Birds In The Sky

New Orleans, Louisiana | Music Video

Romance, Musical

Jonathan Jackson

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We would like an opportunity to do justice, visually, to this song by crafting a storyline that will take place among the beautiful, majestic setting of the California coast (Malibu & Big Sur). We really want to shoot a beautiful music video for a beautiful song, but we need YOUR help!

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Mission Statement

We are hoping to show a short glimpse of "black love", and the dimensions of black love. We believe that PERK's album does a great job of showing different stages, as well as different phases of love in the black community. And our crew in made up entirely of minorities.

The Story


We've put together a visual treatment for you to view here: Click on this sentence to view the treatment.


PERK, The Colored Section, and Calvin Blue Jr. Films are looking to create a beautiful video for PERK's "Birds In The Sky", the 3rd video collaboration between the filmmakers and PERK from his album "Substance". 



The video begins with PERK walking into a club in New Orleans. After hanging out for a minute, PERK sees a friend of his with her boyfriend, and says "hi". Soon after, the boyfriend walks away, as PERK and the woman speak. PERK notices the boyfriend looking at other women, but decides not to say anything. Soon after, the boyfriend walks back over, and grabs the woman, leaving PERK alone.



As PERK watches her walk away, his thoughts are transported into a surreal dream, a beautiful, colorful, and bright setting, where he is surrounded with hills and mountains, and wearing clothing that expounds “regal Afro Futurism”, and. He sees the woman a top a hill, and  sings to the her. She always seems to be far away, and wears a golden crown. Her outfit, at times, is similar to Selita Ebanks' wardrobe in Kanye West's "Runaway", and at other times, is based on regal Afro Futurism.



As the music changes, PERK is brought back to reality, as women in the club dance to the track in slow motion, while birds begin to appear flying around the dense, smokey club atmosphere. We are shifted back and forth between PERK singing to the woman in the club with PERK singing to the woman in his surreal dream, as they begin to come closer in his dream. When he finally gets close enough to grab and kiss her in his dream, he is bumped by someone in the club, and shifted back to reality, where he watches the woman walk out of the club with her boyfriend. Before exiting the club, she looks back at PERK and smiles, as he sees a couple of feathers drop from her clothing. We end with PERK smiling.




For the club location, the colors RED and BLUE would be the main spectrum we’ll utilize, with both colors being dense and separated. A light fog will fill the club, mixed with shots of sweaty partygoers will help to put the audience in the right frame of mind for the scene.

For PERK’s dream sequence, pastels, or light, faded versions of orange, pink, and green work best when describing the colors of Big Sur. PERK wears all white, and his dream girl’s feathers would reflect the environment with earthy pastels. Foggy mornings on the northern/central California coastline can help us capture a natural glow that will allow us to achieve the surrealness we are aiming for.





For the scenes in NOLA, the club would be gritty with a young, hip crowd of mainly minority women. Hi Ho Lounge and Cafe Istanbul are possible locations that are already know for hip, young, minority crowds and events.


We will utilize the beautiful hills and forestry of Big Sur, and will mix in the public beaches of Malibu (El Matador) to shift the audience into a surreal world that illuminates love and desire.



We feel that raising $1,500 shouldn't be too hard, and the main thing we are asking for is money to pay for the crew to travel. The artist and filmmakers are covering all other costs, but if we are able to reach and surpass our goal, we would like to include:

-Money towards specific, detailed, and original wardrobe for our dream sequence

-Lodging in LA/SF

-Extra Filmming Equiptment

-Payment for crew


In closing, we feel that we have a great song, and can create a great video for 3rd time. The filmmakers and PERK are commited to entertaining you guys either way, but we can always use help, and appreciate you thus far.


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Travel and Living Costs

Costs $800

Travel from NOLA to LA for essential crew


Costs $300

Lodging in LA/SF


Costs $400

Money towards specific, detailed, and original wardrobe for our dream sequence

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Craig Perkins aka "PERK"


An artist as well as a music producer, PERK was featured on Season 4 of NBC's "The Voice", and was mentored by both Shakira and Usher. PERK has consiently crafting great songs over the past 5 years, and is also consiestently building his audience. It is only a matter of time before he is recognized as one of the greatest artist of our generation.


Jonathan Isaac Jackson - Director/Producer

Jonathan Isaac Jackson is a Managing Partner at The Colored Section, along with Philip Williamson Jr. The Colored Section has had films selected and screened in The New Orleans Film Festival (2014-2018), PBS Online Film Festival (2016), San Francisco Black Film Festival (201 7), and the New York Film Festival (2017), among many others. In 2019, Jonathan is looking forward to releasing his sci-fi short “the girl And her Electric Sheep”, as well as “mor-Ale”, a web series he produced with Philip Williamson Jr. in Philidelphia.



Calvin Blue Jr. - Director of Photography/Producer

Cinematographer Calvin Blue Jr. was born and raised in the Greater New Orleans area where he first became fascinated by light and color and how it appeared in images. He attended Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) as an Advanced Painting Scholar, but ultimately graduated with a B.F.A. in Video and Film Production. With a strong background in drawing and painting, he has used his knowledge of composition, color theory, and lighting to create works such as The Inheritance, Wedding Vows, Conversations with The Devil, and The Girl And Her Electric Sheep.


Paige Touzet - Assistant Director

Paige is currently a student at the University of New Orleans, but has worked on films distributed by Netflix and Amazon already, as well as Assistant Directed projects for The Colored Section. Paige's willingness to learn, along with her compassion, makes her a crucial part of The Colored Section or any production that is blessed to have her aboard.


Logan Jackson - Wardrobe Designer/Stylist


Logan Jackson is an aspiring filmmaker, fashion designer, and stylist. She graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree in English concentrated in Film and Digital Media. She's currently working on documentary projects, branding for her fashion line, and assisting in styling on sets for artists and musicians.


Philip Williamson, Jr. - Producer

Philip Williamson Jr. is currently an Emmy and Edward R Murrow Award Winning Show Director with Fox Television Stations, specifically Fox 29 in Philadelphia. Most notably, he is a Managing Partner at the Colored Section. As a filmmaker, Philip's work has been screen all over the world, and he will soon be bring "mor-Ale" to small screens soon, a web series that he created, wrote, produced, and directed.


Vernon Smith - Producer


Vernon Smith is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He has worked as an assistant location manager on a number of television shows including Friday Night Lights, Ray Donovan and Shameless, and the feature films  Boyhood, Bumblebee and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Using some of what he learned over the years, Vernon wrote and directed his first feature film, Davis Farm, which is available on Amazon Video.


Current Team