Blind Truth

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Crime, Drama

Wyatt Buckner

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BLIND TRUTH is a 1980s crime drama about two FBI Agents, Brian and Joe, who chase after a serial killer who has resurfaced after over twenty years of dormancy. They operate on a personal vendetta as they hunt the same man responsible for the death of their high school friend, Tommy.

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Mission Statement

While the story focuses on universally relatable topics of obsession and the pursuit of truth, behind the camera is a growing diverse crew now currently made up of mostly women. As our crew grows, we're committed to having a crew of unique people from diverse backgrounds be a part of the film.

The Story


BLIND TRUTH is a crime drama set in 1980 about two FBI agents tracking down the man who murdered their best friend, Tommy, who has now resurfaced after over 20 years. The story is focused on Brian, an experienced agent who has always been able to find the missing piece in any case. As he now pursues the very case that made him join the FBI in the first place, he becomes increasingly more obsessed, causing him to struggle to find the missing piece and struggle to be there for his wife in a time where she needs him. This film will be an exploration into the consequences of obsession and a look into what it means to find the truth.




Adrianna Bail


Adrianna could not be more excited to be directing her first feature film. Last year she finished directing her short film "Perspective." She graduated from The College of St. Scholastica with a BA degree in Film Studies. Adrianna is a member of the Duluth Film Collective in Duluth, MN.


Wyatt Buckner


Wyatt has had an intense passion for filmmaking long before making epic stories with your toys became "childish." He is also a graduate from The College of St. Scholastica with a BA degree in Film Studies, and he is also a member of the Duluth Film Collective. He's been involved in several films with roles ranging from assisting to directing. His most recent film was a short titled "Infinite," which he will soon begin submitting into festivals.




Luke Moravec as "Brian Carter"


Luke Moravec has performed in 3 films and over 29 theatre productions in the Duluth area. He has been actively involved in productions at the Duluth Playhouse, Renegade Theatre Company, The College of St. Scholastica Theatre, and more. His film roles include Dennis in Solatium, Scott in Old Lifty, and Dan in Look it in the Eye. 


Jordan Curtis as "Joe Collins"


Jordan Curtis has performed in 6 films and 4 theatre productions in the Duluth area. Jordan studied at the Academy for Film and Television and the School of Voiceover in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been a member of the local Renegade Improv group that performs frequently at the Duluth Teatro Zuccone. 



Jacey Dean as "Michelle Carter"


Jacey Dean has performed in 6 films and 4 theatre productions. Jacey Dean brings rich and varied life experiences to her performances. She was trained at the Baron Brown studio in Santa Monica, CA under the direction of renowned studio co-founder D.W. Brown.



Kent Dean as "Will Matthews"


Kent Dean has performed in 9 films and 8 theatre productions. This will be his second time playing an FBI agent in a film! Kent also studied at the Baron Brown studio in Santa Monica, CA under the direction of renowned studio co-founder D.W. Brown. 



Kevin Walsh as "Director Conroy"


Jamie Houk as "Elizabeth Henderson"


Justin Powers as "Mr. Carter"


Richard Stevens as "Agent Olson"


Jason Nordberg as "Patrick"


Matt Davey as "Todd"






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Camera Equipment

Costs $5,000

Camera, lenses, tripod, monitor, steady cam, slider, lights, etc.

Costumes & Props

Costs $2,000

We need costumes and props that realistically look and feel like they're from the 1980s.


Costs $1,000

We need various locations, including an FBI Bureau, to make the film look as real as possible.


Costs $1,000

We want to ensure that everyone on the film shoots is well nourished.


Costs $1,000

Sound equipment and sound operation

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We've formed an incredible of team of people whom we've had the priviledge to work with before. We're very excited for our team to bring this film to life!

Current Team