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Join us in changing representation of Queer, Black, and POC in Horror! You too can be at the forefront of pushing the boundaries. Help to build autonomy in the film world by supporting Bitten: A Tragedy and it's primarily QTIBIPOC cast and crew.

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Mission Statement

Written by and starring a Black Queer Woman, Bitten: A Tragedy deals with microaggressions and transgenerational trauma. In keeping with the creator's subversive artistic expression and radical politics, Bitten is channeled by Queer POC in front of and behind the camera with a love for horror.

The Story

*photos used were referenced from Getty images as part of the 'mood board' process. We do not own any of these images, unless otherwise noticed. 


"Bitten, A Tragedy" follows the story of Lydia, a 20-something Black queer femme living in Philadelphia. One night out on the town leads her into an underground queer party, age old ancestral battle grounds, and...vampires? 

Brimming with secrets, she forms a method of survival in a subcultural world that is not as radical as one might perceive to be.



Present-day Philadelphia using the underground queer dance scene as a back drop, we explore the spaces that are rarely seen.

Since the burgeoning LGBTQA movement in the ’70s  and ’80s, there has always been a significant culture of resistance spawned from the warehouses and DIY spaces in the city.



Despite Philadelphia's rich *BLACK* history, the city has not been exempt from GENTRIFICATION efforts. Properties that have been deserted or owned by slum lords have been sold off to redevelopment companies in hopes of "urban renewal." This brings up the erasure of past traumas, triumphs, relations, etc., in an ever changing landscape. 

(Since this issue is common place in so many communities around the world, it makes the character's relateable to many of those who are directly impacted by gentrification's harmful, colonizing rhetoric. )



Main Character

Lydia black queer woman – Lydia is a 20-something woman living in Philadelphia. She is an artist, radical and is in the process of 'self discovery'. She frequents subversive spaces while still remaining critical of what is lacking from their social praxis. A firm believer in African Indigenous spiritual practice, she utilizes her faith as a means of survival. Guided by her spiritual advisor named Lady Death, she navigates her complex world with vigor, wit and naturally — uncertainty.  However, she posesses a secret method to aid her throughout the madness, of which we will explore...


Basic white hoes, transgenerational trauma, what do we owe our ancestors — what is our duty to our ancestors when our stories have been systematically silenced or misrepresented by those who have oppressed us? What happens to a demographic that has been present in a space that is being bought, sold, demolished, and rebuilt? Where do those memories go? In most Indigenous spiritual practices it is said that we inherit our ancestor's triumphs and battles. This film explores those theories by presenting characters in modern day situations and the past — and how it brings about tension in communities who actively reinforce toxic traditions. 

In "Bitten," we use vampirism as a means of exploring intersections within movements that are often dangerously overlooked. Vampires are representative of an entity that cannot die, bringing the past right along with them. The concept of absorbing one's life force through sanguinary or psychic means brings us to the idea that absorption of memory can also exist. It can also bring about self discovery and who we are in the intersecting timelines within our bloodlines.


With plenty of suspense, this film confronts revenge vs. vengeance, perception of supernatural vs. spiritual, and whether these themes are even coterminous.


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About This Team

Bitten: A Tragedy is an Audre's Revenge Collective project which means cast and crew is and will always be majority QTIBIPOC folks. In keeping with the spirit of our collective's politics and means of inter-communal solidarity, we teamed up with 4Mile Circus to bring this story to light. 




Monika Estrella Negra (Director, Writer, Producer, Lydia)

"Bitten, a Tragedy" will be the second short film for Monika. Her first short titled "Flesh" is about a Black femme serial killer navigating the Chicago DIY punk scene. A writer, a nomadic priestess, spiritual gangster and all around rabblerouser - Monika has written essays for Black Girl Nerds, is the author of a zine series (Tales From My Crypt), the creator of Audre's Revenge Film and Black and Brown Punk Show Chicago, a 2018 Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grantee, and is aspiring to become a Meme Lord. Hailing from the Midwest, she now resides in Philadelphia, focusing on completing her Vengeance Anthology (BITTEN is apart of this) and works closely with Audre's Revenge Film's co-founder Mariam Bastani in order to create narratives rarely seen in the film world. 


Mariam Bastani (Co-director, Producer

With a background primarily in music, Mariam has run a record label, organized shows and festivals, has played in touring bands and ran Maximum Rocknroll punk magazine. She is also a published writer in both the academic and music world. She is a member of Liasion of Independent filmmakers of Toronto and writes for Rue Morgue Magazine. Mariam is co-founder of Audre's Revenge Film and has a few horror shorts of her own in the works.


