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Kimberly Coburn

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We are using humor to erase fear and stigma of going to therapy. We want to change the conversation about mental health. Through these films, people can see (in a very silly way) what it looks like to go to therapy.

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Mission Statement

With a crew that is mostly female, we look to empower women in the film industry. We are focused on inclusive hiring to bring Animal Instincts to life.

The Story

A Werewolf and a moon Goddess go to Marriage Counseling.

No, it's not horror.  It's a dark comedy.  We all love a good laugh, a little snicker, and especially something that playfully spoofs our own lives. 







 We want to tell you about the Werewolf and the Moon Goddess.  And we want to make you laugh.  We want to entertain you, and we want to improve the production quality of our stories.  So far, we have done everything on zero budget, but we can do so much more.  So. Much. More.  We have worked really hard to get here.  We need your support to go from amateur to professional.  





Many years ago, I was a flashmob dancer. It was a lot of fun and suited my personality. I'm a little crazy with a lot of audacity, and I love to wear costumes and be silly in public. 


Another flashmob dancer, RoseMarie Leleaux, invited me to come work with her as a background actor. She swore that I would love it.  My first day in the movie industry was on the set of Focus (2015)  on November 1, 2013. Little did I know that I was starting a new career at 48 years old.


Well, fast forward a few months, and I was working background for a commercial and the director told me to run down a sidewalk and I ran down that sidewalk. I overacted as if my life depended on it. He said, "I want horror!" I gave him a HORROR! I was Jim Carrey!  I was Mel Brooks! I was Steve Martin! I got a call a little while later and they told me I was upgraded to a principal role. Well, I didn't know what that meant. "Oh, honey," she said. "Get an agent." So I did. 


I got an agent. I took acting classes with Jim Gleason. I went to auditions, and I got another commercial (on the coldest three nights of my life). But what I wanted more than anything back then was a speaking role. Then I was introduced to the 48 Hours Film Project, and my life changed forever.


I got to speak in front of the camera, make costumes, and have my original art in the movie! I played a crazy cat woman, whose cats had gone missing due to the work of the New Orleans Chupacabra, The Grunch (2014)




Working with a tiny cast and crew taught me so much. I always say that I learn more in those 48 Hours than I do at any other time in this industry. I participated in two years on that team, then my husband, Joe, talked me into forming my own team.  

The next year, I produced A Family Affair (2016), another 48 Hour Film. Bryan Blasingame was the writer, and we struggled through my learning curve on that set. Lessons were learned and we moved forward.  


The next movie I made as a producer was Mommy's Girl (2017). My house had flooded; I was sad. Bryan Blasingame said, "Let's make a movie." So without anything but raw ambition and creativity, we made Mommy's Girl. No script. No plans. Just made a movie. We had a demolished house, which made for a creepy set. We had a broken tripod, so we set the camera on a bag of rice. No lights, so we used lamps. The camera was new to me, so we had serious issues with the picture quality, but we made a film.  


My fourth year, we started working on a team that had kindness, compassion, and fun. We were all ages, a full cast of women, with a lesbian and two gay men behind the camera. We laughed so much on that set! Kiwis in China (2017)


The quality of our short films was improving, but we want to be better. 







Look at this gorgeous group of people. They amaze me! They know how to put a movie together on a wing and a prayer. They know how to pull something out of nothing.  




This is where you come in. Give. Contribute. Support. 


Anything you can spare will help us get that much closer to achieving our goals.


Thank you kind, kind people for allowing us to go forward and realize our dreams!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Talent Pay

Costs $1,550

We will be hiring 3 principal actors, 4 supporting actors, and 6 cameo spots.


Costs $1,025

The brains behind the camera.

Camera Department

Costs $1,420

Camera Rental, Camera Crew, Lighting Rental, Lighting Crew

Art Department

Costs $50

Small props budget


Costs $50

Tiny costume budget

Makeup artists and makeup kits

Costs $850

Our award-winning makeup team really make our movies special!

Other crew

Costs $400

ADs, PAs, etc.

Editing and Sound

Costs $1,350

Editing and sound. Where the magic happens!


Costs $250

Getting the word out there!


Costs $330

Gots to feed the beasts.

About This Team




In our story, you met me, so now allow me to introduce some more amazing members of our Wait...What? Team



A.J. Leitell is Theodore Crumpkin


A. J. Started acting in high school stage productions and majored in Drama Communications in college.  After 12 years of military service he worked various military contracts before sertling into a career in aviation training.  While in this career field he branched out as a Radio Weather Forecaster for a network that spans the United States and Canada.  This led him to work in film and television where he was awarded the “Golden Moments” award for his appearance in Dallas Buyers Club. He has also penned a feature length script, a treatment for another feature and worked as crew on the 2017 48 Hour Film Project entry “Alive” . He has since appeared in 98 separate productions. In 2018, A.J. took on the role of Theodore Crumpkin in the “Wait, What?” Production “Grief Counseling. He continued the role in the 48 Hr. Film Project film, “Merking”.  This newest film “Animal Instincts” will expand the role of Theodore even further.



