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BOYHOARDER, an unknown punk band, is thrust into the spotlight when a zealous fan takes their lyrics to heart and begins killing boys. As the band is catapulted to infamy, Alex, the band leader begins to lose her grip as the boys in her band begin to lose their lives.

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Mission Statement

The BOYHOARDER team is made up of LGBT+, Latinx, and feminist filmmakers with a passion for camp and horror. The film examines power through the eyes of women in the male dominated fields of punk and serial murder. Featuring original BOYHOARDER music by Liza Anne and directed by Gabrielle Carrubba.

The Story


Inspired by the films of John Waters, Susan Seidelman, and Cindy Sherman, BOYHOARDER, follows ALEX, the leader of the eponymous unknown punk band, as she and her band deal with a meteoric rise to fame as the result of a serial killer murdering boys in direct references to Alex's lyrics.

(Alexis Molnar/ALEX)

At a small BOYHOARDER show, AMMONIA, an effusive fan, watches from a corner. She is entranced by Alex and her lyrics, and her gory show of murdering her boy band members. Ammonia is taken away by a boy wishing to court her - but he doesn't realize this enthusiastic fan is out for blood, literally. Ammonia remembers the lyric "Life's short for bad men" and decides she should take his head with an electric turkey carver as a memento of the evening.

(Liza Anne/AMMONIA)

Back at Alex's apartment, the news about the beheading at the Boyhoarder show has gone viral. The boys in her band, Georgie, Izzy, and Sky, want to ride this wave of press, while Alex is reticent, stating they will not engage with it as she is a benevolent dictator, and this choice won't be democratic; she believes in the music over murder. 

Ammonia works on the decapitated head, painting it up like a BOYHOARDER band member in a room decked out with BOYHOARDER's photo's all over the walls, like the megafan she is, with a particular focus on Izzy - almost as if she's planning something bigger. 

Izzy walks home when he bumps into Ammonia on the street, not a coincidence. She earns his trust by siding with him, claiming everyone is taking the murder a bit too seriously, and he earns hers by mentioning her resemblence to Alex. Ammonia moves in for a sloppy kiss. It escalates to a full makeout. In the throes of passion, she bites his lip off. While blood gushes from his mouth, Ammonia takes out her turkey carver and decapitates him. 

Cut to a news report covering the gruesome death of Izzy, catapaulting the band further into the public eye, and Alex further into descent from this loss of control. 

In the greenroom before their biggest show yet since the killings, Alex practices bass, fuming, while the boys get ever messier and animalistic with their partying since gaining this newfound attention. She wrangles them for a preshow ritual when an unfamiliar voice joins the chant. Ammonia has snuck into the dressing in a look mirroring Alex to the T. 

Ammonia explains how she's been killing to help Alex be rid of these pests, but little does she know, Alex isn't as grateful as she expects.

When a sociopathic misandrist comes under threat, she has to retaliate. 

In a final flash of fury, Alex sets things right, and goes on stage to riotous applause.



BOYHOARDER is being made by a team of film, music, and theater professionals. Concieved as a vehicle for Alexis Molnar (ALEX) to lead after seeing her enthralling Fiona Apple Songbook Cabaret performance, when co-writer Gabriel Barreto met Liza Anne (AMMONIA) and pitched the idea of her writing the band's music, she jumped at the opportunity and wrote and recorded two original songs based on the treatment alone. 

From there, Gabriel and co-writer Tabitha Ashura, got to work on a first draft and when that hit Liza Anne's email, the team got two more jaw dropping original BOYHOARDER songs, with lyrics ripped straight from ideas in the script. 

Right around this time, our director, Gabrielle Carrubba joined the crew along with actor Sky Lakota-Lynch, as well as muiscians Izzy Heltai and George Eve joining the cast of the band. Our team continues to grow with EP Kerri Mandelbaum coming in to help with production, and all with the common goal of realizing a story that so excited us all.

Knowing that it can be difficult to be understood in a world that is addicted to pigeonholing, generalizing, and underestimating maligned identities, the team decided to create something that would challenge who holds the reigns. Thus, BOYHOARDER was born. 

