Anna & Sloane Go to the Beach

Orange, California | Film Short

Comedy, Teen

Willa Rydall and Kayla Borkovec

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Anna & Sloane Go to the Beach is a story about growing up and needing your best friend. Set in the early 2000’s, Anna and Sloane’s adventure captures a nostalgic and uncomfortable moment in time: middle school.

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Mission Statement

This story is being told by a strong team of majority female filmmakers. Our diverse cast and crew strives to portray an honest side of adolescence not often depicted: the realities of being a young girl. It is a top priority to be representative of all races, backgrounds, and economic classes.

The Story

The summer is almost over and high school is approaching. When Sloane's best friend Anna returns home from summer camp, Sloane is ready for things to go back to the way they were, but Anna has different plans in mind. After an uninspiring day of sun-bathing on the lawn, Anna convinces Sloane that they should do something more grown up. So the awkward pair decides to take a trip to the beach––with no parents. Sure it’s a 30 minute drive away, but they can scooter pretty fast, especially downhill, which Anna swears is the majority of the journey. 


Justine Kurland


But the trip proves to be harder than expected when the girls end up catching a ride with an older teenager, Kelly. Still at least a twenty minute drive from the ocean, they find themselves instead at Kelly’s house, surrounded by teens and beer. Sloane becomes increasingly irritated with Anna’s attempts to impress the older kids, and tension grows between the best friends. When their differences are confronted face-on, the best friends must decide what's really important to them––a crucial moment of growing up.

Misunderstood, 2014

Y Tu Mama Tambien, 2001


Set in the early 2000's, this adventurous story strives to convey the nostalgia of a pre-iPhone childhood in the suburbs, endless summer afternoons, and the complexity of female friendships. To reflect the time period and the correct sentiment, we plan to invest in accurate props that convey the color pallette and the era of 2005. This includes Razor scooters, portable CD players, low-rise jeans, and so much more.


PEN15, 2019


Adrienne Salinger                      Me and You and Everyone We Know, 2005


This story examines not just the depths of jealousy and insecurity that is often present in girlhood, but the other aspects as well including the messiness, the adventures, and the relentless friendships. This story is important to our team because it reflects personal aspects of our childhoods that haven't been examined enough in the media. From running away, to family jealousy, to period cramps and more, our film will depict everything about being a young girl that hasn't been shown before. We hope that this timeless story about growing up can be a way to bond with eachother and celebrate our differences.


We are shooting this fall, premiering in the spring, and submitting to festivals.


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Studio Teacher

Costs $1,000

Minor labor laws require a studio teacher to be on set each day.

Equipment Trucks

Costs $500

To get all our equipment to and from set, we need to carry it in something!


Costs $1,000

Locations are expensive, and we need quite a few of them. A park, pool, house, and liquor store.

Camera Equipment

Costs $1,000

Lenses and lighting equipment adds up fast. To get the look we want, we need a little extra help.

Set Dressing

Costs $500

From wallpaper, to pool toys, to trampolines and more, we want to fill the story with 2000s props.


Costs $300

We don't dress how we did in the early 2000's anymore––and for good reason. We need clothes!


Costs $700

Our crew will be working hard and need fuel to get through our long shoot days.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team



Willa Rydall is Film Production senior with an emphasis in Directing and a minor in Women's Studies. Outside of film, she loves playing shows with her band, skateboarding, and playing with her cat, Toby.


Kayla Borkovec is a senior Creative Producing student at Chapman University. She has produced 15 projects, ranging from music videos, narrative shorts, and documentaries. Previously, she has interned at Campfire, The Gotham Group, The Producers Guild of America, and Atlas Entertainment. She loves national parks, thrifting, and concerts. 


Giovanna Zavala is a student at Chapman University studying Screenwriting and English. She has had her poetry and prose published, and has written 10 produced short films, one of which she directed herself! When she’s not writing she enjoys backpacking, singing and laughing with her sweet sweet friends.



Kevin Pontrelli is a Film Production student with an emphasis in Cinematography. In addition to shooting many shorts, he also works as a 1st AC on professional shoots.

Claire is a TV and Production Design student at Chapman. Ever since she was a kid, she’s always had a passion for design and color. Her favorite part of decorating is really getting to know a character to decide what they’d have in their drawers, on their walls, or on their bed. She is so excited to delve into her own childhood nostalgia and really portray the characters and time period in this project through design.



Kelly Cripe is a senior Film Production major with an Editing emphasis and an English minor. She works at a flower shop, interns for a female led production company specializing in script development and is the first female president of her school's improv team. She loves razor scooters, telling stories and collaborating with good pals.


Joshua Seigel is a Film Production junior with an emphasis in Directing, but an ear for sound design. He uses this skill to sound design fellow student’s projects, and even produce his own music.




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