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The first feature documentary about 'boy' identity in women's prisons! This REAL 'Orange is the New Black,' shot over 8 years in the Pacific NW, tells the stories of trans and butch experiences of incarceration... and what happens to these 'boys' after prison.

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The Story

“Boys on the Inside” is a character driven documentary that looks at 'boy' indentity in women's prisons in Washington State. Through this lens, the film explores aspects of prison culture, gender/sexuality in prison, institutionalization, addiction, cycles of violence, poverty and race. Lead social actor Sebastian, a transman who grew up with a father in Hells Angels and began to deliver and use drugs with family before the age of 10, was in and out of Washington State women’s prisons for a total of 8.5 years before getting his life on track. The lasting impacts of institutionalization are very real though, and he and other social actors explore the impacts of prison in their lives. Christina, a Chicana 'boy' with a great laugh, grew up in Yakima, Washington with a preacher father, with a youth framed around agricultural farm work before school, gang culture and addiction. Sarah, a Latina 'boy,' cycles for years through various states of sobriety and incaceration with the support of her mom and sister, searching for her place in life. TaLee, who we see at the height of her success as a business owner after years of ex-felon lapses back into drug use with devistating consequences. Tama-Lisa, Liz and Honey Jo, who are 'girly-girls' like TaLee, find their way from their sorted pasts wrapped up in voilence to having careers and homes, the stuff that dreams are made of when these women were in prison. El Heffe, Tank and Riley discuss the politics of being butch and trans in women's prisons, the descrimination they faced and the struggles around building up your spirit after living years of your life as a number in a world cut off from the rest of society. This film also gives light to the strong humor and survival of these individuals, as they move through various relationship, tragedies and successes, heart breaks and wake up calls. It is a film that sheds an intimate light on aspects of gender and women's prison culture that has yet to be seen in a documentary film to date.


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Equipment for Filming

Costs $2,000

To capture the real moments of everyday life in this film, having access to a camera and basic filmmaking equipment is essential.

Camera Operators

Costs $2,000

For our final interviews, having professional camera support is important for being present with interviewees and getting great footage!

Travel / Accommodation

Costs $1,500

We will be going around Washington and parts of Oregon to collect the final interviews for the film, which requires us to travel.

Production Management and Direction

Costs $3,000

Months of work goes into the organization, planning and direction of productions and time is money when things need to be done well.

Production Consultation

Costs $1,500

Coming from the horses mouth, our production advisor is putting in their time and effort, blood and tears, and needs to some compensation.


Costs $10,000

To get the job done, you gotta have a great editor to weave the masses of footage into a beautiful feature film! #MagicMaker

Audio Mixing

Costs $3,000

Getting all those different interviews to line up and be clear so you can hear hear the stories people are trying to tell is key.

Color Correction

Costs $3,000

We want this film to look its best! Thus, color correction is essential with vast range of footage we have!

PR / Audience Development

Costs $1,000

We want help elevate this film so people hear about it and thus hear the stories of the people in the film!

Multi-Media Web Presence

Costs $1,000

Boys on the Inside has so much footage that wont end up in the final cut, but we want to make sure it's online so people get to hear more!

Design and Print Material

Costs $1,500

Helping us present the project professionally, we will utilize design support for digital and printed materials to promote the film!

Post-Production Management and Pre-Edit

Costs $3,000

In order to successfully go into post-production with our editor, footage needs to be organized and logged, and archive footage obtained.

Edit Consultation

Costs $1,500

In order for this film to best portray the stories of 'boy' culture, there will be feedback sessions and consultation on editing.

