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AIRMEN is a response to the lack of diversity in veteran narratives. It takes on a subject matter that is often marginalized in the entertainment industry: how military members experience their time in service, rather than focus on war or PTSD.

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Mission Statement

AIRMEN increases military representation in identity, race, gender, sexuality, and religion. It includes characters and cast who are African American, LGBT, Filipino, Mormon, and more. Our creator is a Filipina-American and is supported by a diverse crew of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

The Story



AIRMEN is a character driven web series following a group of millennial airmen during peacetime operations. A1C MAGATSRA BATES, AB JAYDEN, and 2D LT ANDERS are stationed at Matlovich AFB in Del Rio, Texas – the Air Force’s premiere pilot training community. Together, the airmen manage their interpersonal relationships, jobs, politics of military culture, all while trying to maintain a sense of self. In 2017, it received an Honorable Mention for the Tim Disney Prize for Excellence in the Storytelling Arts.





“Were you a pilot?” is the most asked question when people find out I was in the Air Force. Only roughly 20% of the Air Force are pilots. Audiences only know what’s shown to them, and Hollywood constantly dishes out biased portrayals about veterans: fighter jets and PTSD anyone? These stories are valid and important, but veteran narratives are begging for more diversity. When our representation in the media is limited to war heroes or trauma victims, it creates a skewed portrait of who service members are.


AIRMEN is the answer to Hollywood’s military problem.


Told through wry vignettes, the series explores the dynamics of queerness, romantic and work relationships, and being a person of color in the Air Force. It emphasizes the unshakeable bonds that veterans make during their time in service.


Additionally, the military is a unique world with specific ways of living – not something an actor can understand by sending them through a few weeks of boot camp. Thus, our lead cast are prior military. This offers an opportunity for them to share their perspectives and creativity.


The characters are active duty military, but I believe the experiences in AIRMEN are universal. At its core it’s about finding your individuality alongside the challenges that come with balancing personal desires and career — an experience we’re all familiar with.


AIRMEN is not only a salute to my fellow service members, but a reaching hand out to those who want to learn more about who we are beyond the uniform. I hope you’ll join us on this journey.




We only have 30 DAYS to reach our goal that will get us the funds we need to make nine episodes of AIRMEN. Your contributions will be distributed as demonstrated by this pie:


NOTE: Post Production is not included in the current goal - it's a stretch goal to reach $56,750! (Post Production costs 1K per episode.)



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At 30% = Xanthe will write and video record her singing a "Thank You" jingle!

At 50% = Livestream hangout / Q&A with Creator and Cast

At 80% = Montage of cast auditions and pitch video bloopers

At 100% = A fun campaign re-cap video of what we've accomplished together!




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Everyone involved with AIRMEN has given their passion into this project with little resources because we believe positive change starts from within. We want to dispel military stereotypes, but ultimately, our message is one of LOVE. We want to bridge the gap between civilians and veterans and show that we're not all so different after all!












Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $1,800

Meals for our cast & crew! Feeds roughly 15-20 people per day on set for 9 episodes


Costs $9,800

Production and rehearsal salaries for our stellar veteran cast for 9 episodes!


Costs $20,850

Salaries for our stellar crew for 9 episodes! Producer, DP, AD, Sound Mixer, Costume Designer, etc!

Lighting Equipment

Costs $2,250

Let there BE LIGHT! LED kits, china balls, soft boxes, etc for 9 episodes!

Grip Equipment

Costs $2,250

Grip equipment! Sand bags, apple boxes, C-stands, etc for 9 episodes!

Costume Rentals

Costs $1,850

Costume rentals for USAF uniforms and off-duty civilian clothing for 9 episodes!

Set Design

Costs $1,400

To bring Matlovich AFB to life! Set dressing and props, etc!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Anti-Glare Glasses

Costs $250

To get rid of those pesky light reflections on A1C Magat's eyeglasses

Restaurant Rental

Costs $800

Funds to shoot at the lunch spot of A1C Magat and SrA Bates!

Children's Library Rental

Costs $1,000

Funds to rent a Children's Library for the episode where A1C Magat mentors a youth!

Recruiting Office Rental

Costs $1,000

Funds to rent a USAF recruiting office in the episode where SrA Bates visits his hometown for RAP!

Clinic Rental

Costs $2,000

Rental for A1C Magat and SrA Bates' workspace. 3 days of shooting!

Bar Rental

Costs $1,000

A space for the Enlisted Club where the airmen unwind

Commissary Rental

Costs $1,000

Commissary deli space where AB Jayden meets a Vietnam vet

Studio Teacher

Costs $500

Child actors require studio teachers when they film!

