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Cameo Wood

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THE ATAVIST is a sci-fi adventure about two women saving time. Jax, a time traveling young woman from the future, is hooked on nostalgia. Hen, from our present day, believes the best is yet to come. When Jax leaves behind items that alter history, the two of them must team up to set things right.

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Mission Statement

Our story is about two strong, thoughtful, complicated black female characters. Our lead actors, cinematographer, director, producer, editor, and screenwriters are all women and 50% of us are women of color. We partner with companies owned or populated by women, and underrepresented storytellers.

The Story

Please follow our campaign to help us qualify for the Hometown Heroes Rally! We're competing to get the chance to have the Duplass Brothers join our team as Executive producers. Not only will this open many doors for our film in production and distribution, but it also gives us the chance to earn up to $25,000 toward our production! 

Update! We are fully funded - so we just need to make sure we stay in the top 10 most followed projects in the #HometownHeroes rally!  In the meantime, check out the awesome mood reel made by our editor Anna Rottke to get an idea of what the final film will be like:



Hey there, this is Cameo, the one talking in that video up there. I love science fiction. Sci-fi film at its best imagines that our world is starkly different in some way, and juxtaposes that against familiar elements, and universal themes. Our film is about time travel, girls, and optimism about the future. I invite you to explore the world of The Atavist.


Our story begins a hundred years in the future with Jax, a young woman living in the small working class town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Things are rough in the Pittsfield of the future, especially for Jax. She's living on the streets. The bright and shiny future is not so shiny for her, and she spends her days imagining the past, and particularly the 2010s.  One day, Jax is inadvertently transported into her past, our present day. She meets and quickly befriends Henrietta (Hen for short), in present-day Pittsfield. Hen is Jax's perfect complement: she's a scientist trying to research a breakthrough, and she can't stop thinking about the future and how exciting it could be.


Jax finds that people are impressed by technology from her time, and she leaves behind a few things that don't seem very important to her. But the things she leaves behind alter history and put her future in peril. She has to get everything back, but that's easier said than done. Can she retrieve every last item, with the help of Hen and her other new friends? Will the future be restored? Can Hen and Jax make peace with their places in time? Help us make The Atavist and find out! 

A great story needs great characters. Meet the fascinating people who live in our world. We've already begun casting for these roles and may have some exiciting updates as the campagin continues!
I have always loved telling stories and acting. I was in the Wizard of Oz as Toto when I was 5, and knew I wanted to be in theater or movies. I only had one movie when I was a kid—Amadeus. I watched nearly every day until I was 11 and my family opened a video store in my hometown. From then on, I watched a few movies every day, and I was lucky enough to watch a huge number of wildly diverse films during the 7 years I worked at the store full time. In high school I was a founding member of a weekly high school television show, MMTV, and I did camera work and editing on VHS for our weekly show, and gained a great deal of experience.  
Adventure and time travel stories appeal to the fantasies we’ve all had about living during a different time with our unique insights of our present time. I've always wanted to make a movie about the cultural and ethical difficulties in time travel, and I want to explore a time in the future when a  young black woman would want to visit a period in America's past.
This isn't my first sci fi filmmaking rodeo. My last film was an award-winning short called Real Artists. It explored artificial intelligence, memory erasing drugs, women, and the future of filmmaking. I absolutely loved making the movie. Real Artists has been in over 70 film festivals. 
Now we're ready for the next big thing. We’ve created The Atavist with a multi-racial female cast because we know there’s a huge need for more stories that center complex and fascinating women, especially in the science fiction genre. The US is over 50% women, yet 79% of the programming we see on screen features casts with more men than women.  We base our view of the world on what we seen in entertainment and media; so if we’re going to help tackle people’s biases, we need to create more films that give an alternate perspective.
The Atavist is a bit of Back to the Future meets Firefly with some of Beyoncé’s Lemonade thrown in. This is an adventure about how to people from different eras and backgrounds view the world and become their dreams.
Our film also pays homage to The Berkshires, the beautiful county in western Massachusetts where I grew up. I’ve always dreamed of capturing the gorgeous places where I spent my childhood. The villages, lonely backroads, and the timeless architecture - they all contribute to a unique character in the film. The Berkshires is known as a playground for well-to-do vacationing New Yorkers, but it's also full of honest hard-working people just getting by.


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Entertainment Attorney

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Production finance and legal. Making the right attachments and making sure we're legit.


Costs $500

We need a story-board artist to help us visualize the film before production.

Film Accountant

Costs $1,000

We need a frugal and thoughtful accountant for a low budget feature film.


Costs $500

Pitch materials and outreach to build audience and connect with potential investors.


Costs $2,000

Getting a final draft of our screenplay is our full time job. We want to get the story right.

Office Space

Costs $2,000

We have offices at the amazing SFFilm Filmhouse X for $1000 a month!


Costs $500

We need to travel to LA and Pittsfield to meet with investors and actors.

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