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Fatima Hye

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Help us create a psychological horror feature: two lonely girls form a strong attachment and begin pushing one another into dangerous behaviors, including disordered eating.

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Mission Statement

Coming from diverse backgrounds (the Filmmaker being a Bangladeshi-American Muslima who veils, and the Artist being a non-binary creative) gives us a chance to tell a common story in a unique way.

The Story

Help us tell a familiar story, but with a twist: the psychological body horror of a toxic relationship based on two girls pushing each other into destructive behaviors, including disordered eating practices.


What's amazing about our story is that a few different women in this industry, coming from completely different backgrounds, strongly resonated with this topic, some even writing scripts referencing eating disorders in one form or another, completely unbeknownst to the others, ON THEIR OWN! (So I'm guessing there's a lot more of this out there.)

As for our particular stories:


My name's Fatima and I'm a Bangladeshi-American Muslim woman who veils (I grew up in Texas). As a Filmmaker who usually does artsy/edgy stuff, I watch so many horror films, that it's sort of hard to scare me anymore. But I remember my sister noticing a list I had on my fridge and she off-handedly mentioned how it reminded her of some of these groups out there that encourage anorexia. I had never heard of such a thing before. The idea actually scared me! That night, lying in bed, I was disturbed by an image I had of 2 girls lying together, emaciated, and rejoicing in their own destruction. Since I am also fascinated by folie a deaux stories in general, I combined the ideas to write the script for Ana and Mia. [Although I thankfully have never officially had an eating disorder, I do understand the frustration of trying to maintain a certain image of myself, and to be obsessively restrictive at times in my life.]


I met Natalie, a young Filmmaker, at a film festival (my first, actually). She had a really cool film there called "Beast" (a dark horror short that reminded me of Alice in Wonderland), and we hit it off well. She attended my screening for "Animalium" (a horror-tinged philosophical road trip movie that discussed the nature of morality) and asked a lot of questions. Later, I shared with her my script for Ana and Mia, and she read it in a day! She reacted very strongly to it, helping me develop it for several months, until she had to move from LA to Boston for film school.


Kerianne is a female Cinematographer who stands out in a sea of men doing the technical work of production - even after she became pregnant, she would work long hours on set. I met her at a filmmaking event and we immediately hit it off. It turns out she had written a surrealistic script related to bulimia (titled "Wretch"). We marveled at the serendipity of us BOTH writing about a similar topic, as well as how our styles gelled with one another. We thought how cool it would be for her as a girl DP to shoot this script, as it deals with female bodies.


Theodora is a non-binary Artist who's been studying various parts of the production process. We've been friends for years (she used to live in Houston, and I stayed with her when I went to Austin Film Festival), and recently met up just to shoot the breeze. Again, it was TOTALLY unexpected when they casually mentioned they had written an award-winning short script related to anorexia (called "Miss A"). Although we hadn't even planned to talk business, we were both excited to have a chance to work together on this project. [Theo shared that they did have experience with both anorexia and bulimia, culminating in a "full blown" eating disorder many years, ago, but thankfully, they're in recovery.]


I'm sure everyone has their own stories, and by now, it's accepted that body image is a pervasive issue for all of us in our time, affecting everyone, both male and female, of every race and demographic, as our society continues to obsess over physical appearance, despite some awareness of the topic and pushes towards body positivity and acceptance. Sometimes the struggles are subtle, and sometimes they're extreme...

As this is a serious and sensitive topic, we wanted to be up front in our approach. Ana and Mia is a psychological body horror/fantasy film that deals with two lonely teenagers who form an intense bond, and represent the disturbing idea that there are people out there that may actually ENCOURAGE us to engage in destructive behaviors. To be clear, we are using an artistic angle and highly stylized sensibility, so we do not plan to make a run-of-the-mill "after school special" type drama with solid answers (many already out there with varying levels of authenticity), nor do a documentary style film that discusses the realities and subtleties of these disorders (many excellent examples already done). We do plan to include warnings and resources in the titles, though.

Instead, Ana and Mia combines a range of topics, including: adolescence, isolation, alienation, co-dependency, and delusion. Although NOT meant to be a PSA, it IS intended to horrify, disturb, and discourage this dark path.


I've already written the script, put together a basic budget, and begun the casting process. We had an AMAZING response, with over 1500 applicants! Many actresses have mentioned they had personal experience with these issues which may explain why it resonated with so many people as a project they wanted to be a part of.

Once we raise the funds (while simultaneously finalizing casting decisions), we plan to do a thorough pre-production phase (script polish, art design, crewing, logistical planning, etc.) before we begin the shoot. We're pros at working on "covid sets", having had to deal with the realities of the slowly receding pandemic. To that end, we'll continue to follow current CDC and local precautions related to masking, distancing, and hygeine.


