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Austen University

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While each episode focuses more strongly on one story over the others, the characters are friends, and come and go throughout each other's storylines. By intertwining these beloved stories in a modernized setting, we have created a unique television show that is sure to appeal to audiences old & new

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Mission Statement

This show is created and written by women, for women, with season one fully written and seasons two -five mapped out. We are raising the funds to film part one of the pilot episode this summer, and if we meet certain stretch goals we can film the entire pilot that will be around 40-60 minutes long.

The Story

This show is a fast paced, witty fusion of all of Jane Austen’s works on one, modern, college campus. Complete modernized adaptation

Austen University is a modern college campus where all of Jane Austen's heroines meet, become friends and roommates, and help each other through messy romantic entanglements!

This project has the fast-paced wit that made Gilmore Girls a sensation, but it begins with characters that have already been adored for generations.

Imagine if...

  • Emma Woodhouse--campus queen--was trying to run Lizzy Bennet's love life.
  • Cathy Morland--gothic bookworm--teamed up with Marianne Dashwood--bohemian artist--to create campus plays that everyone acts in!
  • the Dashwood sisters, recently impoverished, learn to adjust to life in crappy campus housing.
  • swoon-worthy Professor Christopher Brandon was teaching poetry
  • Rick Wentworth, freshly out of the navy, took a job teaching at AU with no idea that his former fiancé is now a student there.
  • a bromance was brewing between not just Liam Darcy and Charles Bingley, but all of Austen's timeless men: Academics Brandon, Knightley, and Wentworth, and laid-back flirts like Henry Tilney and Emmet Bertram (They may or may not form a bros club that secretly goes out for cupcakes).
  • Mrs. Jennings was a sassy, Southern, sorority house mother who knows all the college gossip.
  • Catherine de Bourgh was Dean of the Humanities department with the most dedicated and annoying TA, Winston Collins.

True to the books

We get it, when a new show or movie comes out that's based on your favorite book, it can be hard to not be critical.

We've worked diligently to keep the characters true to who they are and hit the plot points that take place, just having a modern take to help bring it to new audiences. 

We want to be able to watch shows we are interested in without having to worry about traumatizing our children or hiding from them by watching in a closet!

As mom's of young kids we are sensitive to the things that their little eyes see, and we want to create this show that we not only want to watch ourselves, but we also don't have to worry about who walks in while we enjoy it.

Written in a fast paced style, similar to Gilmore Girls, we know that you will enjoy it too!

Female representation is so important, and this show was created and written by women.

As it is combining Jane Austen's works, this will feature a large cast, made up of many leading ladies.

We aim to be diverse and inclusive and help these wonderful characters and stories unfold in ways that will be entertaining for all ages and genders to enjoy!

It's about time for a Jane Austen universe!

As much as we love superheroes, we feel like it's time for a Jane Austen universe, creating a world that has Fitzwilliam Darcy, Henry Tilney and other swoon worthy leading men in one place.

Help us go beyond our goal of $45,000!

If we reach our goal then we will be able to make part one of the pilot episode.

If we double our goal we will be able to make the pilot in its entirety!

If we are able to make more than double then the funds will go towards helping to make it even better! As well as enabling us to branch out in promoting and going forward.

We will be using the finished episode to shop it around!

We have a producer who is going to take what we film and help it get in front of different streaming services and networks to hopefully get it picked up so we can make all of the episodes and all of the seasons!

We have season one fully written, and seasons 2-5 mapped out. We can't wait to watch them all!

Who better to make it happen than die hard Jane Austen fans? We have been working on this for nearly ten years, making sure we outline the stories so that they unfold in a modern setting, intertwining and hitting major plot points from the books.

This has been a labor of love, and we know that the time is right to make it happen!

Who's involved so far

That place is Austen University. And we are ready to bring it to life.


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Part 1 of the Pilot episode

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This will help us to make part one of the pilot episode of Austen University! Getting to $80,000 will enable us to make the entire thing!

About This Team

It's created and written by women, for women.

Nearly ten years in the making!

We (the writers) have been best friends for ages! We are Bryn, Kari and Chantel, and working together has been a wonderful experience that has strengthened our friendship and increased our love for these amazing characters and stories. 

When Bryn had this amazing idea nearly ten years ago, we all knew it had the potential to take the world by storm.

Combined we have 12 kids, an even dozen, and with inflation it's almost cheaper to have that many kids than to buy that many eggs.

Current Team