And Along Came Lily

New York City, New York | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Mia Rose Kavensky

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And Along Came Lily follows Lily, a sexually inhibited midwesterner, who is forced to face her fears surrounding the clitoral and g-spot orgasm.

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Mission Statement

About 75% of women and people with vulvas never reach a climax during penetration, yet most are too afraid to talk about the clitoral and g-spot orgasm. We’re hoping this film creates a safe environment for all to explore themselves with or without a partner and close the "Orgasm Gap."

The Story

(Image Courtesy of Slums Of Beverly Hills)

And Along Came Lily is an intimate story following a young woman’s journey to understanding the mythical orgasm. Growing up in the Midwest, Lily never confronted uncomfortable sexual topics. Now jobless, living in New York and in need of some extra cash flow, her best friend Rachel finds the perfect solution: A Katz Deli competition awarding $10,000 to whoever can best re-enact the famous When Harry Met Sally “women fake orgasms” scene. Will this allow Lily to face her fears and vulnerabilities surrounding her own body and pleasure? Or will she just keep on “faking it”?

(Left Image; Courtesy of Fleabag | Right Image; Courtesy of Ted Lasso) 


  • Women and people with vulva's sexuality and pleasure have historically been left out of the tv/film canon
  • Our culture has always subscribed to the puritanical ideals of women needing to “cover up”, “work to please your man”, and to “put your needs last”
  • Women and people with vulva's pleasure is often depicted in straight, heterosexual relationships and pleasure only comes from a male partner (oral or penetrative sex) and idealizes the clitoral and g-spot orgasm
  • Some studies show only 6% of women say they always orgasm during penetrative intercourse. A total of 14% of women under the age of 35 had never had an orgasm from intercourse
  • “The orgasm gap” is now being discussed in women’s health organizations, websites, publications, but still isn’t addressed in mainstream film and television
  • More frequently represented in film/tv is young boys jerking off or watching porn from 12-14 years old onwards.
  • As adolescents, health classes do not cover masturbation or basic facts about orgasms and pleasure. The focus is on the negative effects of sex, like unwanted pregnancy or STIs
  • Sex toys are still a strangely taboo subject, especially amongst heterosexual couples

In conclusion: Our film seeks to disrupt the status quo, proudly represent woman and people with vulva's pleasure on screen, and end the orgasm gap.

(Left Image; Not Another Teen Movie | Right Image; Sex Education) 


Filmmaking is expensive and we need all the funds we can to make this story come to life! The number of available funds we currently have are as small as the percentage of women and people with vulvas who are 100% happy with their sex lives. We are determined to create a quality short film that will be seen by all genders throughout the world, providing a safe space for conversation about pleasure and create orgasm equality for all! Also, we are committed to having a mostly female, non-binary or femme-identifying, LGBTQ, BIPOC crew bring our vision to life.

Our core team (Mia Rose Kavensky, Carolyn Kang, Canning Robb, Kylie Edwards & Gabriel Rysdahl) will not receive compensation but your contribution will help in so many other ways!! 


Your support means the world not only to us, but all the women and people with vulvas who are on the confusing and frustrating journey of understanding their bodies. 



During a pandemic, we have never had more time for ourselves and self-reflection. We have also never had more time for self-improvement. The Pleasure Gap has been around since humans have walked this earth - but now we have time to close it for good. It has never been more important in 2021 for equality in all aspects of life and pleasure should not be a forgotten category! It's also important to remember that pleasure is self-care and we all need more of that, especially during the pandemic and the current state of the world. 



Right now, we are in pre-production, meaning all of your help will allow us to bring this story to life. Our goal amount is the bare minimum we need to be able to capture our story on film and circulate the piece at film festivals around the world! Our hope is to be able to raise enough money to gain traction at enough festivals that the film will be available to the world via a streaming service. If not, it will at the very least, be available on Vimeo to raise awareness for The Pleasure Gap. 



Great question! We are taking every safety precaution possible to protect everyone involved in the filmmaking process. All crew members will require proof of vaccination and a negative test within 72 hours before filming. PPE will be distributed and worn at all times throughout the shoot, surfaces will be frequently disinfected and hand sanitizers will be available for all cast and crew to use throughout. 



The only way we will reach our crowdfunding goal is if we reach beyond our networks.  If you’d like to be a part of closing The Pleasure Gap, YOU can make the difference in our success!

Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however you want!  We can't do this without you!

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I never had even HEARD of The Pleasure Gap before @andalongcamelilyfilm started talking about! This is such an important issue for women and people with vulvas. Support their crowdfunding campaign so even more people can be educated on pleasure inequality! Join them on @seedandspark:

I can't WAIT to see @andalongcamelilyfilm!! But first they need to reach their fundraising goal to bring their story about The Pleasure Gap to life! We need more content speaking about pleasure inequality in the bedroom - help my friends in reaching their crowdfunding goal @seedandspark:



Thank you for taking the time to hear us out! Remember that NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!! 

We also totally get that this past year has been tough on all of us and if you don't have the means, it's 100% free to just follow our campaign and stay up-to-date on the latest And Along Came Lily news.

Seed & Spark rewards us for building our audience. The more followers we get, the more we unlock products, services, and festival fee waivers courtesy of Seed & Spark! 

Another free way to help us out is to just share our campaign to social media! Don't forget to tag us: @AndAlongCameLilyFilm 

We appreciate you. We couldn't tell this story without you and together we can end The Pleasure Gap for good! 






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Costs $500

The story needs set design, hair & make up and wardrobe to come to life visually!


Costs $2,000

We need a solid sound crew, but also post-production scoring and music to enrich the story!


Costs $1,600

Post-production editing and coloring might be the most vital step in the filmmaking process.

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