[I literally drive around with this sticker on the back of my car.]

As film people in Texas, our roots go deep. All my previous films were shot and cast locally, and I'm well-connected in Houston, and somewhat all over Texas. I've worked with the Houston Film Commission, shot in historical locations like the City of Alvin, been supported by organizations such as SWAMP (Southwest Alternative Media Project) and WIFT-H (Women in Film and Television-Houston), was able to utilize resources at Houston Community College's Filmmaking Program, screened at Alamo Drafthouse, and gotten funding from the Austin Film Society.


We hope that whether you support female filmmakers, are a horror fan, are intrigued by psychological and physiological topics, champion artistic innovation, or simply value local industry, you'll be an enthusiastic ally in our campaign. Here's what you can do:

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Thanks for reading. We're hopeful that a lot of us pushing together, we can pull this off!


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Costs $3,000

Obviously, we want an awesome cast to bring the story to life!


Costs $5,000

Paying a decent rate for a professional crew on a 5 day shoot adds up!


Costs $4,000

Locations, Locations, Locations!


Costs $500

Food = fuel to keep our cast and crew working hard!


Costs $400

Need some funds to pull off the artistic vision!


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Need a small amount to fill in everyday set dressings, etc.

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About This Team

Fatima Hye (Writer, Director, Producer) is a Bangladeshi-American Muslim female filmmaker who grew up in Houston, TX. She got her BA and MA from the University of Houston, majoring in Philosophy, minoring in Psychology and Media Production. She is a college Instructor for Philosophy, Humanities, and Film as well as a Screener for Houston Cinema Arts Society's Cinespace and a Programmer for Ashland Independent Film Festival.

Her films tend to be artsy/philosophical, but with a darker or edgier style/atmosphere. Her featurette "Animalium" went to the Victoria, TX Independent Film Festival (now on Tubi) and her psychological horror feature "Abortifacient" was picked up for distribution by Summer Hill Entertainment (to be re-released this year). Recently, her experimental short "Count the Ways" premiered at the Lost River Film Festival, and she wrapped shooting for an art horror anthology called "Cryptic Triptych" (now in post), which was awarded a Feature Film Production Grant from Austin Film Society.

On a personal level: I have a lot of ideas, but I follow through with them. (I can't stand flakes, personally.) I am EXTREMELY driven, and there is no project that I have embarked upon that I haven't completed, pretty much on time and on budget (barring unexpected things like covid). As a workaholic, filmmaking is my life, and I can guarantee (Godwilling) if we start this, it WILL happen!  

Theodora Georgescu (Associate Producer) is a graduate of Austin Community College's Radio, Film, and Television Program. They are an Artist as well as a Screenwriter, including a Slamdance-winning short. They have worked in the industry in various capacities, including as a Director's Assistant and Script Supervisor. Most recently, they worked as a Production Assistant on Christian Rousseau's "No Loss, No Gain".

On a personal note (from Fatima): Theo is such a generous and kind soul. They're talented, but you may not realize it because they're so quiet and sweet, but know how to be serious and get things done.

Preston Fassel (Associate Producer) is an award winning horror/sci-fi/crime writer, journalist, and magazine editor, associating with the likes of Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Dread Central, and Daily Grindhouse. He also worked with Dallas Sonnier at his (now defunct) production company. His novel "Our Lady of the Inferno" was named one of the 10 Best horror books of 2018 by Bloody Disgusting. 

What's crazy is that he had read the script for Ana and Mia a few years back at Cinestate and really liked it! So when he found out we were ACTUALLY doing this, he jumped on board to help. Very excited to get to work with him. :)


We got hundreds of actresses from across the country (as well as a few from overseas), of all different backgrounds (and shapes) who responded strongly to this project, many even sharing their own personal experiences with this topic.

But, as a smaller independent film, we had to give preference to local (Texas) talent. As for our leads, these two young girls may look like dolls, but they have each already taken on an impressive array of darker and grittier roles.

Lexi Graves as Ana: Lexi is probably familiar to those in our local industry. She’s acted in many things already, like “The Sawyer Massacre”, Molly Vernon’s “Men in Cars”, and recently got cast as the lead in “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”. She also shared with me that she is personally into horror films. She’s one to watch!

Logan Laurel as Mia: Logan has already been in a lead in a several smaller productions (including feature-length) already - some are still set to be released - as well as a support (especially when she was younger) for features and shorts, including “Girl in the Cellar” (with Eric Roberts!). Many of her roles included horror. She was also handpicked by Lana Del Rey for one of her music videos! Her family recently moved to Texas, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing her in a LOT more things!

Zach McCardell as Father Ryan

Julie Fontenot as Ana's Mother

Becki Hayes as Mia's Mother

Maclaine Lowery as Nun

Brendan Bean as Clerk

Destiny Autrey as Older Girl

Current Team