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We are here to tell stories to remind people about how they all can overcome their life's hardships and to learn to be more grateful for what we already have in life. And AMONG US is one of those stories! :)

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Mission Statement

This is a universal story for anyone who is currently struggling in their lives. In this case, it tells a story of a young pianist who goes deaf! How will she overcome it? This story will show you.

The Story

We are here to tell impactful meaningful stories, and passionate making them into the best quality of visual entertainment. 

All the shorts we create are intended to be told one day as a feature-length format. 

And AMONG US will be the third in its kind edition in our canon.

What is AMONG US about?



Anna, a young pianist, is fighting for her future and passion as musician as she is going deaf. 


The plot:

Anna is an extemly talented piano player, and even as she is going deaf, her skills are matching her peers. 

But the administration of her School Academy wants her out, as Anna is not meeting their standards anymore. 

She and her grandmother are doing everything in their power now to overcome this hurdle. But the biggest struggle is not the Academy, but it is Anna's obsession and perfectionism of playing the piano. A failure is thus NOT an option for her. 


Pitch: Whiplash meets Unbreakable


What happens once we finalized it?


- It will be submitted to festivals worldwide. The same treatment our two previous Short Films have gotten. 

- It will be used as a pitch for a feature length or TV-Show version. 

- In the end we would put it in public for everyone to see after a 1-2 year festival run. 





PURE short film (2018)


Helen, a call center worker who struggles with alopecia is learning to accept herself with the help of a young girl with cancer.




Facebook page:


Success story:

PURE has already been selected in over a dozen of festivals and has won numerous Awards already!!




Next up: REWIND, was filmed last fall of 2018 and is soon to be done in post-production!



Sheila is grieving over her daughter's deah, who died in combat, through the help of futurisitc technology. 



Pixar meets Black Mirror. 


Facebook Page:









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Craft Services and Catering

Costs $2,000

Our crew and cast will work 12 hours everyday non-stop. And thus needs to be fed properly.


Costs $2,000

Every production needs good insurance coverage for the worst case scenarios.

Location rental

Costs $1,000

Location is key for any success in the making of a film.

Crew and Cast Payment

Costs $10

If we exceed our campaign goal, then any extra money will go straight to the production team!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


1. Stephan Eigenmann is an award-winning filmmaker from Switzerland and is an indie director and producer. 

He is the Director of AMONG US.



2. Kat Bugarin is a multi-talented award-winning filmmaker from Colorado and an up and coming actress.

She will be playing the lead role Anna in AMONG US.



3. Patrick Dingman is a professional award-winning Cinematographer from Colorado and has worked on countless commercials, music videos, short films, and features.  

He is the Director of Photography of AMONG US. 



4. Alexander Rhodes-Wilmere is a professional producer and has worked on countless short films, commercials, music videos, and feature films. 

He has won for his work countless awards. 

IMDB page:

He is the project manager of AMONG US. 



Current Team