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David Beck

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"Back-Up Plan" is an LGBTQ drama that conveys the importance of being true to oneself. Infused with dark humor and offbeat characters, this inspiring drama will compel audience members to see each other with more empathy, imparting how a stranger's kindness makes a lasting impact on one's life.

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Mission Statement

This 3-character short film includes a transgender female character, a gay male character, and an eight year old girl of any ethnicity. The Great Griffon (producer) is a non-profit dedicated to breaking down gender and LGBTQ stereotypes, in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes.

The Story

"Back-Up Plan" is a three character short film about a transwoman named Veronica (played by Jennifer Bobbi of "Aunt Barbara" fame) on the brink of suicide.  After being terminated from her teaching position at a private elementary school in Manhattan's West Village, she decides that she has nothing left to live for.  "Those kids are all I had," she says at one point. 


Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.  Enter Dennis or "Shakes" as he is called (played by David Beck), a Shakespeare telegram delivery man and his seven year old adopted daughter, Bridge (casting TBD), who present Veronica with a Shakespeare sonnet ordered by a secret admirer; however, Veronica's response to the romantic gift is not what Shakes anticipated.


"Back-Up Plan" is a timely drama that deals with discrimination on both the professional and personal level.  It is about the kindness of strangers.  It is about the significance of family:  those we are born into, and those we find throughout our lives.  It is about how even the smallest action can have a major impact on another's life.  We never fully comprehend how our actions and words affect others.


There has never been a more important age than this one to tell this story.  While LGBTQ rights are being stripped away in this country by the day, there are still so many countries on our earth that to be LGBTQ is a crime punishable by death.  We need voices in film reflecting the authentic lives of the LGBTQ community, not as mere sidekicks, sex addicts, or victims, but as everyday human beings in the spotlight.  This is what The Great Griffon is about.


"Back-Up Plan" is a worthy project because it stars a compelling, three-dimensional trans actress in the leading role (not a cisgender man playing a trans woman, as is so often the case in Hollywood).  It is made by the LGBTQ community about the LGBTQ community; but its message will resonate with everyone.  Reuniting once again, writer-director David Beck and cinematographer Natalia Bougadellis are committed to creating the highest caliber of filmmaking and know how to shoot economically, which is vital while working with a minimal budget.  


Thank you for taking the time to consider a donation to our campaign.  We look forward to making "Back-Up Plan" for you!


With gratitude,

The Great Griffon 


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Paying the Cast

Costs $675

We think it is important to pay actors for their work.


Costs $800

Camera rental for production

Post-Production Costs

Costs $1,200

Editing, Sound Design, and Music Scoring


Costs $400

Art decoration, production design, makeup, hair styling, and wardrobe.


Costs $200

Transporting heavy, expensive equipment around the city on a short time frame

Paying the Crew

Costs $1,600

From the sound to the grip, we would like to pay key crew members fairly.

Equipment Rental

Costs $420

Everything from Lights to sandbags are needed to make the best picture possible.

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About This Team

Jennifer Bobbi (Lead Actress)

Jennifer Bobbi is an actress and comedian appearing on stage and film.  She is best known for her one woman show playing the character of Aunt Barbara the Tupperware Lady.  Jennifer received national and international media attention as Aunt Barbara when she became the top selling Tupperware salesperson in North America.  Jennifer currently appears as Betty, a transgender women in recovery, on the web series Spring Street.  She's also appeared in episodes of ABC's What Would You Do?


David Beck (Writer/Director/Producer)


For the screen, David wrote, co-produced, acted in, and composed the score to the multi award-winning short film For Francis, which played in festivals and schools worldwide.  In 2015, David began a non-profit film company The Great Griffon.  Its first major project, the web series Spring Street, is now streaming online.  In addition to writing, directing, and composing the score, David plays a reclusive piano teacher who finally gets a shot at love.  Tubefilter calls it "a complex, eye-catching show...the show is a lot like the classical music it uses as its soundtrack.  Give it time to piece itself together and it will impress you."  


Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, David has been devoted to creating art his whole life.  A classically trained pianist from the age of eight and the president of his high school Thespian Society, David ventured out to New York to pursue acting on scholarship at Marymount Manhattan College, graduating magna cum laude.  New York has been his home base ever since, even though he is deeply grateful for his Midwestern upbringing. 


David is at home in the theatre, appearing in nearly 40 productions in New York as well as throughout the country, ranging from Shakespeare and Brecht to daring new works by playwrights such as Albert Innaurato and Rajiv Joseph.  He has worked with Emmy winner Brian Cox, Tony winners Jack Hofsiss and Randy Graff, and Tony nominee Marla Schaffel.  He currently studies with Brad Calcaterra. 


Natalia Bougadellis (Cinematographer/Producer)

Natalia is a director and cinematographer from Athens, Greece. She recently graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied film and television production.


Though Natalia has been working in New York these past few years, she is still very connected to her hometown, Athens, where she shot her critically acclaimed directorial debut, “The Owls.” The film has played in eleven countries and over thirty film festivals. Natalia is a strong advocate of gender equality and the promotion of queer narratives in the film industry.


She has received several distinctions and awards for her work. Natalia has also served as one of the Co-directors of the Fusion Film Festival that celebrates women in film and is part of the Sundance Initiative for Women.  She has worked professionally in Dublin, Athens, Abu Dhabi, and in various cities throughout the United States.


Emory Parker (Editor)

Emory is a NYC-based auteur who focuses primarily on character-driven pieces, often working both behind and in front of the camera.


In 2015, Emory created and starred in her own web series, PANTS ROLE. The show was a hit, winning “Best Web Series” at the Fusion Film Festival. Emory’s short film, "Changing of the Leaves," has played dozens of festivals and received several prestigious awards including “Best Director” and "Best Actress.” This summer, Emory directed and edited a music video, “Manchild,” that premiered on and has acquired over 17,000 views on YouTube.


Antonio Mendez (Illustrator)



Current Team