Between Heaven and Hell

Riverside, California | Film Feature

Drama, Fantasy

Jim Buchholz

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We own the movie rights to the bestselling book Between Heaven & Hell by Peter Kreeft. This film is a wonderful mixture between real events and what if events. These 3 extremely influential men never met on earth but within moments of each other all die and meet for the first time in the afterlife.

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Mission Statement

The film crew is presently 50-50% men/women ranging 19-57yrs old, 10% African American, 10% Asian & 10% Hispanic. As we get closer to production we'll continue to be committed to diversity. This film involves a substantial dialog and look at the relations between Christianity, Buddhism and Humanism.

The Story

On 11/22/63, 3 great men all died moments apart: John F. Kennedy C.S. Lewis & Aldous Huxley. These three meet somewhere beyond death.




35th President of the United States of America (Jan. 20, 1961 - Noc. 22, 1963).


Famed novelist, academic, poet and theologian known for his phenomenal debating skills.


Famed Author, Poet and Screenwriter born into a prominent intellectual family.


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Digital Download of Movie and Soundtrack!


You will receive a USB drive loaded with random COOL STUFF from the making of the film!


One lesson with a crowdfunding coach!


Receive an autographed storyboard from the film!


Your name will appear on the big screen at the end of the film!


Signed Copy Of Hal Poe's Book "C.S. Lewis Remembered: Collected Reflections Of Students, Friends And Colleagues"


Signed Copy Of Hal Poe's Book "The Inklings Of Oxford, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, And Their Friends"


Signed copy of Peter Kraft's Best Selling Novel, Between Heaven and Hell!


You will receive professional in-studio Headshots. (Riverside, CA.)


Receive a signed page of the music manuscript by our very own composer!


Your name will appear in the film's credits as well as receive IMDB credit as Associate Producer. 


Come spend a day on the set with the cast and crew!


Private screening with the crew!


HAVE IT ALL: Associate Producer, Day on the Set, & Private Screening


3 Day/ 2 Night Stay At C.S. Lewis' Home "The Kilns" With Tour


Your support means so much to us, we appreciate you!



I have spent the last couple of years working on putting this whole film project together including acquiring the movie rights, working with the book’s author and publisher, writing the script, putting together a team/crew and working on many aspects of filmmaking, meetings and consultations with financiers and producers, and preparing for this crowdfunding campaign. I have had most of my team together for several months now, and it is time for us to make this film.

This is where your generosity comes in. We have gladly spent thousands of dollars already getting to where we are right now, but we need additional funds at this point to take us to the next level.

I want to be open with all of our supporters. We have a three level film production plan.

Level I 

We have a successful initial crowdfunding campaign. If we are fortunate to have a fan base that supports our initial goal, this movie will be made. Funds will be used for legal, casting director, initial test filming at specific locations we're trying for an important look we need in the film with travel.

Level II 

We have contacts already set who will help us raise additional funds after the initial crowdfunding campaign for Screen Actor Guild (SAG) actors. We want to make a SAG film with great recognizable faces. The better and more recognizable the leads, the better chance we have at a wide distribution of our film. That is, more people will see our film!

Level III 

While this is an indie film, level three would be substantial support to make a studio level film (i.e. cut no corners so to say). While that might seem like a far stretch to some, it’s not insurmountable. We also have contacts ready to set us up with meetings with financiers who if they really like what they see, we could get their support.

No matter what level we achieve, this film will be made. Just think of it. The better we do in raising additional funds after the crowdfunding campaign, the better your donation will look. If we are successful with this campaign, we truly feel confident that we will reach a higher level of funding beyond this campaign. BUT again remember, we will make a good movie at any level. SAG actors with audience appeal, desired location costs and equipment, post-production and marketing are the real needs for additional funding beyond this campaign.


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Costs $3,500

We need legal assistance as we are in communication with other interested parties.

Travel to test locations

Costs $1,500

We need to travel to a few film test locations for important shots of "purgatory" and legal travel.

Casting Director

Costs $4,500

Top casting director to bring in named talent, which will help for additional fund raising.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

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