John Dardenne is Winston the Werewolf

John Dardenne is an actor, comedian, and writer. At UCBTLA he improvises with the Mess Hall team "Payday" and wrote and performed sketches for the Maude Team "The Mess." He's written jokes for Wanda Sykes on FOX & NBC and wrote the web series "Fresh Perspectives" for SNL’s Beck Bennett. His comedy sketches have been featured on CNN,, Huffington Post, and Telegraph UK. He's acted in over 30 commercials for brands like Nintendo, Comcast, Digiorno, NFL, Volkswagen, 76, & Sonos. He produced and hosted Nice Show! stand up at The Hayworth. UCBTLA credits: LONG HARD IMPROV JAM (guest host), MAUDE NIGHT, MESS HALL, SUPERTEAM, GOOD NEIGHBOR LIVE!, THE RETURN OF GOOD NEIGHBOR, LET’S DO THIS!, CAGEMATCH, & BETTER MOVIES WITH TOMMY WISEAU.




Nazeema Bartek is Candi the Moon Goddess



Bryan Blasingame is my Fearless Assistant

My name is Bryan Blasingame, and I’m a screenwriter,
director, and actor with Wait...What Productions LLC. Growing up,
I’ve always had a passion for writing, but wasn’t quite sure of
what style I wanted to write. Whether it was short stories,
novels, or screenplays. I just knew that I wanted to tell a
story in some way. It was difficult at first, when living in a
town that was more in the oil industry rather than the film
industry, or when there are certain people who would say to me
“grow up and stop dreaming.” Well I showed them. I grew up and I
have been accomplishing my dreams. I took my chances when I
submitted for the featured carnies on American Horror Story:
Freak Show, not knowing what I would be getting myself into.
Once I got the phone call from the casting director that I was
wanted, I was overwhelmed with excitement and uncertainty. The
next day, I flew out to New Orleans from Oklahoma. After my
first day on set I felt like I knew where I needed to be, and
what kind of writer I am. I am a screenwriter. Being background
wasn’t enough for me to get close on learning the ropes of
production, nor did it help me obtain the scripts so I could
learn the formats. I went from background to doing stand-in and
photo doubling. Working on Scream Queens, Salem, Preacher, Into
the Badlands, and a few other shows, just so I can study on how
everything worked. Over the course of a few years; I met
Kimberly P Coburn on a road trip to Los Angeles, California for
a table read. Her and I connected instantly and were ready to
work together on our own projects. When she told me that she was
starting her own production company, I was on board. I also
enrolled in Los Angeles film school because I believed that we
have the potential, and I want to make sure I was prepared with
knowledge. I wanted to see that both her and I succeeded in any
way possible. I became Wait...What Production’s set screenwriter
and have written four short films. Three were for the 48 Hour
Film Project. One of them was “Merking” the second episode of
“Therapy Sessions” web series and was nominated for 5 awards. I
have written two feature films, along with co-writers Kimberly
P. Coburn and Michelle DeMontluzin, and have been working on
creating my own series.


For Animal Instincts; I will be putting my assistant
director skills to the works, act in it, as well as any other
crew performance that is needed. I am so grateful to be a part
of this production company and am looking forward to future
projects to come.




Michelle DeMontluzin is a Makeup Artist and a Writer (and I think she's a Goddess)


A New Orleans native, Michelle got an early start in the arts. She participated in theatre her entire life and fell in love with anything to do with painting. A former Scenic Designer for the stage, Michelle now applies her hand as a Makeup Artist in the film industry--and during the spooky season at The 13th Gate Haunted House in Baton Rouge. Michelle was nominated for two awards in 2018 for makeup, winning the second at the 48-Hour Film Festival in New Orleans. She wants to thank Kimberly for bringing her onto this hilarious and crazy team, and looks forward to even more projects in the future.  



Sarah Brown is the Marketing Beast

Sarah started her own company doing SFX makeup, Beastly Beauty Makeup, when she was 17 years old. She started attending Louisiana State University as a marketing major in 2016, hoping to learn more about running her own business. After two years of college, she fell in love with digital marketing and decided to pursue that even farther. She joined Kimberly's team as the Marketing Beast, and she's so excited to be a part of this crazy family!



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