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"Allegiance"...what would you personally risk for freedom and democracy?

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Mission Statement

As a production we are committed to telling diverse stories in front & behind the camera. We have a female director at the helm & a team that includes people of all ages, from various nationalities and backgrounds; coming together to tell a universal story and proudly achieving 50X50 representation.

The Story


Allegiance places us at the intersection where personal lives and professional commitments collide.


Eric, a dedicated journalist, is assigned to cover a dangerous political riot, following a near-deadly neo-Nazi terrorist attack at his newspaper office. But when he tells Jane, his wife, she urges him not to risk his life by heading into a situation that is volatile and dangerous.


Eric’s choice isn’t an easy one: Stand up for his principles and push back against attacks on the First Amendment, or stay safe at home out of loyalty to his wife and son? But Jane, a filmmaker whose documentaries focus on freedom fighters, must also make a choice when her ideals are pitted against real life violence that is very close to home.


This film doesn’t give the right answers; it merely asks the right questions, and leaves you to ponder:  If it were you, what choice would you make?



The original draft of Allegiance centered on a neo-Nazi terrorist group bombing CNN.  We later changed CNN to a fictional Los Angeles newspaper, but we were stunned and chilled when we learned of the actual bomb found at CNN headquarters in October 2018.... What had originally seemed an interesting scenario had become a reality. 



Allegiance is an important film because it shows us where we are and, perhaps, where we are headed, especially as we become more polarized and stray further from our founding fathers' vision.  It forces us to ask ourselves some tough questions about what we would personally risk for freedom and democracy.



I’ve always admired people who risk their lives to stand up for their beliefs, but like many people living in the United States, have never been in a situation where I needed to do so.


During the terrorist attacks on France, I saw on the news that a group of people had gathered with signs that said “NOT AFRAID.” I was moved by this and found myself wondering, if I were there, would I join them? Or would I stay home and stay safe?



As I pondered the question, the idea for Allegiance came to me: Our ideals represented by Eric’s commitment to truth, and our personal interests represented by Jane’s concern for her family. 



We have an amazing team of actors and filmmakers who are donating their time, talent and resources to this project because they believe in its message. Many of us have worked together on various other projects, creating quality pieces with little money. But Allegiance is bigger in scope, with a bigger cast, a bigger crew, more locations, and as a result... a bigger budget.


Anything you can contribute toward the realization of the film will be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!


- Mandy Brown, Director



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Cash Pledge

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Camera and Lighting

Costs $2,200

Quality camera and lighting gear are needed to make our film look cinematic and professional.

Production Design

Costs $1,200

Makeup, set dec and props are crucial to create realistic riot scenes, news footage, and a car bomb.


Costs $600

In order for the audience to hear what's going on, we need great, clear sound!


Costs $200

All our locations have been donated, but we need to pay attendants for keeping the doors open.


Costs $2,000

We need insurance to keep cast, crew, equipment and locations safe. Required by SAG & rental houses.

Craft Services

Costs $1,300

Delicious, nutritious meals and snacks will keep our hard-working crew nourished and energized.

Festival Submissions

Costs $500

Every festival that we submit to charges a submission fee... And there are a lot of festivals!

About This Team

Director, EP and lead actress MANDY BROWN is thrilled to be working with a team of talented filmmakers who share her high hopes and passion for “Allegiance.”


Originally from Texas, Mandy lives in Los Angeles with her husband Jim her baby boy Wynn (who will be making his acting debut in “Allegiance”). She is a graduate of the renowned Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio for acting, holds degrees from Penn State in both Film/Video Production and Theatre Arts, and has studied with Diana Castle at The Imagined Life. Acting credits include Longmire, Exeter (Sundance’s scripted podcast with Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ray McKinnon), and the leading role in the indie feature Leaving Limbo. She has directed short films that have premiered at Sedona International Film Festival and LA Shorts Fest.

Mandy has always had an inexplicable interest in Nazi Germany, and is currently finalizing her feature screenplay about resistance fighters who gave their lives to speak out against Hitler.


TONY MOTZENBACKER, Writer and EP, came aboard when Mandy asked him if he would be interested in writing the script.  Mandy and Tony, who met while acting in Romeo and Juliet, have worked together on several films and are looking forward to continued collaboration on "Allegiance."  Tony has published short stories in Chariton Review, The Los Angeles Review and Delmarva Review.  His stage play RAY-KA-PAY was produced in LA and received Dramalogue and LA Weekly awards for best playwriting.  Written with Ron Fanning, their screenplay Nuclear Sirloin was a finalist at the Austin Film Festival.


CLARA BENICE, Assistant Director and EP.  She is a multi-platform Writer/Producer/Director with a background in film and video production, on-air marketing promotion, and public relations. For over fifteen years, Clara has worked as an Independent Filmmaker and Television Writer/Producer. She has worked with many television networks, in-house marketing and communications departments, government, and non-profit organizations. 
Her television credits include on-air promos and campaigns for award winning top rated shows such as: Baby Week, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Deliver Me, Strange Sex and Mystery Diagnosis - just to name a few. She’s worked as a Producer on several short and featured films including Hooray for Mister Touchdown and Ripped. Her very first short documentary Under the Buibui, shot in Kenya, is available at the Penn State University library and has been used by professors in Women Studies and African Studies as part of their curriculum.


SHELLY RO, EP, actress and producer originally from Tijuana Mexico; currently living in Los Angeles. Graduated from Joanne Baron D.W Brown Studio in 2017, holds a B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She has produced several films recognized in the festival circuit striving to expand the platform for diversity and inclusion in the industry. Acting credits include Runn, Slap Worthy (Best Actress Award from the San Diego Film Festival), and recently as the lead of the film White Ink, among others. She was recognized as one of San Diego Magazines "50 People to Watch" for her work.   


JIM WESTRICK, Editor, has worked with Mandy numerous times because... he's married to her.  The two met while getting their degrees in Film/Video Production from Penn State.  Jim also holds an MFA in Film Directing from Chapman University.  He has worked at Panavision Hollywood as the lead prep tech, is an AVID certified editor, and works for 44 Blue Productions as an online editor. 


Director of Photography DAIN FUENTES has an MFA in Cinematography from Chapman University, and credits include The Boys and Ten Minutes (with Jim, Tony and Mandy), as well as numerous indie/short films, branded content, music videos, and more.


We are proud to tell you that, in addition to have a female director at the helm, our production is full of diversity in terms of race, nationality, sex and age. Our cast and crew ranges from babies to senior citizens, includes people from USA, Mexico, Haiti, England, Africa and Japan, as well as of Caucasian, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, African-American, Hispanic and Asian descent. To have such an array of artists coming together to tell a story about the price of freedom is a testament to how universal the message of “Allegiance” truly is.

Current Team