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A trans man, Andy, is adjusting to life back home in the small coastal town of his youth, when his old love, Holly, comes to collect a relic of their shared past."Backsiders" is a short film, told in two parts, about what we must we give up in order to find ourselves.

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Mission Statement

We think it is important to represent non-traditional stories in film in order to demystify the "trans condition." Our cast, made up of a trans male and a lesbian woman, collaborated and consulted on the writing of the story -- to ensure accurate representation of otherwise underrepresented groups.

The Story

Our film, Backsiders, is a story about two characters -- Andy, a transman, and Holly, his ex-girlfriend from before his transition -- reconnecting in their hometown after years spent apart. Their lives have taken divergent paths, and a relic from their relationship has pulled them together one final time. During the course of a single day, they attempt to reconcile their past and come to an understanding -- both of each other and themselves. Then they live the day, again.


The story came about from a collaborative writing process taken on by Jen, Michael, and Craig. We were then lucky enough to receive an artist residency from The Barn Arts Collective on beautiful Mount Desert Island, Maine. Making the most of the stunning landscape and misty weather, the location infused our story with texture, mood, and heightened our themes of memory and longing. It became a character in and of itself.


We were tremendously grateful for the generous community of Southwest Harbor. Our project was working on the slimmest of budgets, and the community welcomed us with open arms, providing us with incredible locations and undreamed-for assistance. Our small production crew captured moving performances from our two distinctly powerful actors, Hennessy and Liza J. Bennett.


Indeed, we were a small production team: two actors, two directors, one director of photography, one AC/gaffer, one sound mixer, one PA, and one hair-and-makeup artist. We had an incredible shoot, and the ensuing footage showcases the talents of all the artists working together toward a single vision.


We are extremely proud of the initial cut of the piece, and we are now in the process of finishing the film. We've just recently “locked the picture,” which means completion of the first phase of post-production: editing. Now we are moving on to sound-mixing and design, color correction, and special effects -- to be followed by submission to film festivals.


Our sound designer, Alexandre Beullier, will be designing a rich and diverse soundscape as well as a minimalist score, which will be finished at Gigantic Post in NYC. The soundtrack will be mixed in a gorgeous 5.1 surround-sound. Color correction and special effects will also be professionally executed in order to bring the experience of the film to life.


In order to accomplish all this, we need your help. There's a lot of work to be done, and we're going the distance to give a rich and varied palate to the film, so it can truly live in the viewers' eyes and ears. 


We are submitting to many festivals, including The New York Experimental Queer Film Festival, the OUTsider Film Festival in Austin, The Teddy Awards in Berlin, Tribeca, Sundance, South By Southwest, and many more. We want to carry this progressive and heartfelt story to as many audiences as possible. With this film we hope to spark a dialogue about what it means to transition in every sense of the word.


We feel it is of utmost importance to tell stories of people who are all too often marginalized, but in a profoundly humanistic way. Moving beyond gender identity as the central point of an individual's life, we aim instead to explore the fullness of our characters' humanity.


We hope you will contribute to the film and join us in bringing our vision to the big screen (and many small screens).


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Color Suite

Costs $1,000

At 1000/day, we'll need a full day to bring Backsiders' color up to snuff.

Sound Studio

Costs $1,800

2 days at professional sound studio in NYC to mix and master the film, in stereo and 5.1 surround

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $1,000

At roughly $50/ festival, this will ensure our submission at 20 festivals around the world.

SAG/ AFTRA Talent Fee

Costs $250

$125 for each of our talented lead performers.


Costs $200

Title, credits and basic fx work. This will serve as the stipend for our vfx creator!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Hennessy ("Andy McCabe")  Hennessy is a NY-based actor and podcast host.


Liza J. Bennett ("Holly Perle")  Liza is an actor and writer based in New York. She is best known for her work in the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave (2013), Five Flights Up (2015, TIFF), HBO's The Leftovers, and the Public Theatre's Merchant of Venice (Broadway) starring Al Pacino. Select other work: Chicago Fire (NBC), Blue Bloods (CBS), The Ticket (TriBeCa 2016), and Gary Ross' State of Jones (2016).  Education: South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, The Juilliard School.


Craig Newman (Producer, Director, Editor)  Craig is a filmmaker and actor based in New York. Recent work includes the feature film, The Sound of Ill Days (Editor), SeekaTV's Hat Trick Bitches (Director of Photography) and Hulu's The Looming Tower (Actor). He also enjoys long walks at low tide in The Barn Arts' Collective's backyard.


Jen Pitt (Producer, Director)  Jen is a Brazilian transplant in Brooklyn. She is a writer and director. She can be found writing for BUST magazine or directing at Columbia University. She is an avid lover of cheese but also an amateur vegan.


Michael Barringer (Producer, DP, Editor)  Michael is a filmmaker, writer, and actor living in Brooklyn. He has directed and edited music videos, short films, and video installations. Recent projects include the short film Visiting Hours (director), Caborca’s debut feature film The Entitlement (cinematographer), and a lead role in Kibutz del Deseo’s recently released The Sound of Ill Days. He is a member of the film and theatre company Caborca.


Suzi Sadler (AC/ Gaffer)  DP and camera tech based out of Brooklyn, NY.


Alexandre Beullier (Sound Editor, Sound Designer)  Alex is a Brooklyn-based sound technician and artist (music, producing, sound design). Over the past 5 years, he's learned everything he knows about producing music, post production sound and recording sound on location too, because he believes it's important to go out in the open. And what really matters: let's work TOGETHER.


Sam Stevenson-Yang (Sound Mixer)  Sam is an awesome intelligent good natured sound mixer based out of NYC.


Joanna Weaver (Produciton Assistant)  Joanna is student at the College of the Atlantic and a documentary filmmaker. She was our awesome local guide and jack of all trades.


August Bellen (Hair and Make Up)  Agustina Sosa aka "August Belen" is a makeup artist from Uruguay currently finding inspiration in Acadia National Park. At 22 years old, her experience includes beauty makeup, body painting, special effects, as well as on set touch ups for films. Using her love for makeup and the visual arts, she has recently begun a personal project to shed light upon mental health awareness.


Current Team