Another Period in Time

Atlanta, Georgia | Series

Comedy, Drama

Anna Borchert

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Your support helps us develop our vision of hiring a diverse & inclusive team both in front & behind the camera. Using comedy & social commentary, our pilot investigates social progressions (or lack thereof) in 2018 America, drawing parallels to a seemingly much more complicated time in history.

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Mission Statement

With Another Period in Time, our goal was to have gender parity both in front and behind the camera. To that goal, we have a cast that is more than 50% female and 5 of our 8 series regulars are women. Our crew is also 50% female and both our cast & crew is diverse and inclusive.

The Story


What would happen if someone from the 1800s woke up in modern day Atlanta?  


And then we took it 1 step further.  We wanted to explore what it would be like for a free black woman from 1863 (aka the middle of the Civil War) who worked as a nurse in New York City  to suddenly wake up in 2018 Atlanta. Introducing Rose.


To complicate matters further, the first person she runs into is a self-entitled priviledged white woman named Alex.


An unliklely alliance forms as Rose, searches for a way back.


Meanwhile, Alex's motivations are unclear...










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Costs $800

Help us feed the amazing people who're helping make our pilot!

Production Insurance

Costs $400

We want to provide protection to our cast and crew as well as our equipment.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $1,000

We need to rent lighting and electrical equipment to make our pilot look great!

Props & Set Dressing

Costs $400

We need to make our 1863 locations look authentic & also help create the modern millennial apartment

1863 Wardrobe

Costs $100

We need to rent and/or build wardrobe for our 1863 characters.

G Technology Drive

Costs $500

We're shooting on 4k so we need larger reliable drives for data storage.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $300

Hair and makeup for our actors to help them look the part.


Costs $2,500

We're hiring an incredibly talented crew for our 4 day shoot & this pays for their time & equipment.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Creator/Actor - Anna Borchert

Anna Borchert is former ballet dancer of 18 years, who grew up in Vermont
but left to study acting at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of
the Theatre’s conservatory program in NYC. After graduating, she moved to
LA during which she created Daughters of Pop, the first Instagram micro-series
with over 80 episodes and 15k views per episode. She also co-wrote,
produced and starred in The Day the AC Went Out which was a finalist at the
2012 BIG VISION EMPTY WALLET film festival as well as co-writing, producing
and starring in What Dreams Mae Come a finalist for the 2016 WIF B-STEM
Hall of Fame Film Festival. She has recently moved to Atlanta to continuing
acting and creating content. Anna can currently be seen in West of Hell (Tony
Todd, Lance Henriksen) which is premiering this summer internationally on
Amazon Prime.


Creator/Actor - Nikita Kirillov

Nikita Kirillov is an Olympic level pole vaulter turned actor, Nikita was born
in St. Petersburg Russia and moved to the States with his family when he was 6
years old. The son of two Olympic level athletes, he began training at a young
age and that discipline carried over to his acting career. After a year in the
business, he's booked 3 national commercials: a voice over for none other than
Facebook and two spots for a Client-Who-Can’t-Be-Named, both directed by
Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) as well as a supporting role in an upcoming
Death Note fan film.


Producer/Actor - Nicole Marie Johnson

Nicole Marie Johnson is an actor, writer, and producer. After graduating
from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Psychology and a Minor in
Theater she began her career in Film and Entertainment in front and behind the
Camera. A few of Nicole’s credits include; Lights, Suits, A Feeling from Within,
and Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas.
One of Nicole’s goals as a filmmaker is to create a strong team of women to
breathe life into meaningful stories that the audience can use as an escape
from their everyday life. She has begun that process with her previous 2
projects as she is one of two female creators of the show, Girls of Wisdom. A
pilot that led to the launching of #Besties, a 12 episode comedic web series

about two girls that epitomized the LA attitude and lifestyle. Along with co-
starring and co-writing, she also partnered in the production, marketing and 

online distribution that gained thousands of subscribers and over 4 million
views, and was featured on Ellen and Entertainment Tonight.
Shortly thereafter Nicole moved on to her first feature film, Quarries in which
she co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in. Quarries is a female driven film,
heavily crewed up by woman. As a producer, Nicole was integrally involved in
every stage of pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Nicole was also
involved in executing the marketing and PR strategy for the film. Quarries has
appeared in numerous film festivals and has landed national and international
distribution. She also won Best Actress at the 2017 Firstglance Film Festival for her
performance in the Quarries.


Producer/Actor - Martha Hamilton

Martha Hamilton is classically trained in tap, jazz, and modern and grew
up spending most of her free time in a local dance studio. She continued her
love for dance beyond her early years, going on to win two national titles with
her collegiate team, and dancing her way across the seas with one of Holland
America's most prestigious cruise ships. Martha's excitement and passion for
entertainment is what led her back to Los Angeles, where she jumped feet first
into the world of film and television. Her Psychology degree from Long Beach
State provided the perfect platform to land her roles in numerous award
winning short films, web series, music videos and commercials. In addition to
pursuing a career in front of the camera, Martha developed a talent for
producing and writing - "What Dreams Mae Come", her first short film focused
on shedding light on women in STEM fields, landed a finalist spot in the 2016
WIF Hall of Fame B-Stem competition. Martha splits her time between LA and
Atlanta, where she has focused her attention to creating and producing
original content.



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