Festival Submission Fees

Costs $500

While there is industry interest in "Boys on the Inside," it is important for us to submit the film to festivals to ensure a strong premiere

Legal Consultation

Costs $500

Legal consultation will look at use of footage, correct legal information about prison in the film, and support on distribution contracts.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Elliat Graney-Saucke - Director / Executive Producer

Making short films since age 13, Elliat's first feature documentary "Travel Queeries" premiered in 2009 at the British Film Institute when she was 25 years old, going on to tour 13 countries with 40 international screenings. After living in Berlin, Germany from 2009-2015, she is back in Seattle working on completing her 8 year endeavour "Boys on the Inside" as well as taking an active role as a Steering Committee Member of SeaDoc (Seattle Documentary Association) and teaching film at the NW Film Forum, Reel Queer Youth, Coyote Central and Reel Grrls. With a BA in "Cultural Studies" from Goddard College  and a MA in "World Heritage Studies" from the Brandenburgische Technische Universität, Elliat considers herself a life long learner, creator, researcher and activist, with her primary mode of creative expression being documentary film. Elliat is a queer female/femme identified film director and producer.


Sebastian Raine - Producer
A lead social actor in "Boys on the Inside," Sebastian has stepped up to take an active role within the films production as a public speaker and support around organizational functions, volunteer coordination, setting up interviews, doing outreach within formerly incarcerated communities and giving feedback on footage use in the film. He has also held an active role within the non-religious prison arts program "Keeping the Faith" for nearly ten years, going from a program participant when he was incarcerated to holding the position of coordinator and now maintaining an active role within the creative team. Beginning to take Testosterone in 2015, in addition to bringing voice to realities of being formerly incarcered and being mixed-race Latinx, Sebastian also sheds light on the realities of being transmale identitied within the film.


Amy Mahardy - Editor
Owner and director of Chicken Chicken Sit Down Media, Amy is a five-time Emmy®-award winning Video Producer/Editor with over a decade of experience in video production, audio engineering and graphic design. An experienced digital storyteller, Amy produces and edits for various programs or program segments, documentaries, marketing videos and program promotion. She also works in motion graphics, audio mixing/sweetening, and color correction. Working first with Elliat Graney-Saucke in 2006 on the trailer for "Travel Queeries," Amy is excited to join up again through the project "Boys on the Inside," working on crafting these strong stories into a groundbreaking feature film.


Cinemotography for "Boys on the Inside" has been provided by a variety of DPs, including:

Valerie Vozza (Emmy®-award winner)

Sid Peterson ("Put This on the Map")

Elliat Graney-Saucke (Director)

Arlo Balad (Blanket Fort Films) - 2016/2017

As well as a vast array of archival footage from various sources






Pat Graney - Interviewee Advisor
Executive and Aristic Director of Pat Graney Company and international award winning dance choreographer, Pat Graney founded and has been director of the non-religious prison arts program "Keeping the Faith" in women's prisons for 25 years.


Kari Lerum - Educational Curriculum Advisor
Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Bothel, with focuses on cultural studies, sexuality studies, critical race studies, and media studies.


Jason Plourde - Production/Distribution Advisor

Executive Director of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, producers of TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival and Translations: Seattle Trans Film Festival, Jason and Three Dollar Bill Cinema has been supporting the work of Elliat Graney-Saucke for 13 years, including supporting participating in programming support through attending the Berlinale Film Festival.


Laura Jean Cronin - Production Advisor

Board President of Women in Film Seattle as well as Director/Producer of a strong body of film through Pound Arts, Laura Jean has provided in-kind support and advice throughout the production of "Boys on the Inside."


Marilyn Freeman - Production Advisor
Marilyn Freeman is Co-Director of Wovie and creator of the film technique CinemaDivinaWith a wide body of work, including directoring the feature experimental documentary narrative "Group" (featuring Carrie Brownstein), she is also the writer of the up and coming feature "Sophisticated" about Hollywood director Dorothy Arzner. Marilyn has known and supported Elliat Graney-Saucke's work since 2001 and has been an active support and advisor toward "Boys on the Inside," including facilitating the films' 'work-in-progress' screening in May 2015 (Seattle).

Eliaichi Kimaro - Production Advisor

Stephen Anunson - Development/Production Support


Gisella Bustillos - Development Advisor


Jen Kilchenmann - Development Advisor



Carlos Pedraza - Development/Production Advisor


Michel Hansmire - Production Advisor


Ariel Glassman - Development Advisor


Debbie Poulsen - Content Advisor


Marianne Goldin - Marketing Advisor

Current Team