About This Team


XANTHE PAJARILLO is filmmaker, musician, and Air Force veteran from Germany and Virginia. Raised an Army brat, she was influenced by the culture clash of being raised by Filipino immigrants in America and Europe. She received a BFA in Photo and Media from California Institute of the Arts, and is an intern alumni of SCVTV, HBO, and Will and Jada Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. In 2016 her activism for the McRib caught the attention of McDonald’s, which resulted in a McRib Celebration hosted by Roker Media and Food Network Star’s Justin Warner. Xanthe is passionate to tell stories that expand people’s empathy towards one another. In Fall 2018, she will begin her MFA at USC’s Film and Television Production program.


MIKE FORMANSKI is a filmmaker, musician, artist, and designer that surrounds himself with guitars, old motorcycles, and pizza. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in Film Directing. A New England native, Mike’s interested in creating work that confronts deep seated social and political issues as well as internalized psychological and emotional experience.


was born in July 1994 in Xi'an, China where she received an in-depth education emphasizing disciplinary working and learning ethics. She moved to the United States in 2012 to pursue a BFA degree in Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts. Focusing on cinematography, Riley’s works have been progressing in both scale and creative caliber. Starting at American Film Institute in September 2017, she is ready to move forward to meet more challenges in both filmmaking and in life.



DANIEL KLEEN is a filmmaker and artist from MODEL 05, a full service production company that assists filmmakers and brand managers bring their visions to reality. From early development through post, each aspect of production receives meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the final product meets the high standards of our clients. In the ever evolving landscape that is the entertainment industry, integrating the newest technologies becomes a vital part of staying a current and viable source of production. We are constantly researching these technologies so that we can update our production arsenal to give our clients the best selection of production options.  



DASHIELL DEMETER is a filmmaker who is incredibly good at writing his own bio and this totally isn’t the first time he’s ever written one. Speaking of first times, Airmen is the first web series Dashiell has edited, but don’t let that fool you, he’s edited dozens of short films, commercials and even a feature. Dashiell’s first feature, Fantasy, which he wrote and directed recently took home the Best Narrative Feature award at the 15th Annual Cinekink Film Festival in New York City. Dashiell enjoys editing but is considering being a train conductor when he grows up.



Born and raised in Mumbai, the city of the Hindi Movie industry, RITIKA RAMESH was always enticed by films and television. After finishing her undergrad in Architecture, she moved to LA to pursue production design and explore the various facets of art and design. She uses her architectural background as a backbone to transform ideas and words into meaningful spaces. She enjoys how every story, every script, every scene has such a broad scope to visualize and bringing that vision to reality is what she loves doing the most. 

"Airman 1st Class Mercedes Magat"

Born and raised in Texas, arguably one of the most patriotic states in the U.S., Chloe enlisted after her freshman year of college. Always one to set the bar high, she chose the Marine Corps because she knew their reputation to be the toughest branch of the military. Two weeks after she signed her enlistment papers, she was on her way to bootcamp and quickly became a well-respected Ammunition Technician. After four years of service she decided to change gears and become an actress. She now lives in CA with her daughter and has been featured in several television shows. She’s most proud of her role on FOX’s American Grit where she worked along side 3 fellow Veterans and WWE superstar John Cena to help civilians overcome mental and physical obstacles. She has also appeared on The Real Husbands of Hollywood, a hilarious satire starring Kevin Hart. Chloe credits great teachers and life experiences for her talent and work ethic.


"Senior Airman Bo Bates"

Since the end of Blu Lindsey’s enlistment he has worked hard to be known amongst his peers as a funny, reliable, and positive ball of energy. You can find Blu in the box office film about story of N.W.A “Straight Outta Compton” Directed by F. Gary Gray as Eazy-E’s brother. From stand up at the World Famous Comedy Store to booking the lead role in the sitcom pilot “Tracy and Rhonda,“ some might say he hit the ground running. Blu is a proud United States Navy veteran and loves to give back as seen on his YouTube channel with Blu’s grind and from his own mouth.  He just loves to work.



"Airman Basic Nathan Jayden"

Brandon Elonzae was born in Livonia, Michigan. From a young age, he excelled in the arts. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy selecting to be stationed in San Diego, CA. He served as an information systems specialist and was deployed to Iraq under President Bush’s Individual Augmentee Program from Nov 2007 to Nov 2008. In 2010 after two deployments on the USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) Brandon’s 4 years of service had paid off. With the help of the G.I. bill, he moved to LA and enrolled in the New York Film Academy. Since graduating with a Fine Arts degree, he has acted in multiple award winning shorts and most recently starring as the outlaw Johnny Chryst in Nick DeRuve’s modern day western "The Runaway." 


“Second Leiutenant Ryland Anders”

Jason Barlaan is a proud Marine Veteran who served honorably in both OIF & OEF. He served both as an enlisted Marine and an Officer, and has received recognition in multiple ranks. He carried over those talents into his civilian life and has credits with commercial work for USAA, Navy Federal, and USO. He also has worked background for multiple shows and movies, most notably S.W.A.T. and Ghost in the Shell. He loves his craft and understands the many challenges it presents, but being a Marine has prepared him to endure Hollywood and beyond. Jason loves working on projects with other Veterans!


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