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A mother and a daughter go down to the Jersey Shore to trip on Mushrooms together. This film is an exploration of what it means to be a mother and daughter and how we cope with love and death with the person who gave us life.

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Mission Statement

We are EXTREMELY passionate about telling female driven stories that transcend your typical hollywood stereotypes. This film is co-created and starring a mother and daughter and shot by a female D.P. making it a truly inter-generational feminist film.

The Story

Tripping with Mom….
We are Amy & Rivka, a mother and daughter duo from Brooklyn NY. Throughout the years as a single mother and an only daughter we have played many roles in each others' lives and the idea of “mother- daughter” has often shape-shifted. 


Two summers ago I asked my mom to go down to the Jersey Shore to trip on mushrooms ... and to let me film it.  Although hesitant - she said YES. The following summer we returned to the same house with the amazingly talented D.P. Meredith Adelaide to re-create the experience we had on our trip and to shoot a film about it.  What resulted was 7 hours of footage exploring the mother-daughter relationship thru the lens of a psychadelic experience. 



We made this film as a way to explore our relationship and how the process of aging affects us. We are both turning pivotal ages: Rivka 30 and Amy 70. For women aging has certain cultural connotations that bring up unique anxieties and fears. Our film explores where these anxieties intersect for the millennial and the baby-boomer.

 Why Mushrooms?
 Psilocybin mushrooms or “magic mushrooms” have been used in religious and spiritual practices   throughout the world since ancient times as a way to connect with spirit. 

They have a deep history as being used for rites of passage and ritual.  For this reason - they allowed us and our characters in the film - to shed ourselves of everyday inhibitions and realities allowing us to communicate with each other and ourselves on a deeper level. The film grapples with these discoveries… and ultimately what we find when we jump off the cliff together.

 Let’s Talk About Life and Death

This is a film about confronting our fear of death. Your mother brings you into this world. She guides you. At some point in the process you guide her. Eventually you will lose her (or perhaps she will lose you). This is an inevitable truth - one that lives in our gut - and yet one rarely discussed openly in our culture.  This film is our attempt as a mother and daughter to grasp at this inevitable truth.



 Part Documentary - Part Scripted -  Part Improv....TOTALLY PSYCHEDELIC

 Our mission is to combine the documentary footage of our trip with the re-created footage into one   cohesive film. We love this idea of using documentary and scripted footage fluidly - to the point   where the audience is unsure which is which. When we shot the second   summer we made it our   goal to match everything from set, wardrobe and props to the original footage of our trip.... and it   worked.

    (Stills from documentary footage and scripted footage - 1 year apart)    


Creating this film with footage from the real and re-created experience is also vital to our story telling. One of the most positive elements of our experience with mushrooms together was how long lasting the emotional and spiritual healing was for our relationship and ourselves. It is not something that only occurs during the trip - but continues to be a reflective experience for years after. Combining footage a year a part into one film that takes place in one day is a way of embodying this timeless experience on screen. 

 Intuition, Meredith Adelaide & The Female Gaze 


One of the most magical moments of this process was bringing on board Meredith Adelaide as our D.P. Finding the right person to film this extremely vulnerable and private experience between a mother and daughter would be key. It would also be important for Amy to be comfortable in the presence of whoever was filming - as this would be her first time on screen. It was pure intuition that Meredith was the one to take this job on. We both felt her perspective as a photographer and artist spoke to us and more importantly our guts were screaming "her." So I asked and she said yes, with equal intuitive knowing.... And that's really what so much of this project became about - the gut. 



Our experience in shooting this film was an experience of working in a way that was so predominently female in energy... that this phrase "female gaze" began to make sense to us beyond simply "female directed." Working in the feminine energy meant predominently following our gut at all times and leading from a place of intuitive feeling over pre-determined story. 


 We built our final script over the course of a year - through rehearsals & improvisations, which included dance - writing - and often stream of concious speaking in a white room. A week before our shoot we took all of our accumlated "spaghetti on the wall" and created a story board.  However, the real story was created in the moment - coming from a deep space of intuitive collaboration between all 3 women. 















Where We Are In The Process & Why We Need You!

We are excited to continue this work and begin the post-production process for this film. However, in order for us to accomplish this WE NEED YOU. We deeply belive in the power of crowdfunding and have faith that this is the most powerful way to finance our film.  



 If you feel strongly about supporting intergenerational women driven projects this is a great opportunity to put your money where your heart is.



