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Grace (Nina Brissey), a waitress at a local diner, has been enabling her father, Ed's (Robert Craighead), drinking for years and recently it has gotten much worse. When Ed's fate seems hopeless and Grace is barely holding her life together by a thread, the two must face the reality of their lives.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to have 60% or more female crew. We have a female writer/director/protagonist. We will also be looking to hire a diverse crew regardless of class, race, sexuality, religion and age. We also want to shed light on one of the most acceptable drugs, alcohol, and what it does to a family.

The Story


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Amazing Grace was born out of a desire to do work that confronts the ugly and gritty side of life that many of us are all too familiar with. Nina, came to Robert with an idea about a father daughter relationship. Nina and Robert have worked together on numerous projects and have a bond, dynamic and chemistry that is palpable. The two started talking about alcoholism and the way that alcohol has affected their lives. The stories of friends, family members and loved ones just starting flowing out. We knew this was the story that we wanted to tell.  A story about human flaws, addiction and love.  



This is Nina's first screenplay and that being said, she decided that is was a good idea to collaborate with a well seasoned writer.  That is where Steve (Stephen) Mazur comes into play. Steve wrote Liar Liar and The Little Rascals. He also has a new film coming out this year called The Philosophy of Phil, directed by and starring Greg Kinnear. Nina and Steve collaborated and created a beautiful script with dynamic and complicated lives at the center. 



Grace, who is her father's only hope, has been living this life far too long. Ed, a divorced alcoholic, is starting to unravel. This slice of life story takes you on a whirlwind 3 day look into the lives of two broken people that are simply trying to cope with everyday life. 


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Costs $1,500

We are hiring an amazing cinematographer for our film.

Red Camera Rental

Costs $1,500

This camera is necessary to capture the essence of the film.

Sound Engineer

Costs $600

Quality sound and a team thats worked together is imperative for this project.

Craft Services

Costs $400

Gotta eat!

Make-up and Costume Crew

Costs $400

We need everything to look realistic and consistent.

Key grip and lighting equipment

Costs $600

Can't film in the dark.

Festival Submissions

Costs $700

We plan on entering this film into prestigious festivals all over the world.

Sound Mixer

Costs $600

We want to make sure that we have the money to have a high-quality sound mix.

Production Assistant

Costs $300

Someone to help out with all the anticipated and unanticipated things that happen on set.

Set dresser

Costs $400

Someone to design set and maintain continuity.

Data Manager

Costs $400

Script supervisor/Data Manager


Costs $600

Post-production color correction

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Robert Craighead (click to view IMDB page)

Robert Craighead is entering his 3rd season as a series regular on Tyler Perry's Hit drama "Too Close To Home" for TLC. His character Sheriff Mobley is known for his lackadaisical way of handling law enforcement in his small town of Happy Alabama.

Coming this Fall on Hulu be sure to catch Robert in a major recurring role as Detective Vincent Skarsgaard in the hilarious new comedy series  "Future Man"

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg produce this Sci-Fi comedy written by the same team that brought you "Sausage Party" "The Neighbors" "This is the End" and many other great films. Of course you will continue to see him in his 3rd Year as Sgt Clarke and the final season of the long running hit comedy for Fox "New Girl" starring Zooey Deschanel. 

Robert Craighead has been respected as one of the most versatile character actors in Hollywood for over 30 years, with roles in over 40 feature films and hundreds of television appearances. He claims to have been killed off of every crime drama on television and loved every minute of it. He is a native Texan and an alumni of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. There are also two feature films that will premiere later this year that he is very proud to be a part "The Tiger Hunter" opposite Kevin Pollack and a new western "Painted Woman" where he plays the most despicable character he's ever had the pleasure to play. He is very excited to work on this wonderful new project. It is a story that will resonate with all who see it.


Nina Brissey (click to view IMDB page)

Nina is a Los Angeles based actor, writer and producer. Nina is thrilled be acting in, producing and co-directing her first dramatic narrative short. Her goal is to do TV and Film that promotes awareness. This film in particular offers insight into the struggle of alcoholism, the affect on those around the alcoholic and the affects on the alcoholic as well. Nina recently worked opposite Larry Hankin in his new short film, Emmett in Peopleland.  Written and produced by Larry, the film also stars comedy gurus Howard Hesseman and Fred Willard and premiered at Cannes this past May.

She was also recently cast in The Wrong Mother and The Wrong Crush that aired on the Lifetime Movie Network in the Spring.  Nina is currently producing a web-series that stars a rescue German Shepherd, called Bruce the Dog.


Steve Mazur (click to view IMDB page)

Steve Mazur has been a screenwriter for over twenty-five years.  Among his credits are co-writing “Liar, Liar” and “The Little Rascals,” and, most recently, writing “The Philosophy of Phil,” directed by Greg Kinnear. Steve wrote the book for “Sneaky Ol’ Time,” a musical featuring the songs of Paul Overstreet that debuted at the Ruskin Group Theatre in 2015.  Steve also teaches writing and improv comedy, and is on the faculty at AFI and UCLA.

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