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Ann Rose will set sail from Lansing, NC and kayak for three months all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Our documentary will follow the epic journey that Ann is embarking on, but we also aim to highlight her background in switching from a "normal” life to her now off-grid, homesteading lifestyle.

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Mission Statement

Through our documentary, we hope to better educate individuals lost in the “hustle” of modern day living on the worsening of our water conditions and the lost art of organic sustainability through the ambition, grit, and passion of an off-grid farmer from a small town in North Carolina.

The Story

Our documentary will follow along as Ann accomplishes her epic three-month kayaking journey, but we also aim to give audiences a deeper look into Ann's switch from a "normal" life to her now off-grid, homesteading lifestyle.

Ann’s off-grid lifestyle now consists of her self-run homestead and farm, Rose Mountain Farm. Located in Lansing, North Carolina, Ann's farm is surrounded by a quaint community of Appalachian personalities enjoying the slow lifestyle of a rural small town.

While her town may be slowly waking up for spring, Ann is going full force into her next adventure. Starting in July 2024, Ann will set sail from her neighborhood creek and kayak all the way to the Gulf of Mexico in hopes of having an adventure of a lifetime while inspiring people with her ambition and grit.

I grew up visiting my Grandmother in Ashe County, and as a young child, the only thing that seemed to keep me entertained there was the creek behind her house. That creek led into the New River, the very river route that Ann will be taking on her journey. I never dreamed I would want to live here, but in early 2023, I got the sudden urge to move to Ashe County and make some sort of film. Later that summer, I made the move - not knowing what or who my film was going to be about. But I knew this was what I wanted to do!  

Within 3 months of living here, I heard a lot of buzz around this “Ann Rose” character. People would describe her as free-spirited, a go-getter, wild woman, feral farmer kind of gal. I knew I had to meet her! When I met Ann, her stories made my jaw hit the floor with all the things she had previously been through.  Ann has been working hard on her farm for many, many years, and during our conversations, she told me she needed a vacation. Her idea of a “vacation” is kayaking from her town (Lansing, NC) to the Gulf of Mexico…all in 3 months!!! My mind was immediately rushing with ideas of where this film could go, and I knew that I would not stop until this adventure film was made. 

My hope for this film is to inspire others to be free-thinking adventurers and break away from the everyday molds of our modern, trendy culture while also educating them on off-grid lifestyles and ways to better our agricultural footprint. Ann inspires me on all of these fronts and so much more through her passion, grit, and adventurous ambition. And if our film can be that same inspiration and breath of fresh air to our audience, I will forever be honored by that fact alone. 

-Haley Mellon, Director of Ann Rose, River Warrior

Ann Rose is scheduled to set sail on July 7th, 2024 with just her kayak and her minimal essentials. She is projected to be kayaking for three months with a deadline of ending by late September of 2024.

Her goal for this kayaking journey is not only a path of self-discovery but also an attempt at bringing awareness to the worsening of our water conditions.

In preparation for her journey, she is teaching her interns how to run the farm while she is away, and she is also tasking them with sending her food along the journey. Ann is very strict about what she eats and where it comes from, so she has it scheduled to pick up this farm-fresh food along her route at designated PO boxes.

Ann Rose is “off-the-grid," but she is still greatly involved in her community, local non-profits, and local government.

She frequently holds off-grid and homesteading workshops, sells her homegrown produce at local farmers markets, and maintains a strong social media presence. She uses this social media presence to inspire others through educating them about an off-grid lifestyle and the benefits of homesteading.

Ann’s ultimate dream is to be an inspiration for those on the path to more sustainable living, and this documentary will serve as the perfect platform to help her fulfill that dream.

Homesteading has started going viral on social media platforms as younger generations are losing faith in political systems and the state of the earth. The audience for our documentary is the up-and-coming generations that are seeking to educate themselves on this lifestyle so they can make a difference in this world and leave a positive footprint on our planet.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, we are looking to raise $27k to accomplish the start of our full-length documentary's journey as our crew will follow along as Ann Rose completes her epic kayaking adventure.

We will utilize these funds to cover all of our crew’s travel needs, equipment, and local state permits. If we surpass our goal, we will take the additional funds to upgrade gear, bring on additional crew members, and increase our festival and streaming reach.

Project Timeline:

March - July 2024 | Pre-Production 

July 1, 2024 | Secure Full Funding 

July 7, 2024 | Ann Rose Sets Sail

July 7 - September 2024 | Principle Photography

Sept. - Nov. 2024 | Post Production

November 2024 | Submit for 2025 Festival Circuit

Summer 2025 | Public Release

Filmmaking is truly an all-hands-on-deck process, and we would be honored if you would join us in making this documentary a reality. We cannot wait to share our film's updates and adventures with you as we continue on with our various production phases, our premiere, and our festival run. We promise we will update you on every exciting aspect of our journey, and in the meantime, you can help our film in THREE different ways: 

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Seriously, any amount you can commit to our film is truly going to help us. Whether you donate $1 or $1000, you ARE putting us one step closer to our goal. We appreciate you and any contributions you can make!

Thank you for taking the time to look through our story, and we hope you stick around! 

-Haley and Cassia


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Production Insurance

Costs $1,536

We'll be traveling through all sorts of weather and terrain throughout this epic journey so this item is to ensure our crew & gear are safe.

Production Expenses

Costs $8,000

We will be utilizing this item to cover all of our crew's fees and living expenses back home while they partake in this epic journey.


Costs $5,400

We will utilize this item to cover all the meals for our crew while on the road.


Costs $1,397

We'll be gaining lots of footage at rapid speed so we'll utilize this item to cover gaining GoPros (for the kayak), SD cards, & hard drives.

Location Permits

Costs $720

Our journey will lead us through multiple states so we'll utilize this item to ensure we are gaining the proper paperwork to film in each.


Costs $2,340

As we near the end of our journey, we will need to start flying our crew to their locations. Help us give our crew wings!!!

Rental Car/Boat

Costs $2,343

At the end of our journey, our crew will need to cover more distance (both on land and on the river) quickly so this will help with that.


Costs $3,168

Our crew needs a place to sleep...probably. This item will cover our crew's lodgings along the journey.

Rain Gear

Costs $600

As we journey through different areas, we will encounter a lot of different weather. This item will go to getting rain gear for our crew.

Gas Expenses

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