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"Big Girl" is a darkly comedic web series that explores the experience of a plus-size woman living and dating in New York City. With a relatable, unapologetic, complex female lead, "Big Girl" celebrates body positivity, feminism and self love in 5 episodes of cynical humor and social commentary.

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Mission Statement

Our production team is majority female and lead entirely by women. Our story is told from the female gaze and chips away at the damaging narrative that only thin women can be desirable, happy, or in charge of their lives.

The Story

"Big Girl" follows our protagonist, Katie, a sarcastic firecracker who doesn't have patience for your body-shaming. She is a grown woman who knows what she is capable of, and knows what she deserves. But a size-obsessed society isn't going to let her confidence go unchallenged. In each of the five episodes, Katie is confronted by obstacles that writer Katharine has experienced personally, IRL. Aggressive dates, disrespectful friends, public transportation...the list goes on. But fear not, bopo warriors; she will find many forms of love, both within herself and others. (That's not a sex joke- but honestly, it also applies to the plot line so take it how you will.)


68% of American women wear plus sizes. 68%!! Yet it's estimated only 1-2% of bodies in mainstream media are plus size. Scientific studies have proven that visual representation deeply affects our self esteem and our unconscious biases.

The mental health issues that come from body shame are universal. People of all ages and all sizes struggle with dieting, eating disorders, and detrimentally low self esteem simply because our televisions have taught us that we only have value if we look a certain way.


Think of the plus size women you've seen in the movies and TV. Ursula. Mimi. The Trunchbull. These are all negative characters who were created to make the protagonist's life difficult. They are defeated by delicate mermaids and cute little telekinetic kids. It is rare that we get to see a large protagonist who is in charge of their life, who is a positive character, and who the audience is rooting for. We need to be exposed to these stories if we are ever going to unlearn body shaming. We need to be un-brainwashed of the idea that only skinny people are worthy of their own stories.



I’m Katharine Scarborough, a NYC based actress and writer. Being a plus size woman, and a plus size performer, can be brutal. My work is in an industry that is largely based on appearance. I often play characters much older than I actually am, and I’m often told that I have to “age into my type”.



For years and years, I felt silenced.



And then, I discovered the body positivity movement through a plus size fashion blog, and it saved my life. I saw women celebrating their bodies with cute clothes, posing confidently, writing about how their bodies were beautiful. Seeing women who looked like me living their lives happily and positively blew my mind. After bad dates, and rough self-esteem days, it meant everything to look at these Instagram photos and read these blogs, and to not feel alone. Most importantly, I realized that stories like mine need to be heard. We need to see plus-sized women who don’t hate themselves; the “sad fat lady” trope is a tired one. Not all fat women are sad. Not all fat women are unhealthy, and even if they are, why is that a moral failing? Not all fat women hate themselves.


We are full, beautiful, flawed, complete human beings with interesting, funny, sexy, and smart stories to tell.



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About This Team

Katharine is an award nominated New York City based actress and writer with an MFA in Acting from the New School for Drama. She has held Artist Residencies with Mabou Mines, The Brick Theater, and studied with The Moscow Art Theater. Katharine takes her scotch on the rocks, does funny voices, and one time she accidentally pepper sprayed herself in the face. 


Elaine is a director, DP, and editor with comedy training from UCB, The People's Improv Theater, and The Magnet Theater. She is the co-founder of Brazen NYC, and a social video editor for top parenting site Her favorite muppet is Gonzo, though it tears her apart to choose. She deeply relates to his reckless abandon.


Alyssa studied Journalism at Mizzou's J-School before beginning her journey into comedy and narrative story telling as an editor and director. She is the co-founder of Brazen NYC and the head of promotional content for Newsy. Alyssa is a beast at pop culture trivia, with a specialty in 80s teen movies. 



Irene is an Australian illustrator and animation director currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Irene's distinctly bold style has been featured in campaigns by Coca-Cola, Revlon, The Washington Post, Lenny Letter, and Project:Girl. 



Kelly is a New York City based producer working on projects that range from commercials and short docs to Sundance winning creative. Kelly is a total boss that prides herself on funky fresh footwear and her dense knowledge of hip hop.






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