Nicole Solomon's (President of 4Mile Circus, Writer, Director, Producer) 

Nicole's crowdfunded film Small Talk has screened and won awards at festivals around the world. She is the former Communications Director of the Patton Veterans Project, where she also took taught filmmaking workshops for veterans, and has over a decade of experience working with artists and nonprofits on fundraising, press, outreach, content creation, and how social media intersects with all of the above.


Sean Mannion (Founder of 4Mile Circus, Writer, Director, Producer)

Sean has produced dozens of independent feature narrative films, documentaries, web series episodes, short films, live events, and music videos. He has lead many successful crowdfunding campaigns including Chris Cuffaro: Greatest Hits which raised over $100,000. He has extensive promotional experience in the film and nonprofit spheres.


Valérie Bah (Head Director of Photography)

Valérie Bah is a Montreal-based Black queer artist who uses photography, videography, and text as vehicles to document and tell stories about healing, joy, and mundane/radical acts of survival. Her work is driven by Black feminist thought, speculative fiction, and lived experience.


Eva Wǒ (Assistant Director of Photography)

Eva Wǒ is a queer mixed-race Chinese-American photographer, videographer and curator born in New Mexico and based in Philadelphia. Their work challenges and expands possibilities for gender/sexual self-determination and self-love through the creation of celebratory and inspiring imagery made in collaboration with queer, trans, and nonbinary artists, performers, event organizers, activists and sex workers. Eva is also a recipient of the 2017 Leeway Transformation Award. More @


Daiju Edwards (Art Director)

Daiju Edwards is a filmmaker from Buffalo, NY. Her work uses a dreamlike lense to explore themes of sexuality, isolation, and transformation. She has also worked as an assistant director and assistant art director on music videos for bands such as Lamb of God and Ghost. She is a stylist, as well. Daiju’s work is currently heavily rooted in narratives where characters find divinity within themselves and work with it. As opposed, to running from it or allowing it to control them. One of her most recent short films, “A Seabeast Landing”, has been screened by Audre’s Revenge Film. The experimental 16mm short shows the transformation of an aquatic alien lifeform into a human form in order to assimilate into our world.


Kelly Gallagher (Animator)

Kelly Gallagher is an experimental filmmaker, animator, and Assistant Professor of Film at Syracuse University. Her theoretical and scholarly work investigates the radical and feminist possibilities of experimental animation. Her animations, experimental films and documentaries have screened internationally at venues including: The National Gallery of Art, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, London ICA Artists’ Biennial, LA Film Forum, the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry, and NYC's Anthology Film Archives.




Monika Estrella Negra (Lydia)




Molly Hanulec (D.B)

Molly Hanulec is a Philadelphia-based comedian, actor and musician, with a flair for costumes, blood and the absurd. She runs Beautiful World of Comedy, a monthly showcase of comedic performers, featuring stand up, experimental acts, dance and hot dogs at the Beautiful World Syndicate. She is also the front woman of the band The Bachelorettes, whose music style has been described by some as "gay halloween". You can see her perform stand up comedy around the city, covering fun topics like growing up, presentation of the self, and mortality. When she's not performing, she can be found muttering to herself while ironing her many funky button downs.



Priest (Lady Death)

Priest is a Philadelphia based witch, performance artist and event curator. You may have known them by Lucifer or Luci Rising (b.c.) they have been reborn as Luzifer Priest (a.d). Luzifer Priest, like everyone, is a Divine Creator and their mission is to create more of what is desired. In Priests case that is more Queer, Black, Satanic, Pagan, Art that inspires others to their own unique divinity and necessary perspective in the world. Priest is one of the founding members of Raspberry Royale, one of Philadelphias most delicious and fierce burlesque troupes. Raspberry Royale is an all queer troupe of color focusing on creative expression, self empowerment, and fun safe spaces for QTPOC. Priest is currently curating Lifting the Veil, an interactive Occult and Dark Arts festival Coming this November




Rose Luardo (Dorothy Bea)

Rose Luardo began her performance career after graduating from New York University and deciding to move to Philadelphia where things were a bit grittier. She became acquainted with the art collective Space 1026 and began working on various performance shows. Luardo's first participation at Space 1026 Gallery was in Smash it, Break it, Eat it a combination food, sculpture and performance art show. 

Luardo graduated from Headlong Performance Institute where she studied Comedia dell’Arte and physical theater. What a ride! After graduating, Luardo began producing one-woman performance works and continues to do so. 

Luardo works with fine artist and comedian Andrew Jeffrey Wight as the performance art, writing and comedy duo The New Dreamz. Together they have written a series of children’s programs for Comcast and host/produce Comedy Dreamz which shows in NYC and Philadelphia.

Right now her favorite movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing.












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