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Bodega unfolds as a blend of 'You' and a promising meet-cute, initially presenting the prospect of a beautiful queer love story that teeters on the edge of cliché. The narrative takes a sinister turn when Nora, in her quest for connection, becomes obsessed with Eve. How far will she go?

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring more queer stories that aren't centered around the trauma of "coming out" to the screen. We want to explore the nuances within queer relationships and the blurred lines between friendship, flirting, and fixation.

The Story

Bodega follows the story of a young queer woman struck by love at first sight. In this queer psychodrama, we see a potential love develop into something a little more sinister, obsession.  A potential meet-cute turns into a “You”-like story. How far will our main character go to get the girl?

Bodega delves into the captivating tale of a young queer woman ensnared by the magnetic pull of love at first sight. Within this riveting queer psychodrama, the delicate tendrils of a budding romance slowly morph into the shadows of obsession. What begins as a promising meet-cute metamorphoses into a narrative reminiscent of the chilling Netflix show "You." The audience is left to ponder the depths our protagonist will plunge to in the pursuit of her heart's desire. Will she navigate the delicate balance between passion and peril, or succumb to the darker allure of obsession?

This short takes place in a bodega & at a Brooklyn apartment building. We will also be using the community of Bedford Stuyvesant for the outdoor shots.


NORA - Nora, a queer creative, evolves from protagonist to antagonist, dedicating all her time to incessantly following Eve. This shift sparks an exploration of the thin line between passion and obsession, unraveling a captivating narrative of complex relationships.

EVE - Eve, the unsuspecting love interest of Nora in our tale, appears unassuming, oblivious to the potential sinister undertones of Nora's intentions.

DELI GUY - In our queer psychoromance, the Deli guy brings comedic relief to a narrative where the thin line between obsession and admiration holds the potential for something sinister.

Bodega unfolds as a blend of 'You' and a promising meet-cute, initially presenting the prospect of a beautiful queer love story that teeters on the edge of cliché. The narrative takes a sinister turn when Nora, in her quest for connection, starts surreptitiously following Eve. In this compact 9-minute film, the storyline delicately navigates the realms of psycho-romantic drama and unapologetic obsession, challenging the boundaries between love and fixation.


We are making Bodega to bring more queer black stories to the screen.


We plan to shoot Bodega mid-February in Brooklyn, New York. The money raised will be used to crew, cast, and produce our film.


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Equipment Rentals

Costs $100

We would love to rent the BEST equipment to ensure we reach standards to submit to film festivals next season.

Misc Budget

Costs $200

Costumes, Meals, Location


Costs $200

We want to be able to pay our crew members fairly. We will have about 15 people on our crew


Costs $400

We need to be able to cover ourselves just in case

Post Budget

Costs $1,200

We need a color grader, editor, sound mixer, and money to submit to festivals

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


SHARIK ATKINSON (WRITER/ DIRECTOR) - With an unwavering passion for content creation, I've contributed to major productions, including NBCU's 'Genie,' 'Law & Order SVU,' Netflix's 'Manifest,' and so much more. I've also produced compelling commercials for renowned brands like Footlocker, Apple, and Google. Currently serving as the Social Media Director at a prominent production & development company, my role takes me to esteemed film festivals globally, including Rome Cinema Fest, Palm Springs Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival. Bodega will be my directorial debut. 

KYLE VASQUEZ (PRODUCER) - Kyles love for story telling began when he watched the movie: “Selena,” when he was four years old. The feeling of empowerment and representation harbored within him for years to come. He attended a performing arts high school and attended William and Mary, receiving a BA in Psychology and History. Kyle has assisted high level executives at Netflix, Disney, and Paramount execute their vision. He has also helped micro budget SAG projects tell their story! Some of his favorite projects have been: “American Horror Stories,” “Feud,” the “MTV Video Music Awards,” and “Little Daughter.”

FIONNA LUI (COSTUME DESIGN) - Born and raised in the heart of NYC, Fionna's love for styling started at an early age. Her portfolio boasts prestigious projects, including sourcing distinctive looks for the Chanel commercial with Martin Scorsese featuring Timothée Chalamet, as well as the Versace Icons campaign with Anne Hathaway. Her creative touch extends to the unsettling world of 'American Horror Story: Delicate (Season 12)' and she's had the privilege of styling Rebecca Black for 2023 New York Fashion Week. Contributing to the imaginative realm, she has also lent her expertise in the costumes department for the upcoming movie, 'Imaginary Friends'. With an eye for detail and a flair for innovation, her work continues to leave a mark in the world of costumes.


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