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Zander Kirby

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We are so excited about sharing Ben & Lucy with you: the story of an unexpected friendship 150 years in the making. Join us in the journey of bringing Ben & Lucy to life! Check out the link to our original Ben and Lucy video:

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Mission Statement

We are proud that our web series passes the Bechdel test, featuring two complex female characters transcending stereotypes and providing central development to the plot. Additionally, we have cast actors of varied race, economic backgrounds, and sexual identity.

The Story



I have always loved vampire mythology and am a real sucker for any show about it: True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals (you bet I watch the spinoff), Buffy, Angel (another spinoff!), and Blade. I watch them all. While I love watching these shows, there was always something I thought would be fun to explore:


What if it all wasn't so sexy?

What if it was just awkward that you lived so much longer than everyone else?

No magic, no mind-bending fights, just trying to find a place in a world where you are the "other" and you have to hide it.

And that was the genesis of Ben & Lucy.


Ben & Lucy is a tale about a vampire (with a haunting history) who gets a human roommate. At its core this story is about people hiding their true selves from society, which I believe has relevance to everyone in varying degrees. Opening up takes courage and vulnerability. Ben & Lucy seeks to explore these themes in the context of a vampire comedy. Developed over the past year with the input from an amazing cast, this is one vampire's journey of overcoming past trauma, discovering the power of friendship, and acceptance of one's self. 




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Shooting Permit

Costs $500

State owned spaces require a permit to shoot. Spoiler alert* one of them is an airport.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,300

We already have a few lenses, but we need a zoom lens that can shoot at night. (Vampires...)

Sound equipment

Costs $650

We need a boom mic with a digital recorder to capture scenes with multiple people.

Special effect makeup

Costs $250

When you have a story about vampires, you need them to look like vampires.

Edible blood/blood bags

Costs $80

Vampires eat...


Costs $350

We need multiples of the same clothes due to events in the script.

Small props

Costs $450

Small props like food add up, especially when you have to renew the prop for a new angle.


Costs $500

Editing, and picture/color/audio correction to help Ben & Lucy look and sound the best it can.

Production Insurance

Costs $2,650

All Sag-Aftra productions require insurance for the actors' safety.

About This Team

Menaced Minds productions is the duo of Jonathan Finnegan and Zander Kirby. The pair first met at Actors Theatre of Louisville six years ago and after making the move to NYC have continued to collaborate. Their short film, Barry Bruiser and the Revenge of Lucy Leggs, was a success at film festivals last year earning several nominations and an excellence award.


The Cast:

Zander Kirby - Lucian 'Lucy' Marian

Jonathan Finnegan - Ben Willis

Claire Curtis-Ward - Genevieve 'Eve' Marian

Gabrielle Georgescu - Irina Petrescu

Michael Connolly - Mike Stracht

Kelly Strandemo - Rachel Bilner

Torrey Linder - Tommy LeBaux




Producer, Writer, and Director - Zander Kirby

Producer, Sound Engineer, and Director of Photography - Jonathan Finnegan


Current Team