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BeanSprout Against the World is an LGBTQ+ family oriented podcast that follows two sisters navigating their parents divorce. Often times, LGBTQ+ kids aren't allowed to see themselves reflected in media, especially if they're neurodivergent-- we think those stories deserve to be told.

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Mission Statement

Lavender Lemonade Collective is focused on telling LGBTQ+ stories past coming out. We found there's a real need for stories for and by LGBTQ+ people that are of all types, and so with BeanSprout Against the World, we're hoping to broaden our audience and let LGBTQ+ teens hear about themselves.

The Story

Divorce is a tricky subject to talk about, especially when kids are involved. It becomes even more tricky when it is LGBTQ+ divorce. Kids in these situations have the added struggle of having little to no healthy representation of their family dynamics and limited social support for their LGBTQ+ familes.

BeanSprout Against the World, an audio drama/comedy podcast, approaches that void in representation with comedy and a strange delight, all while discussing the genuine woes and weirdness that comes with divorce.

The story centers around 26 year old sister, Nora Hinkes-Espocito and her 13 year old sister, Thalia. Thalia lives with her mom and ren (a gender-neutral term for "parent") during a difficult time in their marriage. When their parents start acting like children, Nora makes the difficult decision to move her little sister into her duplex with all her LGBTQA+ friends while they let their parents figure out what they're doing with their relationship.

Join us in celebrating the weird and wonderful of being neurodivergent children of LGBTQ+ parents. Between the growing pains, moments of pride and most awkward time of their lives, Thalia and Nora grow as sisters and as people in the first season of BeanSprout Against the World.


BeanSprout Against the World is a podcast near and dear to the hearts of Orion Ibert and Mik Koats, the co-founders of Lavender Lemonade Collective. Not only do we specialize in telling LGBTQ+ stories that aren't just about the coming-out process, we also have personal stakes in these stories.

Orion is a part of COLAGE, an organization for and by the children of LGBTQ+ parents. He has his own story about being a neurodivergent weird kid in the midst of an LGBTQ+ divorce, but also truly wants to make something for the middle-school-aged folks he works with at COLAGE's Family Week.

Mik is in the process of trying to become an LGBTQ+ parent themself and wants to create something that their kids can see queer and kind families in. Something they can point to and go "I made a story about a family like ours" thirteen years in the future. This podcast is a love letter to their future child, who no doubt will be weird and wonderful and at some times awkward, but also to their past self, who was weird and wonderful and more times than not painfully awkward. 

Not to mention that both Thalia and Nora, the main characters of the show, are autistic-- just like Orion and Mik are. As the creators we want neurodivergent teens and tweens today to hear a show that celebrates "being the weird kid" in a way we wish we could've had when we were younger.

Between the creative duo, their lived experiences, and some appropriate cultural consultants, Lavender Lemonade is specially equipped to handle LGBTQ+ divorce, neurodivergent sibling relationships, and finding a family. 


The current COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation where both Orion and Mik are able to put significantly more time into their creative endeavors with Lavender Lemonade Collective. This is simultaneously an amazing thing in regards to new found time to work on projects, but also fairly devastating as the pair have been underemployed since March, limiting the funds either of them have expend on their craft. Mik graduated from the University of Houston with a theatre degree, only to have theatrical opportunities disappear overnight due to the pandemic. We would also like to give our voice actors who may also be underemployed due to COVID-19 a paid role on the show.

BeanSprout Against the World is a larger scale project than either of the debut productions of Lavender Lemonade (Transmission Folklore and Deep Blue Stars), but our experiences rapidly switching to remote recording in the midst of Stay-Home-Work-Safe orders and casting internationally has given the collective insight into what is needed to manage such a larger remote production, which is needed for a cast with so many parts. We are reaching across the globe to be able to tell stories that are often overlooked. 


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Sound Design

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We would like to hire Tal Minear ( to sound design a 4 sfx complex episodes!

Paying Our Actors

Costs $830

We would love to pay our voice actors for their hard work on our show!


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We would like to be able to hire someone to create captions to make our content accessible.

Original Intro Song

Costs $150

We would like to hire a composer to write us an original intro song for the podcast.

Paying our Crew

Costs $620

Our show wouldn't be anything without the crew! We want to pay our crew members for their time.

About This Team

Mik Koats (they/them)

Writer, Director, Co-Founder

Mik C. Moats (they/them) is a nonbinary playwright and co-founder of Lavender Lemonade who graduated from the University of Houston's Playwriting and Dramaturgy program in 2019. Mik's work has recently been seen with Theatre 66's NEOS Showcase 2020 at the Alley Theatre (Roll for Length), in UH's 2019 Ten Minute Play Festival (Pliny is Wrong With Me), as well as a finalist at The Kennedy Center for the Arts College Theatre Festival's Ten Minute Play Contest (Revival).


Orion Ibert (they/them)

Editor, Producer, Co-Founder

Orion Ibert is a passionately out, queerspawn, autistic, non-binary creative who co-founded Lavender Lemonade with Mik. Formerly involved with GLSEN as a National Student Council Member and GLAAD as a Student Ambassador, Orion has taken a more creative approach with their activism to not only make LGBTQIA+ content, but to also include the experiences of children in LGBTQIA+ families.


Tal Minear (they/them)

Sound Designer, voice of They/Them Tony

Tal is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. A Mechanical Engineer by day, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, Light Hearts, What Will Be Here, and Someone Dies In This Elevator; they are also working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts. Their voice can be heard in Novitero, The Path Down, Sector Ø, Transmission Folklore, and more. Tal does sound design for Seen and Not Heard, Dining in the Void, and their own podcasts. They occasionally write for other audio fiction shows, including The One Stars and The Ace Audio Archive. Follow them on Twitter @starplanes, and visit their website at


The Cast

Thalia Cecile Hinks-Espocito is voiced by Sterling Rae (she/they)

Nora Heidi Hinks-Espocito is voiced by Maureen Kesterson-Yates (she/they)

Angela Espocito is voiced by Guendalina Cilli (she/her)

Wren Hinks is voiced by Hayley Curran (she/they)

Cassie-Rae is voiced by Mik C. Koats (they/them)

They/Them Tony is voiced by Tal Minear (they/them)

Himbo Toni is voiced by Brad Colbroock (they/he)

Star is voiced by Jessie Voges (she/her)

Maia is voiced by Sam Sutterby-Murillo (any pronouns)

Rio is voiced by Charlie Dunham (they/he)

Paisley is voiced by Addie Symonds (she/her)

Current Team