Bayard Street: Short Film

New York City, New York | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Cindy Chu

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BAYARD STREET is an immigrant love story set in 1980's NYC about an Asian couple chasing their American dreams while working menial jobs to survive. This story reflects the lives of Chinese restaurant workers who’ve been greatly affected by the pandemic, and is a proof of concept for a feature film.

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Mission Statement

We are passionate trailblazing Women of Color filmmakers eager to bring heartfelt stories about People of Color to life, and expand representation in front and behind the camera.

The Story

BAYARD STREET grew from a conversation with my dad about how my immigrant parents met in the 1980's N.Y.C. and the struggles they faced to financially support our family and arguments they had that stemmed from their different class backgrounds. My dad was a working-class waiter from China while my mom was a wealthier immigrant from Taiwan. I wondered how these seemingly different people fell in love in a country that doesn’t love them back.

Inspired by my parents, BAYARD STREET became a story of Andy and Mei Ching, young lovers filled with hope and romance, but soon realize the American Dream isn’t all it’s cut out to be. They reflect similar experiences to most Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants during the 1980's such as sending money back to their families in their native countries while navigating through the “underground” Chinatown employment system where very few people rise up to the corporate world. 


This film honors the people who've faced harsh realities and sacrifices in order to build better lives in America. We hope you join us in celebrating those who came before us.

- Cindy Chu (Writer/Director)



​In the kitchen of a late-night spot on Bayard Street in Chinatown, New York, Mei Ching, the new Taiwanese takeout gal fumbles preparing takeout orders. As the sheer heat and atmosphere overwhelms her, she clashes with the other workers.

Just when...

The manager is about to fire her, Andy, another Chinese waiter steps in to defend her.


When Mei Ching nearly gives up her on staying in America, Andy brings hope back into her life, and they share their greatest dreams for the future.




To show the budding romance between the couple, like IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, the camera will capture the small moments with close-ups of their reactions and their physical moments. The colors will be vibrant like the 80's time period and the neon lights of Chinatown yet grainy to show the vintage era.

Like in MINARI, the journey for the American dream is filled with hardships. The film will be shot in a real Chinese restaurant to reflect the grueling and chaotic atmosphere. To make the film feel authentic, we will cast as many real-life Chinese restaurant workers as possible, and the camera will show the gritty side of Chinatown. We'll also utilize long takes as we follow Mei Ching throughout the restaurant, and capture her reactions to this new world.

While the look of the film will capture America’s dreamy reputation of hope and opportunity as it mirrors the growing enamour between the couple, like TIGERTAIL, their differences are always on display. Mei Ching is a princess while Andy is a dreamer, their wardrobe will reflect their class and wealth differences. Though the film takes place in Chinatown, the looming reality is they are immigrants in America where there will be more trials and tribulations to come.

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BAYARD STREET is written and directed by Cindy Chu 

We've got a dope team of WOC assembled, Mikel Butler (producer) and Jenna You (Associate Producer)


Chinatown has particularly faced devastating hardships and anti-Asian hate. It's been a safe haven for many of our families, and it's imperative now more than ever to shed light on the people and community.

BAYARD STREET is a universal story about immigrants whom, like many of our parents and generations before us, came to the U.S. with little money, education, and knowledge of the English language. However, they had big dreams for themselves and for us, the future of their families.


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It ain't all about the cash cash! If you have services or locations you'd like to donate or loan to us, please let us know! We can offer credit in our film

We're also looking for:

  • Chinatown basement dive bar
  • 80's Cantonese music
  • Chinese restaurant uniforms
  • 80's wardrobe
  • Craft services (snacks, coffee, bottled water)
  • Catering
  • Chinatown mini bus
  • Drivers
  • Extras
  • Production Assistants


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To achieve the 80's look: Alexa mini, lens, lights, and more


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COVID Compliance & PPE

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Catering & Crafts

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Catering and crafty for our cast and crew.

About This Team


Cindy Chu was born and raised in Queens, NY, and is a 1st-gen American from a Chinese and Taiwanese immigrant family. Her award-winning digital dramedy series, Queens won best TV pilot comedy at Omni Cultural TV fest and received the City Artist Corps. grant. Her TV pilots, Angel Island and Anna Wong were selected for the 2nd round for Sundance Episodic Lab. Her stories are female-led, and about 1st gen and immigrant urban working-class Asian Americans in various genres of comedy, drama, and horror.



Mikel hails from Los Angeles and Montana. She started her career off as an actor, studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and acquiring supporting roles in independent features including HOLD ON and DONNA alongside Luiz Guzman and Flavor Flav. As her interest in photography and filmmaking grew, her gaze started to shift towards behind the camera. She started working in commercial production as a Script Supervisor and Office PA for brands including Maybelline, Spotify and Weight Watchers. Since making the shift to behind the camera in 2018, Mikel has worked professionally as a commercial production coordinator, been a HBO Women in Comedy Finalist and produced several short films.



Jenna is an NYC-based producer and actor. She graduated from NYU in 2019 with a BA in Psychology and began her career in marketing, but has since been working in film/tv. Jenna has worked on various indie shorts, series, and features as an Associate Producer, PA, and 2nd AC. She continues to work with Tribeca Festivals and is now with the Gotham (formerly, IFP) helping filmmakers build important relationships to bring their stories to life. Jenna is passionate about diversity in film and hopes to bring more stories about BIPOC communities onto the big screen!

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