Your funding will go directly toward editing together the scripted footage with the documentary. Funding will also go toward post production costs like:


+ Editing the film.

+ Sound-Design

+ Color Correction

+ Music / Score

+ Marketing, and festival submissions.


Hallie Bateman is a writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles. She co-wrote a book with her mother Suzy Hopkins called "What To Do When I'm Gone: A Mother's Wisdom To HerDaughter." Hallie also did mushrooms with her mother! A fact our own Meredith Adelaide discovered when the two met at a dinner party. Hallie even did illustrations during her trip and they are now avalable for you to own as a reward. 












































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Meredith Adelaide

Costs $3,000

This money will fund Meredith for her hard work as our director of photography.

Post-Production: Editing + Color Correction

Costs $3,000

Editing is crucial for our success. Help us pay a great editor and buy necessary equipment.

Sound Design

Costs $1,000

Sound design is essential for making this emotional, vulnerable, psychedelic story come to life.


Costs $1,500

Location was crucial for our storytelling. We shot two summers at the Jersey shore.

Festival Submissions + Marketing

Costs $1,500

Visibility! Help us get this film seen. Marketing and festival submissions are key.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Rivka Rivera (Writer, Director, Actor, Producer)

         Rivka Rivera is an actor, writer and producer currently working out of NYC. A Brooklyn native who spent her childhood building forts and writing plays, she became serious about her craft after attending LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts (the Fame school) – where she received a Drama Desk Award for Performance there. She went on to earn her BFA in theatre from Carnegie Mellon University.

     Rivka has worked in all theatrical mediums and is a member of SAG/AFTRA. Her work can be seen in movies and TV shows such as “Switched at Birth,” “Circle,” and “Firelight” (ABC) in which she played the supporting lead role opposite Cuba Gooding-Jr.  As a playwright, Rivka's one act “Rubble, about a child’s search for her soul amongst a pile of talking trash, has been produced in both LA and NYC. 

Rivka is also an activist and arts organizer. She is sits on the board of Irondale Ensemble theater company in Fort Green where she produces a monthly variety show called “ARTBuffet.” Rivka just completed producing “Not Normal: Art in Resistance” and is currently working on “To Protect, Serve and Understand” a project that uses improv and theater to cultivate communication between NYPD and community members.

Amy Berkman (Writer, Actor, Producer)

Amy graduated from Brandeis University with an MFA in fine arts, but was too restless to spend time in a solitary painting studio. So she snuck out to dance classes and was hooked. She auditioned for Pat Wolner's "The Yard"in Martha's Vinyard and got in. There she met Kei Ta Kei and danced and toured  "Moving Earth" for eight years. She also danced with Barbara Roans "Parades and Dances," choreographed and performed with "Barrunto!" a political dance collective; and was invited to choreograph and perform with Marketa Kimbrell's New York Street Theater Caravan. She studied in Africa with Percival Bord and in Japan Satchiyo Ito as part of NYU's Gallatin Division in Performance Studies. Her thesis was a performance titled "Antitasi"which was supported by the Greek Theater of New York. It told the story of the suliot women who, during the Turkish invasion, jumped off a cliff to their death singing and dancing rather than being taken as slaves and concubines. Amy presently works as a Cranio Sacral therapist specializing in pediatrics. She is grateful that her daughter has given her a platform to dance again. 


Meredith Adelaide (Director of Photography)

Meredith has spent the past five years using Instagram as a means to build her artist's platform. The app has afforded her the lifestyle to get up and go when things are necessary. The choices she has made have led her to spread her seeds in New York, Montreal, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Toronto, and Provo, Utah. You may find her in front or behind: a camera, microphone, or stage, depending on the whim.

A word from Meredith:

"Filming this was like being in a trance! I am so curious as to how this story will unfold...thank you to whomever decides to contribute, it means a lot!"


Ashley Brooke Twomey (Associate Producer)

Ashley Brooke Twomey is an artist, entrepreneur, and strategic businesswoman. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014 with a degree in Drama, Ashley moved to New York City and embarked on a radical career shift after some formidable and catalyzing psychedelic experiences. Ashley has worked in the budding cannabis industry across the United States in Washington State and California, most notably at Harborside Health Center--the nation's largest model cannabis dispensary. She is passionate about cannabis and other psychedelic medicines being implemented into American culture as a means to develop neurogenesis in the brain by promoting openness and creativity for mental health. 

Current Team