Bloody Maria

Los Angeles, California | Series

Horror, Comedy

Iris Almaraz

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Bloody Maria is the story of two female teens facing off to battle the greatest battle East of the Los Angles River. Unfortunately for them in order to survive they will have to join sides in order to take on a supernatural evil force that is greater then any obstacle they have ever faced at home.

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Mission Statement

Our project is inclusive on a grand scale. The writers represent diverse experiences and are tireless creators. On top of that, the lead characters are fully dimensional, marginalized women of color, who are placed in fun campy, outrageous situations that lend to universality rarely seen in film.

The Story


This supernatural chola project, unlike any other, is a graphic novel come to life, set in East Los Angeles, CA. It takes from comic book styles of filmmaking and mixes them with b-movie art house films. It’s like nothing that has ever been done before and because this is something new, we need support to raise funds to achieve our artistic vision.







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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Lenses

Costs $1,200

We have a great camera already but we will need to rent lenses to make it look great!


Costs $1,000

We will need spookily delicious locations for our filming and permits.

Steady Cam

Costs $1,600

A steady cam will help our film look smooth and give the shots a professional look.


Costs $1,500

Insurance keeps our extremely expensive equipment safe, in case something were to break or go wrong.


Costs $1,700

Our G&E department makes sure we get our lighting and camera equipment set up quickly and safely!


Costs $2,100

Costumes will allow us to create our unique style for the film. It gives our characters personality!


Costs $2,300

The crew makes the film come to life! Without them we would not be able to create our vision.


Costs $1,400

Editing brings all the shots together into one story. Here we add sound, music, and coloring too!

Special Effects

Costs $2,500

Special effects give us the tools to make what would otherwise be impossible come to life on screen!


Costs $2,000

Makeup will give our main characters a recognizable and scary look of a chola vampire!


Costs $2,700

A full crew is a happy crew. Making sure our actors and crew are well-fed on set is essential.

About This Team

Iris Almaraz


 Iris Almaraz is a graduate of the San Francisco State University's film program but the street life was just as educational. She was born into a working class biracial Californian family, but her parents were polar opposites of each other. Her Mexican/American father was a UCLA student/activist who was involved in the “Chicano” movement and her Irish/Italian mother was a “Chola”  who was perpetually in and out of trouble. The contrasting nature of her parental influence is a constant source for material for this filmmaker.


With poignant, insightful, original and intelligent films, Iris’s distinctly creative style is stamped on each project. Her films have won numerous international awards and have earned her a place in the Latino/a film community as a role model and inspiration to other young filmmakers pursing a dream.



Gabriel Moore-Topazio


 G. M. Topazio is a writer, illustrator, and creator of the indie comic book "Asylum" by Wrought Comics. He has had work featured in the comic anthologies “Psychosis,” “Bay Area Comic Anthology,” and “Not Forgotten”. Topazio has appeared as the Artist in Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, and at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. He studied History of Art and Visual Culture/Literature at University of California Santa Cruz. You can see more of his comic book work at, or @wroughtcomics on Instagram, tumblr, and twitter.



Stephanie Saint Sanchez


Stephanie Saint Sanchez (Writer) is a by-any-means-necessary media artist, movie maker, and instigator. As founder of La Chicana Laundry Pictures, she has made over 25 award-winning, genre-bending shorts. She also started the Senorita Cinema film festival, the only all Latina Film Festival in Texas. She is a recipient of a S.W.A.M.P. Emerging Filmmakers Fellowship, The Idea Fund, and Lawndale Artist Studio Program.



Joey Mendez


Joey Mendez - (Producer of Bloody Maria.) Studied Business Management at Long Beach State. Upon graduation, he went back to school for further studies in filmmaking at LACC and then UCLA. Prior to graduation from film school, he began working with HBO Films. Work in the fast paced world of commercial production soon followed and there he gained invaluable production experience working alongside some of the best producers in Hollywood. Joey then produced his first feature with the director, Iris Almaraz, titled, "Delusions of Grandeur”. The film went on to be an audience favorite at film festivals and won many awards around the world. With the latest project, "Bloody Maria", Joey and Iris continue their collaborative efforts and hope to make something truly unique and unforgettable.



Warren DiFranco

Director of Photography

Current Team