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Gay, provocative, bold— ACOCKALYPSE explores the pressures of heteronormativity and the shared Queer experience of closeted life. Told from the perspective of a young graffiti artist navigating his relationship with his closeted ex, ACOCKALYPSE tells a deeply personal and relevant story.

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Mission Statement

Queer people’s mere existence is being threatened by the fascist right. Visibility is more important than ever. ACOCKALYPSE not only sheds light on the lives and struggles of Queer people but asks audiences to question the oppressive systems in which we live.

The Story

"What even is the ACOCKALYPSE?" You might be asking yourself. You may think it a crude gag. The title, however, refers to the very real apocalyptic dystopia that Queer people face today in America. A heteronormative world that imposes restrictions on Queer people’s lives increasingly every day. A place where Queer people— particularly those of color— face rampant discrimination. A system in which a reigning conservative minority works to disenfranchise Queer people from their basic rights. In other words, the world of the ACOCKALYPSE.

ACOCKALYPSE tells the story of Carson. Outwardly, Carson is a bold, creative, gay graffiti artist. Beneath his standoffish and nonchalant demeanor is a delicate and caring young man coming to terms with his sexuality. Carson's life is turned upside down when he meets Alex, the leader of a reclusive graffiti gang.

Alex and Carson quickly build a deeply intimate secret relationship. Like Carson, Alex grapples deeply with his sexuality. To compensate, Alex exudes a toxic machismo guise, dominating those around him. Alex refuses to open up to anyone. Not even himself.

When Alex's insecurities boil over, Alex and Carson's relationship breaks down. The estranged couple engages in a brutal graffiti turf war. This war comes to a head when Carson and Alex meet face-to-face, forcing both of them to come to terms with their failed relationship and sexuality.

ACOCKALYPSE grapples with an intense subject matter. It will not be an easy watch for some. This provocative nature is intrinsic to our mission with this film. To truly make general audiences appreciate closeted Queer trauma, you must make them feel.

ACOCKALYPSE, at its heart, is a deeply personal story. Like many young Queer people, I've been closeted most of my life. Hiding my sexuality became my coping mechanism for the abuse and ridicule I faced for incorrectly navigating this apocalyptic heteronormative world.

Looking back at my closeted life, I mourn the years lost trying to be someone else. I do not wish this trauma on anyone else. My ultimate goal for ACOCKALYPSE is to use my experiences to tell a story that highlights the growing heteronormative forces working against LGBTQIA+ people. We want to empower Queer people and inspire general audiences to take action.

Our vision for ACOCKALYPSE is big. Our mission is bold. Grafitti artists leave traces of visible crime, as rebellion against a system. With this film, I hope to leave my own visible act of rebellion, against the systems of hatred that perpetuate the subjugation and exclusion of Queer people.

As of now, ACOCKALYPSE is in pre-production. We have assembled a terrific Queer-led crew and are searching for an amazing cast to bring the story of Carson and Alex to the screen. We will begin production on ACOCKALYPSE in mid-October 2023 in Brooklyn, NY for three shooting days. Once we have wrapped production we will begin a post-production period ending in December 2023.

We plan on releasing ACOCKALYPSE to festivals starting January 2024. We could not be more excited to share this story with the world.


We are seeking to raise at least $3,350 in order to cover the basic production costs needed to bring ACOCKALYPSE to life. This will cover location-related costs, provide food for our cast and crew, bring on industry professional intimacy and stunt coordinators, and allow us to create the essential production design for the world of ACOCKALYPSE. These funds will also cover costs associated with festival submissions.


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Help filmmaker Jack Lacy by supporting his new Queer short film, ACOCKALYPSE, about a gay graffiti artist who gets involved in a brutal turf war with his deeply-closeted macho ex. Support them at


I just watched the ACOCKALYPSE short film campaign video and WOW, you've got to support this new LGBTQ short.

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In addition, we are setting a stretch goal of $4,350. This will grant us much greater scope for ACOCKALYPSE. It will allow us access to better locations, specialized film gear rentals, and entry into more exclusive film festivals. It will allow us to tell the story of ACOCKALYPSE the way it was meant to be.

If any part of this Queer story resonates with you, please consider joining us on our journey. Pledge, follow us, share our story! Your help, no matter how small or in what form, will make an immeasurable difference. We cannot bring ACOCKALYPSE to life on our own. SO ACT NOW!


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Costs $1,600

In order to create our ACOCKALYPTIC world, we need sick locations. These funds will go towards securing these locations for the film.


Costs $200

We need to get all our gear to and from set! This will cover the cost of vehicle/Uber rental for transporting gear.


Costs $500

A fed crew is a happy crew! These funds will help provide the cast and crew with meals and snacks.


Costs $500

We need to make the graffiti-filled world of ACOCKALYPSE as authentic-looking as possible. A solid production design is essential for this!


Costs $250

Safety is a priority! Professional stunt and intimacy coordinators will ensure the physical/mental well-being of cast during intense scenes.


Costs $300

We need to spread the word of ACOCKALYPSE to film festivals worldwide! These funds will help cover festival submission costs.

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About This Team

JACK LACY is an award-winning Queer, Filipino American filmmaker, and the writer/director of ACOCKALYPSE. Born in Richmond, Virginia Jack knew from a young age that he wanted to be a filmmaker. Now studying Film & Television Production at NYU, Jack aspires to uplift minority narratives involving issues of sexuality, gender, and race through his work.

Jack's short film Dysphoria was included in the American University School of Communication Film Festival 2022, receiving high praise. His most recent documentary project Kapwa (Togetherness) was selected to be screened at Lincoln Center as part of the WNET Group’s Youth Collective Film Festival 2023. Jack is extremely excited to be bringing ACOCKALYPSE to life.

LUKE FLANAGAN is an award-winning Irish writer/director, and one of the producers of ACOCKALYPSE. Luke started making short films at the age of 11, making short stop-motion animations with his Legos. Since then, he has written, directed, and produced countless other projects and moved to New York to pursue Film & Television Production at NYU.

Luke's short film Replicative Dreams received a Highly Commended for Performance nomination at the Fresh International Film Festival 2021. Luke is honored to have the opportunity to bring the story of ACOCKALYPSE to life!

EUAN RAMOS is a Senior studying Film and Television Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. As an aspiring producer, Euan aims to uplift underrepresented perspectives and target cultural taboos. This has influenced his love for coming-of-age narratives that emphasize the chosen family and confront tradition.

In acquiring a multifaceted skill set by crewing in various departments, he fosters a collaborative and unified environment to passionately work towards a film that serves as a vehicle for empathy and calls the audience to action. He is therefore ecstatic to join the “ACOCKALYPSE” team and to support Jack’s empowering story about accepting one’s identity.

RILEY GREENBAUN is a director, writer, editor, and the First Assistant Director of ACOCKALYPSE. Riley is a rising Junior studying Film & Television Production at NYU. Her work frequently covers topics of systemic oppression against women and people of Queer identities. Riley can’t wait to be involved in ACOCKALYPSE!

TRISTAN ZHU is the Art Director and social media manager for ACOCKALYPSE. As a Junior at Tisch, majoring in Film and TV, Tristan has worked as a Production Designer and Director of Photography on numerous student films.

Tristan's passion for art, influenced by his identity as a Queer person, finds roots in street photography, fashion, and street culture. The story of ACOCKALYPSE struck a chord with Tristan, and he's truly excited to work with the team in bringing the vision of ACOCKALYPSE to life!

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