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Fanny, an ambitious actor, is struggling to knock out a high stakes audition due to a shameful secret weighing on her mind. Her close friends, Ash and Sadie, attempt to support her, but the night takes a turn for the worse when Sadie confronts Fanny about the truth she's trying to hide.

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Mission Statement

AFFOGATO was born out of the desire to create from a place of personal truth. I believe that some of the most beautiful forms of expression manifest from courageous and radical honesty. I'm aiming to bring the truths of my everyday life as an actor into a world full of heightened scenarios.

The Story


Affogato is a short drama that follows Fanny, an ambitious actor who is struggling to knock out the audition opportunity of a lifetime. A shameful secret weighing on the back of her mind is stealing her focus. Her roommates and close friends, Ash and Sadie, attempt to give her the support she needs to emotionally “get there” with her scene by suggesting an Affogato break, a ritual the women participate in to wind down and reset. During this downtime, the three women lament the ways that their ideal futures feel out of reach, allowing the existential dread of their lives to creep in. Just when it seems the night couldn’t feel any lower, Fanny’s night takes a turn for the worse when she’s confronted by Sadie about an encounter Fanny shared with Sadie’s ex-husband. Affogato showcases a friend group that can’t survive without honesty, both between each other and within themselves.



Dani Hurtado, writer and director of Affogato, photographed by Ziming Xie

Affogato was born out of the desire to create from a place of ultimate personal truth. I believe that some of the most beautiful forms of expression manifest from courageous and radical honesty. Throughout the years, I’ve been gifted with such supportive friends. I’ve experienced the yearning feeling of passion. In acting class, I learned that acting is living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. I want to bring the truths and realities of my everyday life into a world full of scenarios that have been blown out of proportion. I want to take what I know and experience so well and turn that into my worst nightmare. Why? Because much of who we are is made up of what we fear. Sometimes, it’s our fears that we don’t want to address that points us in the direction of what is true. Affogato is a message to myself. A message that life and love gets messy and people we care about get hurt in the process. Are we willing to own our actions wholeheartedly? Can we take accountability for what we feel? Should we? Yes! Yes, we should. It’s not always pretty but most of the time it’s worth it. We owe ourselves truth.

Dani Hurtado (Fanny), Sarah J. Bartholomew (Sadie), and Stevie Marceaux (Ash) photographed by Ziming Xie


The last feature film I worked on as a lead actor and co-producer, Three Headed Beast, explored open relationships, sex, and boundaries and was an official selection at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. I have 8 years of experience working as a photographer (analog and digital) and creative director on various sets, experience that I will take with me as I excitedly step into the directing chair on Affogato.

My production team has a combined 20+ years of experience working in film and other various art spaces.

Our producer, Sarah Corean, has been producing, assistant directing, and directing short narrative films for 10 years, and has had films she's directed play at festivals around the world. Her upcoming short film, Eggs, ran a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2022, reaching its goal of $15k in the first 10 days of its run.

Our AD, Kat Broyles, is also a massively accomplished imulti-disciplinary artist, working as a producer, assistant director, and production designer on a number of shorts and features in the Austin area. With her directorial debut on the short film Moondogs, Kat was notably selected for the Austin Film Festival, NOLA Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival, and won several awards from the Indie Short Fest.

And our DP, Tiger Hill, graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Radio-TV-Film and is well versed as a cinematographer for film, music video, and commercial projects.


Our highly experienced team has the knowledge, creativity, and passionate spirit to bring together all the moving parts needed to make Affogato a reality. We care deeply about this story and want to take the time needed to make it feel honest and real. We have the community here in Austin to bootstrap certain elements of production in a true indie DIY fashion. Now we just need the funds. This is where you come in. Your pledge will help ensure that we can bring together the best crew this town can offer and pay them what they deserve, and give them the rest and comfort they need. You’ll help ensure we have the resources to keep that crew and our cast safe in the face of an ever-changing global pandemic. You can also be sure that the money pledged to this campaign will be seen and heard on screen as we dress, light, shoot, cut, and color a beautiful film.