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Covid19 has put a strain on so many mediums, including arts funding. Raising money during a global pandemic can be extremely difficult, which is why we are asking for your help for us to reach our goal. The funds raised will go directly to producing the short film and the EP of original BOYHOARDER music to accompany the film. We need the full 10K to secure not only Locations, Props, and basic day rates for crew, but also for SFX makeup, combat and intimacy coordination, as well as studio time to finish the music, not to mention post production costs that will be in excess of $3K alone.

Most of our cast and crew are working at deferred rates because we feel so passionately and eager about making a quality product. However, it's imperative to us that certain jobs such as Production and Costume design, Sound Editing, DP, etc. still get the full cost for their materials, and this too is why our Seed&Spark campaign is integral to making this film.

On top of all the regular production costs, we also need to be sure to have enough money set aside to ensure proper Covid19 safety protocols. Everyone working on set both behind and in front of the camera will have proof of full vaccination, as well as available day of testing for all cast and crew, with a proper Covid compliance officer and PPE to ensure the utmost safety and comfortability. 

Lastly, it is the eventual intent of this team to turn BOYHOARDER into both a feature length film as well as a full length album, and we can't reach that goal without starting here, with your generous help. 



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We can reach our fundraising goal by getting the word out about our film to multiple networks. By sharing on your socials, sending emails to your friends, and telling those friends about this incredible team, YOU can help us achieve great success! 

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About This Team

Alexis Molnar (lead actor, producer)

Alexis is an actor and creative based in NYC. Working since 2009 in theatre and film/tv, Alexis has developed and originated a few roles some of which include Alana Beck in Dear Evan Hansen, Lottie Adams in Harbor (for which she won the 2013 CT Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Debut), and Lexi Jones in the NBC drama Rise. She has also been a part of many theatrical developmental workshops such as Beetlejuice, The Band’s Visit directed by Hal Prince, Dear Evan Hansen, and most recently, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. In addition to being a hired actor, Alexis also likes to collaborate and develop her own cabarets and performance pieces, most recently debuting Alexis Molnar Sings The Fiona Apple Songbook at Don’t Tell Mama NYC (which was nominated for Best Cabaret of 2021 for the Broadwayworld Cabaret Awards).

Liza Anne (lead actor, composer)

With her bold and bracing new album, 'Bad Vacation', Liza Anne hasn’t just shaped her liberation, she’s completely reinvented it. The record is defiant and thoughtful, showcasing a remarkable confidence as it tackles destructive habits and finds Liza at her most self aware.  Released by the label Arts & Crafts in the midst of world wide “bad vacation”, Anne’s 2020 LP is a collection of art rock anthems muddled with sobering self reflection that is the next rung in the ladder she’s been building all along.

Gabrielle Carrubba (director)

Gabrielle Carrubba made her Broadway debut starring as Zoe Murphy in the Tony Award Winning musical Dear Evan Hansen. A graduate of The Boston Conservatory, her other acting credits include Burn All Night at the American Reperatory Theater, North Shore Music Theatre, and Goodspeed Opera House’s Festival of New Musicals where she performed in Sweetwater. Her film directorial debut was made last year with her movie Down By The Water, co produced with Chloe Xtina, though she enjoys directing music videos and photographing for her community. 

Gabriel Barreto (co-writer, producer) 

Gabriel Barreto is a NYC Based Artist Manager, Filmmaker, and Photographer, working mostly in the Americana side of the music industry managing Caleb Caudle at Gold Village Entertainment. Outside of managment, Gabriel has had photos featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Country Queer, Black Opry, Nashville Scene, Tennessean, and The Luck Journal/Luck Reunion. Gabriel is also making a feature film about his time as a roadie for Willie Nelson & Family called My Cricket And Me, featuring Willie Nelson and Paul Williams.

Tabitha Ashura (co-writer)

Tabitha Ashura is a writer, German to English translator, poet, Irish Dance instructor, and Director of Diversity & Inclusion with a deep love of the macabre. They have published in Barrelhouse and regularly write for corporate publications with a focus on culture shifts. 

Current Team