Alien Guy Tim

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Documentary

Scott Simerly

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An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but faces many obstacles along the way. We want to document his journey, but we need your help!

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Mission Statement

Alien Guy Tim is an outcast, a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens and to have an alien girlfriend. Tim's mental health and stability remain the focus of this film. We want those who are considered outcasts in society to know they're not alone.

The Story

Are We Alone?

We've all looked up into the night sky and wondered what else is out there, but it rarely goes deeper than that. Alien Guy Tim has made it his life's mission to answer this question.


Along his journey, Tim claims he has been abducted several times and even has an alien girlfriend named Sindervus 9. He wants to share with the world his experiences with aliens and prove that aliens just want to be our friends. We had to make a documentary about such a fascinating character.


Is Alien Guy Tim a delusional, troubled person or an enlightened human being who has a vast array of universe to show us? Hop on the spaceship and find out as we blast off into making the short film, "Alien Guy Tim!"


"The truth is out there." -Fox Mulder, X Files


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Stretch Goals

Our $7,000 goal is the minimum needed to make Alien Guy Tim at the high quality we wish to achieve and to be able to reasonably pay our cast and crew for their time and effort. 

-If we raise $8,000, we'll be able to have extra funds to submit to the film festivals we are targeting. Festival submission costs add up quickly so we can use the extra support.

-If we raise $10,000, we'll have the opportunity to pay our cast and crew industry standard rates. Our friends have all given us generous deals to work on this project but we'd love to reward them if we're able to raise more than our goal.

-If we raise $1,000,000, Alien Guy Tim will bring you along to meet his girlfriend, Sindervus 9, and help you access your pleasure centers.


Thank you!


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This film would not be possible without our incredible cast!


Costs $2,000

The real heros behind making this film. We want to pay them for their hard work!


Costs $1,000

While we're not shooting in space (yet) we have to cover all our bases!


Costs $1,000

We want to pay our friends for helping us finish this film!


Costs $2,000

We want to use the highest quality gear to make our film as good as it can be!

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $500

We want the world to see Alien Guy Tim!

About This Team

Patrick McElroy | Writer/Producer/Lead Actor
Scott Simerly Jr. | Director/Producer/Editor
Tyler Heckerman | Director of Photography

Brian Crimmins | Composer

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