Seed & Spark requires that we raise at least 80% of our goal in 30 days or we won't receive any funds at all. Your support goes a long way to ensure we get the greenlight and can move forward with production.


Pledging any amount to the campaign is immensely helpful, even if it’s a dollar. Times are tough and we totally understand everyone is coming from a different place. But please rest assured that no pledge is too small. <3

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I’m excited to watch the women-led short film Affogato by writer/director @its.danihurtado. You can support @affogatofilm on Seed & Spark now!


Thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my truth. I can’t express how excited I am that you’ve explored this project with us. Even if you can’t pledge now, we hope you’ll stick around and follow this journey as it unfolds before us. This experience is new to me so believe me when I say I’m scared as HECK. But hey, it’s the things that scare us most that end up propelling us towards growth. This fear is equally met with optimism and joy. I’m thrilled to be pouring my heart into this and having the opportunity to work with my ridiculously talented friends. I hope this film inspires you in some way. Whether it reminds you to keep chasing your dream, to tell your friends you love them, to reflect on the stability in your life, or even to carve out your own opportunities! If you feel called, please feel free to reach out to me anytime about this project or whatever’s on your mind at [email protected]. See you on the campaign trail!


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About This Team

Dani Hurtado (Director, “Fanny”) she/her - Dani is a Bolivian actor who moved to the states at a young age. Dani’s lead role in her debut feature, Three Headed Beast, which she also co-produced, was an official selection at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is nearly wordless and told largely through intimacy, body language and music. Dani currently studies the Meisner technique with Laurel Vouvray at the In The Moment Acting Studio. Dani bounces between Austin and Los Angeles for her acting roles. Dani is thrilled to tie her past work as a photographer and creative director into her work as an actor to bring AFFOGATO to life with her Austin film community. 

Sarah Corean (Producer) she/her - Sarah is a PNW raised, Austin, TX residing artist currently working as a social media video editor at Minecraft. Her heart lies in making films rooted in femininity, childhood, and the ways lonely people enact and defend survival. Films directed by Sarah have played at festivals around the world, and she is preparing to release her latest short, EGGS, later this year. Sarah is also an experienced producer and 1st Assistant Director, having helped bring numerous shorts and features to life with love and care. Sarah is passionate about collaborating on film projects with teams of dedicated artists and good people.


Stevie Marceaux (Executive Producer, “Ash”) she/her - Stevie is a Cajun actor who grew up in a family full of women. Stevie has been training the Meisner technique for 8 years with Laurel Vouvray and spent a few years at the State Paramount Theater. Her love for acting stems from exploring the human experience and to finding truth. Her work includes her supporting role in Velvet Nights dir. By David Carbajal, and her lead role in the indie film "Human Nature" by Danny Geraldo.

Sarah J. Bartholomew (“Sadie”) she/they - Sarah is an actor, dancer/choreographer, and vocalist. She grew up training in a performing & competing dance company in Los Angeles. She earned her BA (Honors) Degree in Professional Dance & Musical Theatre at the Urdang Academy, London. Sarah hosts dance classes & private voice lessons where she guides people to free their voices, connect to their bodies. She was Bafta Nominated for Life is Strange 2 and recently had her Netflix debut in the feature, Look Both Ways.

Kat Broyles (1st Assistant Director) she/her - Kat Broyles is a filmmaker and multi-disciplinary artist currently working in Austin, TX. She received a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin. Her narrative short film “Moondogs”, was notably selected for the Austin Film Festival, NOLA Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival, and won several awards from the Indie Short Fest. She created “Moondogs” to bring awareness to rural Texan abortion seekers and the lack of reproductive rights in Texas. Inspired by growing up in New Mexico, Wyoming, and Texas, her body of work reflects on the strange interconnectedness between the landscapes and human relationships through a nuanced personal and political lens. She works as a producer, assistant director, and production designer. She loves volunteering, painting, and walking her dog Honey in her free time.


Tiger Hill (Director of Photography) he/him - Born in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee and raised in a speed trap town in Texas, Tiger is an Austin based cinematographer versed in narrative, commercial, music video and documentary filmmaking. Through cinematography, Tiger hopes to shed light on voices and stories often ignored.


Current Team