Angels Near Death

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Drama, Comedy

Hungyu Kuo

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In the City of Angels, six eccentric strangers cross paths after near-death experiences, interweaving the journey of love, death, and the human spirit.

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Mission Statement

We all need to die a few times to live a good life. We are often destroyed by ourselves, our friends, lovers, families, or the universe but reborn from the light at the end of darkness. Yes, movies have saved us. Our mission is to bridge the gulf between reality and dream to encourage you to live.

The Story

Angels Near Death is a Dark Comedy of interweaving stories that weave together to make the tapestry of life or intertwined lives like many strings are woven to create a hangman's noose. In the City of Angels,...

A SET DRESSER named OSCAR works in the film industry, shedding blood, sweat, and tears until he offers actual blood that changes his life forever.

His girlfriend, an ACTOR named VICTORIA, is too deep into the role of the evil spirit in a horror film called "The Mother's Bed," leading her to haunt their place after she goes home.

A JOURNALIST named ALICE gives up fiction for journalism but finds that true stories are often stranger than fiction after working as a reporter at "The Hollywood Disaster."

Her fiancé, a NURSE named HENRY, is not satisfied with taking care of people in the hospital, so he hangs himself to enter the afterlife to save their souls.

A PHOTOGRAPHER named ART uses photo montage to explore his subjects' dying moments until he takes his last breath and finds himself the most remarkable work.

A FILM DIRECTOR named CHER, directing "Chopsticks," a slasher about a Chinese girl chopping scumbugs' dicks with kung fu, realizes her film has gradually become a reality. Six eccentric strangers meet on body and soul in the spiritual world, where dreams go to die, embarking on an expedition to resurrect themselves to live their beautiful lives again.

Angels Near Death tells stories of fools living in "La La Land." They laugh, cry, and fear life like you and I. With a nonlinear narrative like "Pulp Fiction," we establish the complexity of interpersonal relationships between six eccentric characters and celebrate the unexpected in our daily routines. To construct a world constantly shifting between the living world and the afterlife, we follow the steps of surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. His work, "The Holy Mountain," is the most prominent reference for building our illusions.

Angels Near Death is a love letter to movies and a suicide note to the current film industry. Once upon a time, Hollywood told great stories that grew with me. However, remakes, shoddy horror movies, and filmmakers who have no shame exploiting women, LGBTQ+, African Americans, and Asians to win awards are now all over the place. To bring the dark ages to an end, I have decided to make Angels Near Death to inspire people with its originality, entertain the crowd with daily absurdity, and warm you with a big hug when I still have the chance. If you believe in me, please lend me your helping hand to make a good film reflecting our lives.

To complete the film, we need to raise $65,000. However, $35,000 will cover the bulk of production, including locations, compensation for cast and crew, equipment rentals, catering and craft services, production design, makeup, and hairstyling. If you can push to reach our Stretch Goals, $45,000 will cover the post-production, $55,000 will help us gather distribution materials, and $65,000 will put our film to festivals and theaters worldwide.


Seed & Spark only pays out if 80% of the goal is reached. This means that we must achieve at least 80% of our goal in 60 days, or we will not receive anything, and all your donations will revert to you. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to making the film happen.


We will lock the shooting script, break the script down, hire key department heads, finalize the budget, storyboard and shot list the scenes, scout and secure locations, cast actors, hire crew, get permits and insurance, schedule shoot days, perform a tech scout, and arrange for equipment rentals.


Sound, speed, camera, rolling, and action! On our respectful film set, talented casts and professional crew turn the blueprint we created in pre-production into actual footage. We stay on schedule within budget and bring our film to life.


After storing our footage, we will tackle picture editing, sound editing, film scores, sound mixing, color correction, gathering distribution materials, and making a trailer. Our film can finally come alive.


Our film will go on a film festival circuit, hopefully selected by Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance, or SXSW film festivals. Then, we plan to have a theatrical release before streaming our film on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Shudder, or Tubi.

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Costs $10,000

We need help to retain four locations, including a hospital ward, a photo studio, and two houses, to construct all the setups in the film.

Cast & Crew

Costs $10,000

Fairly compensating our talented cast and crew will be essential to the film production.

Equipment Rental

Costs $3,000

Quality equipment rentals make the film look and sound the best.

Catering & Craft Service

Costs $5,000

Tasty food and snacks keep our talented cast and crew's energy up throughout a ten-day shoot.

Production Design

Costs $3,000

Props and set dressing establish impeccable environments for us to paint our dreams.


Costs $2,000

Costumes substantially define and bring our six iconic characters' personalities to life.

Makeup & Hairstyling

Costs $2,000

Beauty and SFX makeup are crucial because our film shuttling between the living world and the afterlife.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Hungyu Kuo, Writer-Director

Hungyu Kuo, born in Taoyuan, Taiwan, spent his formative years in Kaohsiung. While studying Linguistics and English literature at the National Kaohsiung Normal University, he created short films and plays, including "Overact," a musical that debuted at Kaohsiung Cultural Center in 2019. Following his acceptance to the New York Film Academy, Kuo moved to Burbank, California, in 2022. There, he wrote, directed, and produced two short films, "Resurrection" and "Turn," symbolizing the beginning of his professional career in filmmaking. In 2024, Kuo plans to bring his directorial debut, "Angels Near Death," to life and change the world.

Yijia Sun, Producer

Yijia Sun, originally from Jiangsu, China, graduated from Yangzhou University with dual degrees in Management and Economics. Her academic journey took a pivotal turn as she gradually embraced feminist thoughts, wanting to convey the perspectives of East Asian women to the world. This passion led her to the New York Film Academy in Burbank, California, in 2022, where she embraced the craft of filmmaking. Sun wrote, directed, and produced two short films, "Flowers" and "Eggs," which deliver a captivating and unexpected experience to the audience.

Makenna Tuttle, Producer

Makenna Tuttle is an aspiring producer based in Los Angeles, dedicated to proving that people with Disabilities can have a voice in the film industry. She began to work professionally after graduating from the first BFA Film program at Ohio University in 2022. So far, she has produced commercials, award-winning shorts, and an upcoming feature film, "Séance" by Vivian Kerr. In 2024, she will produce another feature film, "Angels Near Death," taking another big step in her creative journey.

Polly Lau, Assistant Producer

Polly Lau, born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to Los Angeles in 2021 to pursue her educational life at Loyola Marymount University as a screenwriting major. As a writer-producer, Polly has produced two short films, "Love Shy" and "On Display." She is now working on her first feature script, "Time Auction," while producing a feature film, "Angels Near Death."

Crew positions might shift along the production.

Current Team