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Alpha Female Films is a collective of Queer Intersectional and Interracial Content Creators. We bring visibility to those oppressed due to race, sexuality and politics. Our goal is to unify diverse communities through storytelling while desegregating bias and stereotypes.

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Mission Statement

Pop culture portrayals of women and those of the LGBTQ community can obscure the real-life tragic and heartfelt experiences that millions of us face today. Our short films are real stories written by people from these marginalized communities, centered in societal homophobia, racism and sexism.

The Story

 Our Story

With your help, we're bringing you not one, but two short films, with LGBTQ actresses of diverse ethnicities into the spotlight. You're also helping fund the development phase of our inaugural feature-length film.

After working in the film industry for 7+ years, we've grown tired of seeing the misrepresentation and the underrepresentation of women of color and the LGBTQ community (haven't you?). Pop culture portrayals of women and those of the LBGTQ community can obscure the actual, real-life tragic and heartfelt experiences that millions of us face today. For far too long the male gaze has been depicting women and the world from a masculine, heterosexual perspective that represents us women as sexual objects. It's time for a change. We will bring visibility to those oppressed due to race, sexuality and politics. 

With your help, With your stories, With your pain, With your truth, and With your passion for change --

Join us and Make history with us.


We are bringing you the first all-inclusive Queer Interracial Intersectional-Feminist Film Production Company in history.


 The Content

Love in the Shadows  (Short Film)
Love in the Shadows dives into three defining chapters of a young black girl struggling to find her truth. The loss of her older brother leaves her alone to endure the abuse of an over zealous mother that will never accept her. She must hide who she is and who she loves while deciding between life and death. 


Butch Queen  (Short Film)
A teen-aged interracial lesbian couple attends a Drag Show and are tested by their Podunk town, its hillbilly cops and their clashing family involvement.

Our Darkest Hours  (Feature Film) 
After volunteering to go undercover, Officer Brown's life spirals out of control when she falls in love with an inmate. 


Our Mission

The film industry, like hundreds of others, is a tough industry to level-up in without investors. Many films that you see today are written and directed by a majority of people who have managed to stay within an inner-circle of wealth and therefore, do not relate to the stories of marginalized people. Many films with diverse content are not green-lit due to these producer's inability to connect with the material - thus - the establishment of upper-class heteronormativity and white patriarchy prevails in content distribution and creation.


It is our job to force the voices of the misrepresented and underrepresented to be heard. Without high-interest investors, we need your support; and not just on the financial level. We need you to invest your hope in us, so that we can one day tell your story, and bring up other filmmakers who understand you with us. We can't be alone in wanting change - we just have the unique capabilities and skillsets to use our craft to send a message. 

Change starts with you.


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Production Costs

Costs $25,000

- Crew and Actor Pay - Actor's Flight and Lodging - Production Equipment - Production Insurance

Post-Production Costs

Costs $5,000

- Editing and Film Capture - Professional Colorist - Sound Mixing and Design

Feature Development Fees

Costs $2,000

- In-State Travel for Content Promotion - Advanced Research Meetings with Executives

Marketing Tools

Costs $3,000

- Poster & Website Design - Promotional Photography & Online Advertising - Festival Admission Fees

About This Team

 Who Are We?


Angele Cooper 

Writer and Director for 'Love in the Shadows' and 'Our Darkest Hours'


At 27, Angele Cooper is the only African American female union electrician working within IATSE’s New York Local 52 and Texas Local 484. As a union electrician, she has played many roles from Gaffer to Best Boy working on festival favorites, TV shows and feature films. Her road to film and television is rooted in a love she developed for film and writing while attending the University of Texas at Austin, while on a full athletic scholarship. Angele is a Co-Founder of Alpha Female Films, and currently being mentored by producers and directors of the Black TV & Film Collective and New York's  Writers Guild of America chapter. She additionally starred in Season 4 of the hit A&E series, '60 Days In'. Her inaugural feature is based off her experience while on the show.


Allie Lane

Writer and Director for 'Butch Queen'



Allie Lane is a New York-Based Production Designer, Art Director and Creative Director within the Television and Film Industry. An intersectional feminist and auteur, Lane interprets her political views into art to disseminate into the creative community through film and installation art. Lane opened the pop-up art gallery Milk + Cereal in Austin Texas, showcasing female-driven LGBT inclusive visual art, dance performance and film works during the Spring of 2016. Her most recent directing works include music videos, 'Drive Your Car' for L.A. Witch (2017) and 'Leather Daddy' for Sailor Poon (AFF's 'Best Austin Music Video' Winner, 2016) as well as the short film, Baby and the Big Tent (2015). Lane is a Co-Founder of Alpha Female Films, and an active member of New York's Women in Film and Television chapter.


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