Beyond Good & Evil

California, United States | Film Short

Drama, Sci-Fi

Kshitij Bal

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In 2028, in a world without men, an injured Clementine and her mother, Hera are taken in by two sisters, Lilith and Isabel. However, when Hera decides to kill the sisters & make their cabin her own, Clem has to choose between the logical & brutal violence of Hera & the humanism & empathy of Lilith.

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The Story

Movies have the uncanny ability to capture the brutal reality of violence and tension that is so intrinsic to human life. This is at the core of what I am trying to achieve with Beyond Good and Evil - a dramatic, psychological thriller that aims to explore human relationships in a bleak and anarchic setting.

Narratively, I want to create contrasting characters placed together in a claustrophobic situation. This presents an immense opportunity for conflict and to dynamically build tension leading up to a climax of violence that is both inevitable and necessary. 

Further the idea of a world without men, inhabited solely by women, gives me an opportunity to explore the female narrative in a unique and independent fashion, one that I feel is often sidelined and viewed within the existing constraints of the patriarchal structures of today's society.

Thirdly, Beyond Good and Evil brings together some of my favorite genres - post apocalyptic sience fiction, psychological drama and ahs elements of action films - one which I truly believe has the elements for a gripping and emotionally charged film, that is very simple at its core. 

Beyond Good and Evil addresses a plethora of themes, all articulated through the experience of 16 year old Clementine -  coming of age, search for identity, free will and survival of the fittest. One of the key goals is to create a character and situations that the audience can emotionally relate and empathize with, despite the foreign nature of the post apocalyptic world that the film is set in.

Tonally, Beyond Good and Evil takes inspiration from The Walking Dead, Book of Eli and Children of Men, narratively and in the gritty yet fantastic reality of their worlds. The Walking Dead universe (games, movies and comics) is a major influence for Beyond Good and Evil, in terms of dialogue, character development, color palettes, lighting and mood. In term of color, the film shall have a high contrast, de saturated look, with strong use of natural and practical based lighting, that communicates the gritty feel of the world of the film.

Visually, Beyond Good and Evil takes inspiration from modern action classics from Asia, such as Gareth Edward's The Raid and the Raid 2, and Joon Ho Bong’s Snowpiercer and Mother. The film will have few cuts, and would have a number of long shots, particularly for the final action climax. The part of the film from the perspective of 16 year old Clementine would be shot through handheld to create a stronger emotional connection with the audience, constantly living with her.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $650

Production Assistants

Costs $100

Stunt Coordinator

Costs $50

While our stunt coordinator, is working pro bono - he still needs a gas allowance!

Dog Trainer

Costs $50

While our dog trainer is working pro bono - He still needs a gas allowance!

Accessories - Remote Follow Focus - Bartech

Costs $500

To help shoot the long shots and the handheld sequences


Costs $100

gaffer tape, extension cords, gels - the works - all those daily expenses of the camera team!

Make Up Artist

Costs $400

to create the gritty post apocalyptic feel of the characters

Production Designer

Costs $300

To create the post apocalyptic world of the story

Prop Package

Costs $300

We need old books, pictures, lanterns and tools to create the post apocalyptic world


Costs $100

For the final action climax to truly come alive


Costs $60

Magic Gadget 3 Circuit "Shadow Maker" Flicker Box

Costs $120

To create the natural lighting look in the night of flickering oil lanterns

Lighting Expendables

Costs $100

Kerosene lamps + Lanterns


Costs $300

To help cook the food for a cast and crew of 15

A 2 BHK Cabin in Big Bear/San Gabriel

Costs $810

We need a rustic and slightly isolated cabin to create the setting for the film


Costs $400

We need permission both to shoot in the cabin, as well as in the forest, for the outdoor sequences

Forest Ranger

Costs $400

Fire Marshal

Costs $400

Cube Truck

Costs $490

Vehicle Insurance

Costs $105


Costs $420

4 cars + 1 truck * 200 Miles Return

A 4/5/6 BHK Cabin in Big Bear/San Gabriel close to the shooting location

Costs $1,575

To provide accommodation to 10 Crew + 5 Cast for a week close to set.


Costs $2,000

3 meals a day for 12 crew + 4 cast for 5 days. A well fed cast and crew is so important!

Hard Drive

Costs $240

Sound Designer

Costs $500

To create a great post production sound for the finished film

Production Insurance

Costs $150

Need stunt insurance for the actors for the final scene


Costs $400

At an expectation that at least 20 people will contribute at least 100$

Contingency fund

Costs $250

For all those tiny on set emergencies!

Intel a Jib

Costs $300

To get the long exterior shots and the interior shots from a height, to create a visual experience

About This Team

Kshitij Bal (27) - Writer/Director/Editor - Currently pursuing a MFA in Filmmaking at New York Film Academy, LA - Kshitij did his undergraduation in Literature and a MBA, before deciding to move from India to LA to pursue his life long passion to make films. With prior experience in theater both as an actor and in production and as a writer and journalist - Beyond Good and Evil is his first major project in terms of budget and scope. Check out his previous work at

Kevin F. Gillingham (25) - Cinematographer - Currently an MFA Cinematography student at New York Film Academy, LA - Kevin graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a B.S. in Digital Video and Cinema. Since childhood, Kevin has been studying and experimenting to bring the vivid images in his head to life on screen. Even after travelling the world and working in every aspect of film from writing and acting to producing and directing, it wasn't until he found his place in LA that his dreams have started to become realities. He has enjoyed working on many projects with tenacious international individuals who share his passion. Beyond Good & Evil is his third project with Director Kshitij Bal. Check out his previous work at

Radhika Womack - Producer - A graduate in Producing for Film and TV from the New York Film Academy, Radhika has a number of short films, documentaries , music videos and a feature film to her producing credit; most recently, Sabre Dance - a quirky comedy,  When the Wolf Calls - a thriller/drama feature film, Back to Fort Russell - a western, Tell Me a Memory - a drama & Mosafer - a music video. Finding the perfect balance between 'Staying within Budget' & 'Quality of the Film' is what she is best at.

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