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"Bald Eagle" is a short film that explores the relationships between children and their parents and the little intricacies that make up a family.

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The Story

A Coming-of-Age Tale with Fireworks, Burritos, and Male Pattern Baldness.


"Bald Eagle" follows Ben, a recent high school graduate, on his last fourth of July at home before he leaves for college in the fall. He is forced to spend the day with his distant father as they care for his sickly grandpa, whom he lovingly calls Goomps. Through the small intricacies that make up the day, Ben is given glimpses into the generations that make up his family and a better understanding of the adult he is becoming. 



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About This Team

Sam Sarokin


Sam Sarokin was rasied in New Jersey and is now based out of San Diego. His application movie for Chapman featured his grandfather, so it feels only fitting that his thesis film be based around the very same bald man, Goomps. Against all odds, Sam still has a full head of hair. 


Aram Gevorgyan


Born in Armenia, and raised in Los Angeles from a family of immigrants, Aram has always loved hearing stories of legends, fairytales, and relatives since childhood. Now he's grown to have a passion for telling stories himself, and is on his way to a Bachelors in Creative Producing to do just that. Aram remembers every little detail of his grandparent's house - from the layout, to where the encyclopedia's where, to the small table clock whose ticks filled the flat on quiet mornings. But most of all he remembers having tea with Papik and Tatik every morning. 

Quinn Brudos-Sommers

Director of Photography

Quinn Brudos-Sommers is a local to southern California studies cinematography at Chapman University. Quinn's love for storytelling (and Almond Joys) has been charged by his relationship with his grandfather, Richard. Richard is a world traveler and consistent historian for the family who has captured each moment on 16mm and 8mm motion film and 35mm still film. Quinn has worked with his grandfather to catalog and digitize this collection which has given Quinn a unique opportunity to witness his grandfather's and his great grandfather's history. Quinn is most excited to bring this feeling of nostalgia with a modern twist to visualize the narrative of the characters in this multi-generational piece, Bald Eagle. 

Savannah Lew


Savannah Lew is a Junior Film Production major with an Entrepreneurship minor.  Savannah has worked on numerous film sets including music videos with Danny Trejo and commercials for companies such as Facebook.  She has produced and directed multiple short films, commercials and documentries, both in and outside of school.  When not working on films, Savannah likes traveling and taking pictures at abandoned locations. Savannah enjoys sharing meals with her grandparents weather it be at a restaurant or made with family recipes.

Alan Macchiarolo


A native of suburban Detroit and a filmmaker since age 10, Alan's earliest work began with timeless classics such as Invasion of the Pizza Snatchers and Richard: The Talking Plate. He received the most important life advice from his Grandpa at the age of 12: Always do the right thing. Of course this was the same Grandpa who also said: “Hell yeah I have a big ass, you can’t drive a railroad spike with a tack hammer!”

Daniel Woo

Sound Designer

Since the fall of 2014, Daniel has been studying directing at Chapman. His interest in sound design began in high school and continues at Dodge. He aims to create a strong tie with the sound and the story on screen while still creating fitting environments for the characters. His favorite memory of his grandmother is a photo that characterizes her generosity and caring love – her feeding an infant Daniel a banana on his first birthday.

Alex Rocca

Unit Production Manager

Alex Rocca, UPM of Bald Eagle, is a producing student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts. Alex is focused on allocating our donor’s generous contributions as effectively as possible to ensure the best execution of our touching story.

Passionate about character-driven stories and accessible content, Alex works as an assistant at Big Frame, a digital-first talent management company, concurrently with his time at Chapman. Alex muses about how his two grandmothers differ in their catchphrases of "Fabulous" and "Okay".


Christian Flashman

First Assistant Director



While studying Directing at Chapman University Dodge College, Christian learned one crucial thing- Time is Money. Whether working with actors, playing music, or spanking Sam Sarokin, he always makes sure to focus and remember this saying. Is it tattooed across his chest? Yes. Does he own a 4x4 flag that says “Time is Money”? Yes. Will this be a beautiful and time efficient thesis? Yes. While his Grandma was staying with his family in 2010, there was an earthquake on Easter. Everyone made their way between the doorway for safety, exept for grandma who took a detour to the kitchen to grab a bag of Cheetos. She explained she wanted a “snack to have while waiting for the quake to end”. She taught Christian in her own subtle ways that it’s important to enjoy the little things.


Halley Albert

Second Assistant Director 

Halley Albert grew up in the Bay Area on ranches and went to an all girls boarding high school in Monterey, CA. She has wanted to be a filmmaker since she was 5. In her dad's office, she made small movies and documentaries as she grew up. She loves avocados and movies like no other.


Stephanie Caress

Music Supervisor

Stephanie Caress is a junior at Chapman University studying Music and Strategic and Corporate Communications. She is very excited to be working on Bald Eagle as Music Supervisor and hopes to work in the film music field professionally post graduation. Stephanie remembers her grandfather's Christmas decoration collection.


Morgan Mein

Production Designer

Morgan Mein is a senior studio art major at Chapman University with a passion for production design. Her favorite place to be is Santa Cruz, CA with her grandmother discussing art history and workshopping upcoming projects.


Zack Kawasaki

Locations Manager

Zack Kawasaki is a Creative Producer. His hobbies include laying on the couch in his garage and leaning his laptop on its side so he can watch TV. His favorite memory with my grandparents is from when he was in 8th grade. A suburban 13 year old, his first taste of independence was flying alone to the middle of nowhere in Colorado to help on his grandparents’ ranch. Since he doesn't get to see his grandparents often, he was very grateful for the time he was able to share with them. Getting to really connect with his grandparents, while also cutting firewood, making outdoor furniture, and driving tractors, were crucial plot points in the coming-of-age movie that is his life.

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