Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

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Horror, LGBTQ

Emma Mueller

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Bloody Mary x3 is a queer, feminist take on the famous urban legend. The story is told across three settings: a teenage girls’ sleepover in 2009, a boarding school in 1971, and a modern-day film set. We're trained to see blood and squirm, cringe, and look away. But what if we didn't?

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Mission Statement

This film deals with all the different ways young girls encounter blood, the deadly consequences of abortions without healthcare, and gives queer representation in the world of film, on camera and off - all beginning with a chilling ghost story.

The Story

"I'm not afraid of a little blood. You shouldn't be either."

Callie in Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

At its core, this film explores what it feels like growing up as a girl in a world where we're taught our bodies are wrong, gross, and often out of our control; This is the origin story of Bloody Mary before, during, and after Roe V. Wade.

Since the 2022 Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the United States has seen a spike in regressive legislation across multiple issues including women's reproductive rights, gender-affirming healthcare, and even restrictions on menstruation education. 

Our film explores the catastrophic damage that can be done when women are denied essential reproductive healthcare and the freedom to choose how their body is taken care of. The politicization and wrongful governing of women's bodies is extremely dangerous. The Center for American Progress projected that maternal deaths could rise by 24% because of the legislation banning women from abortion and reproductive healthcare. Our film sheds light on the trauma and tragedy associated with this type of legislation and calls attention to the decades-long fight to be female freely. 

The Process

We've been busy! Since May, we've been putting together a talented-as-hell cast, securing locations, finding unusual props, assembling an outstanding crew, creating lists and more lists, and we're psyched to start sharing!

Our principal photography is Sept 30th - Oct 1st and Oct 6-9th in Monmouth County, NJ. 

We'll be posting regular updates and inviting our audience into the production process on Instagram & TikTok- follow us @maryfilmofficial for an inside scoop!

We'll leave you with this nugget: want to set the mood while you read more about our film? Listen to the Yellowjackets Spotify Playlist to enter our world, and see pics from our moodboard in this campaign.

Funding the Film & How YOU Can Help

Bringing this film to life is no small feat; this is where we need your help! See our wishlist for a full breakdown of what we need to make this happen.

If you're interested in donating a larger sum or partnering with us in some other way please email us at [email protected] and we can help make it happen! We appreciate your support, whether you're donating funds, sharing our campaign, following us on Instagram or TikTok, or spreading the word!

Behind the Scenes


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Production Design

Costs $525

We want the physical world of this film to be as vivid on screen as it is in our heads, from props to set! Also... fake blood. Lots of it.


Costs $2,000

When we stepped into our filming location, we fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. This is our dream space!

Costumes that SLAY

Costs $200

Our costumer is a thrifty QUEEN and will be visiting every Savers in the area to dress our cast with flare.

Rehearsal Spaces

Costs $300

From casting to rehearsals, finding our dream cast was a WILD time - but we found them and y'all - we're gonna brag just a little. Or a lot.

Grants & Fundraising

Costs $150

This is to cover our fundraising efforts on the back-end, like grants and other fundraising resources!

Paying Cast & Crew

Costs $1,800

Paying cast and crew is high on our list of priorities - they make this film come to life. Plus, who else will submit us to @shittyrigs?

Production Costs

Costs $2,925

From renting equipment to feeding our cast & crew, insurance, incidentals, and transit, we want to ensure a smooth ride for everyone on set!


Costs $1,100

Ya know the editing timeline for Everything, Everywhere, All At Once? That.

About This Team

Emma Mueller (Writer/Producer, she/they) is a queer writer-producer-actor-consent educator based in NYC. Emma spent her summer producing this film and touring around the US, performing a show about consent & healthy boundaries with a sexual assault prevention nonprofit, Speak About It. Her work explores girl-to-womanhood, love in all forms, queerness, and all of the wonderful, bizarre experiences that follow. On-screen, you can find them in “No Joke” on Amazon Prime, and on PBS’ Let’s Learn! series, as well as indie-produced short films including "Dentildo" (Dir. Natalie Feinstein) and "Unusual Ceremonies" (Dir. Mel Nakos).

Melina Nakos (Director) is an award-winning disabled Queer Latina director, writer, and editor based in NYC. Their work champions inclusion in a raw and real manner, never shying away from the messiness and beauty of life and marginalized identities. Their work has aired on major television networks such as Lifetime, as well as showcased in international film festivals around the globe. They are extraordinarily excited to direct Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary and see this unique vision of girlhood, queerness, and reproductive justice come to screen.

Taylor McIntyre (Producer, she/her) is an independent producer and artist living in NYC who is dedicated to bringing dynamic, diverse stories to life. She works in theatre, film, and digital media, exploring the beautiful complexity that is our world. Most recently, she produced Sea Glass at the New York Theatre Festival.

Our Cast: Ella Sembiring, Emily K. Hernandez, Emma Mueller, Katryna Marttala, Keisha Catherine Johnson, Marlene Hoffmann, Paris Adorno

Ella Sembiring is 19-year-old Indonesian actress. Born in Sacramento, California now based in New York! She is currently enrolled in Rockland Community College working to finish her general education and then move on to earn a degree in Drama Therapy. Started acting in her high school theater program. She continues to perform in theater as well as films. She gravitates towards roles that require her to be covered in blood!!

Emily K. Hernandez (she/they) is a NJ/NY based performer and a recent graduate of Syracuse University with a BFA in Acting. From a young age, she recognized the power of storytelling and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. Emily aims to create work that is truthful and to collaborate on projects that seek to generate impact. Alongside acting, Emily also aspires to further their development as a writer and director in the years to come. They are extremely excited to meet new artists and to make new stories like "Bloody Mary" come to life. 

Katryna Marttala (they/them) is an NYC based actor, musician, and educator. Katryna is a proud member of Ring of Keys, an artist service organization that fosters community and visibility for musical theatre artists - onstage and off - who self-identify as queer women, transgender, and gender non-conforming artists. Katryna is an active member of the theatre and music community, having performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Cutting Room, Arlington Music Hall, and multiple Off-Broadway/Regional Theaters. They are thrilled to be making their film debut in Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary and send all of their love & admiration to the cast and team.  

​​Keisha Catherine Johnson (she/her) is a Manhattan based actress, originally from New Hampshire. She recently graduated from the American Musical Dramatic Academy after studying musical theatre. She was most recently seen performing as Sally Bowles (Cabaret) at Dixon Place and is so grateful to the Bloody Mary cast and crew for being such a pleasure to work with!@keishacjohnson on Instagram. 

​​Marlene Hoffmann is a New York City based actress, originally from Germany. She has worked as a professional theater actress in Germany all of her adult life, highlights include Janet (“The Rocky Horror Show”),Peer Gynt (“Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen) and Hamlet (“Hamlet”). Since relocating to New York one year ago she has graduated from the renowned Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute where she studied with Bill Hopkins, David Strasberg, Suzanne DiDonna and many more. She starred in the Horror Shortmovie Winder (dir. Case Avron) which won “Best-Short” at the Arizona International Film Festival and has recently celebrated her Off-Broadway Debut at the AMT Theater in a production of “The Bacchae” (dir. Lorca Peress).

Paris Adorno is an NYC based actor, when she isn’t acting she enjoys hanging out with her cats and baking. 

Stay tuned as we introduce the rest of our team!

Current Team