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Our story deals with family relationships, a dangerous and riveting investigation, and digging deep to discover everything is not what it seems.

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Mission Statement

The story of our film will represent what it can be like for non-nuclear families and how that can affect relationships within those families. Also, most of our crew is made up of young female filmmakers.

The Story


We are hard working film students at Quinnipiac University whose passion has led us to our final project, Blossom. After years of watching, studying and working on projects, we are excited to finally put our heads together and showcase our talents to create a motion picture that is uniquely ours. Combining all of our skills that we have learned at Quinnipiac, we are excited to build this project from the ground up proving that we are worthy to enter the film industry.



Within non-nuclear families, there is often a sense of competition of who is the favorite parent. Leah, a 16-year-old girl must spend weekends with her father, Pete, whom she has a broken relationship with. While Leah begins to believe that their next door neighbor, Rose, is a serial killer, Pete tries to win over his daughter’s affection by helping her investigate.



The story was adapted from an instance that our writer's first film teacher experienced with his next door neighbor. Over the course of developing this narrative, it has grown into a much different story that means a lot to each of us individually. Putting a father and daughter in unique circumstances to allow them to patch and further their bond really embraces the importance of family connections. 



As seniors at Quinnipiac University, we are required to complete a senior thesis capstone project. This takes place over a full academic calendar year. But as filmmakers, this project is a way for us to put the skills we’ve gained over the past four years to the test and show the world what we’re capable of.



We want to construct a dark overall undertone which captures a realistic and raw aspect.

We hope to create a unique perspective that makes the viewer question everything they perceive on the screen. By using dim lighting, harsh shadows, and distortion we will be able to bring the audience through the perspective of the main characters.



Our influence for the script comes from Alfred Hitchcock's film, "Rear Window." Our influences for visuals comes from Jonathan Demme's, "The silence of the Lambs" for its portrayal of characters visually/confusion, Alfred Hitchcock's, "Psycho"- for its lighting and angles, Kenneth Lonergan's, "Manchester by the Sea" for its angle of shots and bitterness of surrounding landscape and lastly Clint Eastwood's, "Gran Torino" for its realness and motion of different angles. 



This project means everything to us and is a way for our team to showcase our talents. As film majors, we have watched countless stories that have made an impact on society and hope that Blossom will leave a mark on its viewers. 


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Costs $1,500

We're looking to hire SAG talent to ensure that our production is as professional as possible!


Costs $1,000

A proper location gives the film a realistic perspective.


Costs $300

Just to get our cast to and from set!


Costs $1,500

With the equipment, we will be able to bring the story off of the page and onto the screen.


Costs $300

A chilling score helps further a narrative!

Sound Mixing

Costs $500

Sound mixing allows the film to look and sound as genuine as possible.


Costs $500

To make our set look and feel as authentic as possible!

Color Grading

Costs $500

So we can give our film an overall color that fits the theme!

Festival Fees

Costs $600

We want the world to see our work!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $400

We have to feed our cast and crew!


Costs $900

For everything in between! In production, you need some extra budget for back up plans!

About This Team

Joseph Anthony Marcello - Director 

Joseph has been diverse throughout his young career. He has written and directed 6 short films in which 2 have won awards at his university, written and directed an independent feature film, is currently working on another short film while writing a feature script and leading an upcoming professional outdoors show as an executive producer and director. Through his passion and work, he brings experience to Blossom and hopes to breathe life into this amazing story...


Favorite movies: Once Upon a Time in the West, Manchester by the Sea, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 



Danielle Yostpille - Producer 

Danielle is from Long Island, New York. She is so excited to prep for our film before we start shooting next semester! She has a love for production and always knew she wanted to work in film and television since 10th grade after seeing a taping of Live with Kelly and Michael. Danielle has been a production intern for The Jerry Springer Show and this past summer she went to LA to be a development intern for H2R productions. She is currently interning with New York Live on NBC 4. She can’t wait to work with her team and bring Blossom to life!


Favorite movies: Inception, Almost Famous, Singin' in the Rain



Rianna Berretta - Director of Photography 

Rianna started her film journey in high school where she took media and fell in love with the camera. She would stay late after class to learn as much as she could and ended up receiving an award for excellence in media. Her true passion for film came after watching Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. His use of mis-en-scene and suspense have inspired much of her own work.  Rianna hopes to create Blossom into a film that puts its audience on the edge of their seats.


Favorite movies: Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather Part II



Alicia Leo - Writer and Sound Dept. 

Alicia is so excited to see her writing come to life in the making of Blossom! Currently, she’s writing script coverage for an international film finance and production entity, which has allowed her to grow as a screenwriter. She has worked on two feature films in the past year as a production assistant and is excited to get more creative experience throughout the production of Blossom.


Favorite movies: Donnie Darko & Me, Earl and the Dying Girl


Matt Allen - Editor and 1st Assistant Director 

Matt has been working in film and video since he was 13 years old, producing content for his family's business. He is extremely excited to make Blossom his most professional production yet. This past summer he worked at two production companies in Philadelphia where he shadowed assistant directors and worked as a production assistant and script supervisor. He also worked on half a dozen short film, music video and commercial shoots for companies like Bravo. He's thrilled to show off his own editorial skills in this new project.


Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Sully, Ferris Bueller's Day Off



Madi Hayes - Production/Set Designer 

Madi has experience with production from interning for The Jerry Springer Show where she worked in the wardrobe department and helped with props as well as travel for the various guests on the show. She has also worked as a stagehand and on set design for various musicals in the past. She also has experience working at the International Emmy Festival and different television festivals around New York City. She is excited and ready to help create a suspenseful look and feel to the film and help bring it to life.


Favorite movies: Little Miss Sunshine, When Harry Met Sally, It's a Wonderful Life

Current Team