A Pregnant Woman

Vancouver, Canada | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Ana Carrizales

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Alejandra, an eight-and-a-half month pregnant woman, is on the road and on the run from an abusive husband. This undocumented Latinx drives to a remote motel, hiding a heavy secret inside her luggage which she burns at night, writing a new beginning for her unborn child.

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse collective of indie artists from five continents, including POC and queer. At the centre of the story is an undocumented Latinx character driving the plot and a Latinx director behind the camera. We made it a priority to have 50/50 gender balance amongst our key creatives.

The Story


An eight-and-a-half month pregnant Alejandra is on the road and on the run from an abusive husband. She drives to a remote desert, hiding a heavy secret inside a dusty piece of luggage. Undocumented and exhausted with nowhere to go, she drags the heavy suitcase to the  middle of nowhere, burning all the remains of her past. 

Our film is driven by a complex female character who, for better or worse, rides her own destiny. Produced with a funky style and inspired by the 1950’s aesthetic, our film uses dark humour to explore the humanity behind horrible acts.  How far would a mother go to protect the life of her unborn child? 




One in three women in North America have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 16. Undocumented imigrants and women of colour are especially vulnerable to these assaults. 


Representation matters. It brings a unique point of view and amplifies voices  seldom represented on the big screen.


In 2019, 80% of the films didn’t have one Latinx character, yet North America has a population of over 60 million Hispanics. As a Latinx artist, this is a gap I’m passionate to fix.


In our story a Latinx character is at the center of the action driving the plot, and a Latinx director is cooking the vision, spicing up every shot with a talented indie crew from all over the world, including POC and queer.  


Original Score 

El Condor Pasa, the most famous Andean melody in the world (thanks to Simon and Garfunkel’s version “If I Could”) is one of beautiful highlights in our film. Originally from Peru and composed by Alomia Robles, the tune is inspired by the story of Indigenous exploitation by the Spanish in the mines of Peru.


We also feature original music composed especially for our film - a piercing gut-wrenching country song for Alejandra as she drives down the highway in search of a new beginning.


Music in Teaser: Blues about Mary Roose (ID 1153)
Lobo Loco - www.musikbrause.de
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)



Featuring mountainous, semi-arid landscapes and desert plateaus, we shot at remote locations in the heart of British Columbia, including the historic Inn at Spences Bridge, BC’s longest running hotel. Originally opening in the 1860’s, it has hosted gold miners and pioneers arriving in wagons who stopped to wipe off the dust and hang their boots.



Fun Fact

Our director used her real wedding dress in the film and threw it into a fire, under the watchful eye of her executive producer husband. 



So far we have raised enough funds to complete ninety-five percent of our initial filming (yas!), including the support of The Harold Greenberg Fund and Creative BC, which allowed us to collect incredible footage (check our teaser!). We have a compelling story, shot with style, humour and spice. Your support will go to filming our last day and completing the post-production expenses.  

All of the money we raise will go directly to our team of artists working in our film: Cinematographer, Make up Artist, Production Designer, Gaffer, Editor, Sound Designer, Composer, Sound Mixer, VFX artist, Colourist (plus gear rentals & expenses for one day of filming). It takes a special kind of village, and we've got an incredible crew ready to make it happen with your support.

Upon finishing the film, we have designed a strategic (and exciting) film fesitval and local tour, followed by an epic online release!



Consider joining this wonderful ride by supporting independent, female-led cinema and keeping artists active! Please give us a shout if you have any questions. We cannot wait to hear from you. Thanks a bunch!


Ana & Team Pregnant Woman



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Visual Effects

Costs C$2,000

We need some VFX wizards to create movie magic

Sound Design

Costs C$2,000

Sound is just as important as picture, especially with windswept deserts and squeaky suitcases

1 Day of Filming

Costs C$2,000

We need one day of pick-ups to complete our film, and we love paying our crew


Costs C$1,500

World class artists making original music for our film deserve every penny

Colour Correction

Costs C$500

Vintage police cars, bleach blond hair and blood stained luggage look best with perfect colours


Costs C$2,000

We've tried making movies without an editor. It never works out.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Director - Ana Carrizales


Producer - Lori Watt


DOP & Colorist - Gregory Czaplak

Costume Designer - Marion Transetti


Production Design - Louisa Birkin


Hair & Makeup - Alison Jeffreys


Cast - Adam Lolacher


Actor & Musician - Nathan Barrett


Assistant Director - Theo Kim


Sound Designer & Composer - Mark Dolmont


Current Team