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"BAD TRIP" is a thrilling story of a victim of domestic violence who finds her strength to fight back against her oppression.

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Mission Statement

This is a story by women and about women: as a female-run production, we are on a mission to create more opportunities for outstanding women to showcase their talent in front and behind the camera, tackling topics of importance in our society.

The Story

Two badass females have teamed up to bring you "BAD TRIP":  

A Tarantino-inspired fast-paced thriller, telling the story of a dysfunctional couple Sofia and Mark, that go on a weekend road trip to repair their marriage. On the road, when they meet a sweet, but mysterious female hitchhiker Vicky. Soon enough, Sofia realizes that Vicky and Mark are lovers with a plan to kill her and split her life insurance money. The story takes a risky turn when Sofia convinces Vicky to join forces and get rid of Mark instead. 



Once believed that "happily ever after" is what would happen for her. She met Mark online and took a leap of faith leaving everything she had behind, moving to another country, adopting a new language and new culture, trying to be a perfect wife for him. Yet, she was struggling to conceive their first child, so Mark soon enough started to treat her as a burden and a bad investment. Often their fights ended up with Mark physically abusing her.

Looking so perfect on the facade, the perfect fairytale became a misery...


In his world, everything happens according to his plan. And he decides WHEN it happens.

He never really loved Sofia but needed someone like her to look good next to him to highlight his greatness. If fact, the only person Mark really loved was probably...himself?


The poor thing grew up in a small town and never had an opportunity for a good shot. All she ever wanted was to get out of town, so she used every single chance and failed until she met Mark, who had a sweet spot for that kind.

This is her chance and she will not ever let it go.



From a scorching dusty desert and a scruffy distant gas station to a spectacular mansion in the gated community - the story takes unexpected turns just like real life.

Golden sunlight embraces everything it shines upon regardless of the motives, actions, and intentions of the character...Everyone is equal under the Sun.



"...Even the most intelligent and twisted writer's mind can never come up with anything crazier than real life.

Human relationships, reactions, the process of decision making, self-doubt and reflections always fascinated me to the point where one frantically starts studying psychology, psychiatry, behaviorism, and philosophy to get to the core of the eternal question of life: who we are and what is it that makes us-us?

Over the past few years of making films I was trying to figure that out in "What You See Is Not What You Get", "Elevator Beat", "Follow Me To", "Warrior" and other films I've directed or written, finding Xavier Dolan's and Terrence Malick films the most inspirational as those guys were trying to figure out the very same thing.

When does one know who they are? What should happen to them to make them behave like never before? 
When they do, are they still themselves

These questions pop up in our main character's - Sofia's head. At first, she wants nothing but to be the best version of herself on the mission of being a perfect wife. She knows who she is, her life is perfectly planned for her and all her needs are taken care of. 

It all goes south when she realizes, she is not the only woman in her husband's life. In fact, she was written off his agenda with no final notice. As she starts to slowly get that, a new version of herself she never encountered before, rises to the surface. Fighting for her life, she transforms herself and the world around her.

Do I like her methods? I did not say that.

But who am I to judge her - I am just here to tell HER TRUTH."


-Dasha German, Director/Writer



We hope to raise our goal of $15000 through a dedicated audience on Seed & Spark to cover the bare minimum costs of shooting the film. We're taking the experience we've gained to assemble a team of passionate and dedicated members to bring this project to life. 


Principal photography for BAD TRIP will take place in Los Angeles, CA area and is scheduled for November 2019.


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Our campaign also has the full support and endorsement of Women in Film and Film Fatales organizations, domestic violence prevention communities and major festivals focusing on the same social issues as First Glance and Reel Recovery Film Festival even before the movie is made.


Sharing our campaign on your social media is as helpful as a donation. And doing BOTH goes a long way to helping bring 'BAD TRIP' to life! 





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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Sofia and Mark house

Costs $1,200

Happy couple love nest-we have 2 shooting days taking place on their beautiful house.

Gas station

Costs $1,260

This is where all the fun happens:

Sofia and Mark cool SUV:

Costs $560

That car has a part in the film too, folks)

Cast and Crew

Costs $4,450

To get the job done - we need the best people. This part entirely goes to them!

Camera, Grip and Electric

Costs $2,550

RED Gemini Cooke Anamorphic Lens Teradek System SmallHD 703 monitor Tilta Nucleus FIZ SachtlerTripod

Crew Lodging

Costs $900

We all can sleep in a car and shoot in our backyard, but is that really as fun and exciting?

Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

Costs $2,350

Btw, did we mention heavy SFX makeup too?

Insurance and Permits

Costs $2,500

It's easier to make a film without a camera than without this:

About This Team

To make "BAD TRIP" the best film we have ever made, we made sure to bring the finest people for each department-meet them now!

Dasha German (Writer/Director/”VICKY”)

Female writer/director based in Los Angeles with the experience of 13 years in film, deeply passionate about creating character-driven family dramas, Dasha is an active member of Women In Film Los Angeles chapter, whose films were recognized in both national and international film festivals, tirelessly advocating for more opportunities for women in front and behind the camera. 

Gabriela Kostadinova (Co-Writer/”SOFIA”) is an actress, writer, dancer and martial artist with cumulative entertainment experience of 15 years. Originally from Bulgaria, now based in Los Angeles, Gabriela has spent 5 years training with some of the best in the industry (Dimiter Marinov, John Rosenfeld, Anthony Meindl) and appearing in projects for Discovery Channel, US Army, 2K Games and alongside actors Corbin Bernsen, Nancy Stafford, Stacey Dash in the upcoming feature film "First Lady". 

Gabriela is also a 1st dan black belt in Shotokan.  Alongside creating her intricate character (Sofia), she’s excited to showcase her stunt and athletic talent in this film.

William Ostroff (Line Producer)

Producer and DGA Assistant Director with 20 years of experience in over 100 film and television productions, Bill graduated from Temple University in 1993 with a degree in film and TV and has since worked with major studios on features, television series, web series, branded content, infomercials and commercials. His credits include major films such as "Spiderman-Homecoming", "A Wrinkle in Time", "Passengers". He is excited to work with Dasha and Gabriela to bring this female-driven story to life.

Steven Shulgach (Director of Photography)

From award-winning visuals on short films, Steven’s work shines in feature films and commercial/music video work as Director of Photography/Operator over the last 5 years.

Steven completed his first feature film as Director of Photography “First Lady” (2019) starring Corbin Bernsen, Nancy Stafford and Stacey Dash in September 2018. He also regularly works for projects involving College Humor, Forever 21 and numerous ongoing high profile viral music videos and commercials. 

Alfred Hsing (Stunts)

Stunt coordinator with credits on highly acclaimed action movie “Mortal Combat” and Steven Spielberg feature film“Ready Player One”. After over a decade of intensive training in both America and China, Alfred won the first American gold medal in wushu taolu history at the 2009 World Wushu Championships held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Respected and valued by the best in the industry, Alfred is ready to bring his best game to “BAD TRIP” set.

Current Team