding of their Israeli neighbors before they drown in the river of hate flowing between both sides.



He is the face of the loss and hope on both sides. He lost his daughter three weeks before her wedding to a Qassam rocket. But, he surprised many when he shunned bitterness and revenge, opting instead for good neighborliness. Over the objection of his wife and family, he took his campaign all over the region and some parts of the world.



The world of A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is unlike any other – deep pain, mistrust, destruction, fear and hope.
This is an inspiring story in the midst of despair, promise on an island of gloom. 

I am making this documentary because for me, life is about hope and the promise of better day tomorrow. A BRIDGE OVER BLOOD is a film about that hope and promise that comes with it. This documentary shows the heart of men and women working hard to keep their friendships alive, keeping the candle of hope out for peace in their beleaguered neighborhood. It's a dream that must live.



Decomentaries, especially independent documentaries, are tough to make. We have struggled on for a few years to get the project into post-production. Along the way, we had help from a few donors, private funds and maxed out many credit cards. We are at a point where we really need help from anyone that can help. The funds raised will be used to pay for parts of the post-production, hire a composer and pay for parts of our outreach campaign. 

We are seeking $30,000.00 because we want to be realistically optimistic and have a chance to keep the money you donate. We must get 80% of our goal to do that. If we make our goal early in the campaign, we will stretch our goals. Our stretch goals will enable us sumbit to more festivals, pay crew owed salaries and have a better film.



We hope you can support with a donation. But, you can help in other ways too.



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We hope to have the film out on the film festival circuits all over the world in the second half of 2019. We believe the story is strong enough to play extensively, draw interest from several communities, NGOs, educational institutions and government bodies. And, we are optimistic of reaching an agreement with a streaming services so everyone can see it everywhere.




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OSE, director

Ose is a filmmaker based between Los Angeles, Lagos and London. He is an MFA graduate of Cinema-TV production from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He has won awards from a few film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival. His works have played at over 60 film festivals around the world, on cable and television. Before film school, Ose worked as a Program Associate with AMNESTY INTERNATIONALwhere he workedextensively with the Administration, Congress and State Department. He also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mass Communication. Before a career in film, politics and advocacy, he worked as a journalist on four continents with leading media institutions. 


ERIC CONNER, producer


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