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All American Kids gives children a multicultural understanding of what it means to be American by providing an inside glimpse into the lives of kids across the U.S. While watching the series, children step out of their own neighborhoods and learn what life is like in other communities.

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Mission Statement

It is important that young people see themselves reflected in the media they consume. Our kid hosts represent a diversity of cultures, races, religions, gender identities and come from families of all shapes and sizes. The show teaches kids to identify, understand and respect differences.

The Story



Ariel Poster grew up in Brooklyn, NY until the age of five when her family moved to a dirt road in the woods of Vermont. Even as a five year old she was struck by how different life in a homogeneous, mostly white, rural town, was from life in a big city bursting with people from around the world. All of a sudden being a Jewish girl who ate lox on her bagels and lit Shabbat candles on Friday nights made her different and weird.


All American Kids is a show Ariel would have wanted to exist when she was a child. She’s making this show to help expose kids to each other’s lives in a way that teaches them to celebrate and appreciate differences. America is a country of great geographic and cultural diversity, but kids don’t always have the opportunity to step out of their own neighborhoods and learn what life is like for other American children. Through this series young audiences will have the chance to do just that!

WHY NOW: The show approaches topical themes from a kid’s perspective. In the first four episodes we will meet a kid from an indigenous American community, a child who came to this country with their family as a refugee, a child who identifies as transgender, and a Latino child. These aspects of their identities tell only part of the story. We will also learn about what they like to do for fun, what makes them unique, and their hopes and dreams for the future. In an age when we are constantly bombarded with divisive messages, it is important to create children’s shows that teach love and understanding.  



We began this project by talking directly to our audience– kids! We visited classrooms and after school programs to ask kids what they like to do for fun, how they would describe their neighborhood, where in the USA they've visted, and what they would like to know about kids whose lives are different from their own. We then filmed kids in Vermont and New York City to test out our ideas for the show and film a teaser.


Melina dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer when she grows up. We arranged for her to meet and interview Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale. Ami sat down with Melina to show her some of the stunning photos she's taken on her travels to more than 90 countries. And Melina showed Ami the beautiful photos she's taken in her Lower East Side neighborhood.


We filmed Zinabu and Senait feeding the chickens and collecting and packaging eggs with their dad on their small family farm in Vermont.


We filmed a scene in Brooklyn with Jasmine and her family cooking the Jamaican breakfast of saltfish, ackee, and dumplings.


We filmed Avah helping her mom and grandma collect fruits and vegetables for their family's farmstand in Vermont. 


SYNOPSIS: Each episode immerses the audience (ages 6 to 10) in a new neighborhood where they are greeted by a local kid host. Throughout the season the hosts reappear in each other's episodes to ask questions. This creates a video pen pal dialogue between kids that mirrors the questions of the viewers at home. Beyond this cross-cultural exchange with their peers, the hosts also meet and interview an adult who has their dream job. This unique experience makes the hosts’ dreams more attainable and exposes the audience to a range of careers they may never have considered. The show combines documentary footage with colorful motion graphics and animation. The animation will include a segment where the host's original artwork comes alive.


EDUCATIONAL GOALS: The show’s target audience is 6 to 10 year olds. This age group is curious about the world around them and needs quality educational content to help them grow into caring and respectful adults. The show teaches cross-cultural understanding, dispels stereotypes based in fear and lack of understanding, and encourages kids to respect differences and accept themselves for who they are.



We've started showing small groups of kids our test scenes to get their feedback and help shape the four episodes we're filming this summer.



This is a labor of love and we are not making a profit on this crowdfunding campaign. We are raising this seed money to ensure that we can pay our crew a fair wage and cover some of the production costs. We are starting with these four episodes to fully develop the idea. We plan on making many more episodes with kids across the country. The audience we build here will help prove that kids, parents, and educators want to see this show made. Thank you for supporting All American Kids!


And a BIG THANK YOU to the kids featured in this crowdfunding video (in order of appearance): Melina, Senait, Zinabu, Jasmine, Leilani, Avah, Owen, David, Gia, and Dashawn. And thank you to their parents for letting them be a part of this project!


A special thank you to National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale for being so generous with your time and sitting down to talk to Melina about her dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. Meeting and filming with you was a magical day for all of us. 


We licensed the song in this crowdfunding video, Rollin', from the singer Arlene Gould




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Travel, lodging, and food for our core team for the first four episodes on location.

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To keep our crew and equipment safe and sound.

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About This Team

Cloud Animal Media is a new venture started by Ariel Poster and Marissa Sher to create educational content for growing imaginations. Rebecca Israel joined the team soon after bringing her passions for educational programming and documentary filmmaking.


ARIEL POSTER is the lead graphic artist on Sesame Street. She graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College with a B.A. in American Studies. Ariel began her film career working on social issue documentary films such as Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai and Election Day. For the past five years she has worked as an IATSE graphic artist on productions including: Boardwalk Empire, A Most Violent Year, Going In Style, The Knick, Power, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Ariel is a co-founder of Cloud Animal Media, a children’s media company that promotes cross-cultural learning.


MARISSA SHER is a writer, director, and designer. She writes and directs short films and animations, set designs for indie projects, and works as lead graphic artist for major films including the award-winning film Joy. She is the lead graphic artist for Saturday Night Live’s Film Unit. Marissa co-founded Cloud Animal Media with the goal of creating playful, engaging shows that get kids excited about art, technology, and cross cultural connectivity.


REBECCA ISRAEL is a director, cinematographer, and editor specializing in documentary film. She works on projects for HBO, PBS, Sundance Channel, Comedy Central, and NBC. She is passionate about exploring various models of education around the world and completed Maleku: Land of Our Children,  a short documentary about indigenous education in Costa Rica.  Rebecca recently spent seven months in Uganda making films for several organizations including filming Hidden Lives of Gays in Uganda, a short documentary for MSNBC.


KADAJA BROWN recently graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University where she majored in Theatre Arts and minored in Economics and Environmental Science. She is interested in creating more content for people of color and women through storytelling. She has worked as a talent managing assistant for Roth & Associates Inc., Columbia University Film Productions and directed for the Columbia University Black Theatre Ensemble.


DANIELLA PHILIPSON recently graduated from Barnard College where she majored in English and Jewish Studies. She is interested in empowering women and girls through comedy and storytelling. Daniella has worked at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, AMC Networks, and the Athena Center for Leadership Studies.


AMELIA AHN was born in Atlanta, GA and is now studying film at Fordham University Lincoln Center. She has worked as a production assistant on Crick in the Holler, a Columbia MFA Thesis Film and is now working on All American Kids, a non-fiction children's web series.


Cloud Animal Media Origin Story:

After wrapping on her first season of Sesame Street Ariel was telling Marissa how incredible it feels working on a show that not only entertains but also makes an immensely positive impact on children’s lives. Ariel said, “I love working on Sesame Street because I get to work on something that really matters! Wouldn’t it be great if we could work on kids shows together?” To which Marissa replied, “Why don’t we make our own!” and Cloud Animal Media was born.

Current Team